1 month foetsie in Lombok

I always find it a bit silly when people say, “Time flies,” but man, time really flies! We left over a month ago. So, it’s time for a small – okay, maybe a slightly big – update.

24 hours in Bangkok

After a nice week with family and friends, Leroy’s parents took us to Schiphol. While waiting, Jan and Sieb appeared in front of us, just back from their vacation. After a lot of hugs and even more craft beers, we said goodbye to everyone, and our planless journey began!

Bangkok Image 1 Bangkok Image 2

We didn’t immediately rush to Indonesia because, as our nephews and nieces would say, we are a bit broke. Direct flights to Indonesia are quite expensive. So, we decided to go to Bangkok first.

And suddenly, we were in Bangkok! The city we had never really given a fair chance, but this time we wanted to fully embrace it. As soon as we stepped off the plane, we were overwhelmed by the heat, smells, noise, and chaos of this bustling metropolis. Man oh man, how we missed this! We dropped our backpacks in the room, joined the first street food stall we saw, quickly devoured a Pad Thai, and dove into bed. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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For Bangkok, we didn’t plan much, except for one thing – FOOD! We took a ferry to Chinatown, and the rest of the day was all about walking, eating, walking, eating, and a bit more walking and eating. It was AMAZING. The food here is incredible! Bangkok has completely captivated us, and I can’t wait to go back.

The next day, we quickly grab breakfast to head to the airport. These cheapasses still don’t fly to Lombok directly; no, first, let’s check out another metropolis.

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Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia was our very first introduction to Asia, so this city will always be special. It feels like a perfect start to our journey. We’ve already seen most of the highlights, so it’s all about – you guessed it – FOOD!

Here, we only have one full day, and it’s fantastic. We have espressos at trendy coffee shops, eat street food on Jalan Alor, and end the day somewhere on a rooftop. But after a lot of flying and quite some time in the city, we are completely ready for Indonesia. We want to go. Start. Because that’s what it feels like when our journey begins, as soon as we set foot in our beloved Indonesia.

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Kuala Lumpur Image 2

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Lombok: WE ARE BACK!

In 2017, we made our first long trip, and we spent the first three months in Indonesia. When we arrived in Kuta Lombok, we were immediately sold. Riding the scooter from one beach to another all day, occasionally diving into a trendy eatery, and surfing as much as possible. The atmosphere felt so relaxed and pleasant. Although we hesitated between Bali and Lombok, we decided to go to Lombok first to get a taste.

In the taxi from the airport to Kuta Lombok, we looked at each other and said, “This feels good, huh?” and “I want to stay here already.”

Lombok Image 1 Lombok Image 2

In the coming days, we need to take it a bit easy because both of us are a bit behind on work due to the trip. We prefer to start the day at a cozy coffee shop and close our laptops around 2 PM to drive to the beach. Mawun, Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, Seger Beach. We ride and enjoy it all!

Lombok Image 3 Lombok Image 4 Lombok Image 5 Lombok Image 6 Lombok Image 7

This is life. We are completely hooked, and we are almost 100% sure that we will spend some time here in the coming months. However, Bali still tugs at us a bit. Leroy almost falls off his chair when he sees that Skrillex is spinning in Canggu on Bali, so we decide to take the ferry there and stay a few days in Ubud and Canggu. Also, to see if maybe we’d rather stay in Bali for the next two months.

Oh, and I would almost forget that we also went to the Secret Gili’s, and it looked something like this: Discover the Beauty of The Secret Gili’s of Lombok

A few days in Chersonissos, huh, I mean Canggu

After 4 hours on the ferry – which, by the way, is a great tip – we arrive in Padangbai. Via Grab, we arrange the nicest taxi driver in Bali, genuinely one of the most positive guys we’ve ever met, to take us to Ubud. Although it’s only 35 kilometers, it takes us 1.5 hours because Bali means traffic! There are too many tourists and too many cars for such a small island.

While we immediately miss the tranquility of Lombok, we can also truly enjoy the green Ubud. We consciously booked accommodation in the rice fields, and this is really enjoyable.

Ubud Image 1 Ubud Image 2 Ubud Image 3 Ubud Image 4

After 3 nights, we drive to Canggu. We are amazed! So much has been added here in recent years that you almost don’t recognize it. You literally drive from one massive beach club to another. The famous shortcut from Berawa to Canggu, where you used to drive through the rice fields, is simply gone. It is now a gigantic street with buildings. Helmets or clothes apparently don’t seem necessary here, and it’s also not a problem to walk into the local supermarket in your string bikini. We really HATE it!

Of course, we also really enjoy the smoothie bowl and tasty Bintangs on the beach, but we are completely done with it now! Lombok it is for the coming time. We immediately book accommodation in Kuta for a month so that we can focus on work, surfing, and taking it easy.

Ubud Image 5 Ubud Image 6 Ubud Image 7 Ubud Image 8

The feet will definitely hit the floor during a night with Skrillex, but even here, we can’t believe what we see. People puke in the middle of the dance floor, people are passed out everywhere, and much more chaos. It seems like Chersonissos.

After 1 week, we are very happy to take the ferry back. Not that Bali is not beautiful and nice. But next time, I would stay in the north or go to Uluwatu and definitely skip Canggu!

Indonesia Image 1 Indonesia Image 2

What we especially find unfortunate is that in Bali, you really have to seek out the peace and nature, whereas in Lombok, you mainly have to search for cool trendy places (which you have more than enough in Kuta). Exactly the opposite.

Chilling in a villa

We will stay for the next few days at Selong Belanak, half an hour from Kuta, where we will stay 2 nights in the Deluxe Bungalow and 3 nights in the VILLA! And this VILLA, people, man oh man, this was unbelievable. Absolutely one of the most beautiful places we have had the privilege to stay in. The villa had a private pool, a mega kitchen, living room, 4 bedrooms, Our bedroom had a rain shower and a bathtub, and there were various seating areas. Check out the Boni Beach article for more photos and information.

Boutique Lombok
hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok
Boutique Lombok

And then back to our little apartment for a month at Loka Village. The apartment is simple but totally fine. Every morning, we can join for a good breakfast with REAL coffee! And we are greeted by Loka, the dachshund, and Dom, the stray dog who found a home at the accommodation.

hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok

There is also a nice gym! A perfect place to spend the coming weeks. We plan to take it easy, surf a lot, eat well, and above all, ENJOY A LOT.

SEE YOU SOON, dear people!

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