What does Raja Ampat cost?

Raja Ampat is definitely not a destination for backpackers on a limited budget, but we found it much more affordable than expected. This beautiful archipelago in West Papua has something for everyone, from luxury dive resorts to simple homestays on the water. Your budget for Raja Ampat will therefore also depend heavily on your own travel style, how many islands you want to visit, how long you will stay and how often you want to dive, for example.

What do airline tickets to Raja Ampat cost?

There are no direct plane tickets to Raja Ampat. It is best to fly from Bali, Jakarta or Makassar. From Europe, there are options to fly directly to Bali and Jakarta, but sometimes it is cheaper to book airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur first.

Tickets to Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur:

  • Return to Bali | Tickets from 700 euros
  • Return to Jakarta | Tickets from 600 euros
  • Return to Kuala Lumpur | Tickets from 550 euros

Tickets from Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur to Sorong:

  • Return from Bali to Sorong | 220 euros
  • Return from Jakarta to Sorong | 400 euros
  • Return from Makassar to Sorong | 210 euros
  • Return Kuala Lumpur to Makassar | 140 euros

Total cost of tickets to Sorong:

  • Via Bali: 920 euros
  • Via Jakarta: 1000 euros
  • Via KL – Makassar: 1000 euros

We always use Skyscanner to find the cheapest tickets.

Airlines we like to fly with are Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad and Garuda Indonesia. Via Bali, the cheapest way to fly to Sorong is often with Garuda. We like this very much ourselves.

budget raja ampat

Cost of ferry and transfers in Raja Ampat:

Once you arrive in Sorong, you can take the ferry from Sorong to Wasai, the capital of Raja Ampat, located on Waigeo Island. Tickets are easily purchased on-site at the port.

  • Ekonomi ticket: IDR 125,000 (7.2 euros per person)
  • VIP ticket: IDR 250,000 (14.4 euros per person)

From Wasai you need to arrange a transfer to your accommodation. You often arrange this in advance with your accommodation. The cost depends on the island where you are staying, and you always pay per boat, so the more people, the lower the cost.

Cost by boat from Wasai:

  • Arborek: IDR 1,000,000 (57 euros) per boat
  • Batanta: IDR 1,600,000 (92 euros) per boat
  • Friwen: IDR 500,000 (24 euros) per boat
  • Gam: IDR 800,000 (46 euros) per boat
  • Kri: IDR 700,000 (41 euros) per boat
  • Mansuar: IDR 1,000,000 (57 euros) per boat
  • Pam Islands: IDR 2,000,000 (114 euros) per boat

On average, you visit 3-4 islands. We assume you cannot share the boat and are traveling as a couple. If you then stay on Mansuar, Gam and Pam Islands, you will spend about 300 euros in transfer fees (so 150 euros per person). If you skip Pam, it’s only about 150 euros (75 euros per person).

Between the islands of Gam, Kri, Mansuar, Friwen and Arborek, you pay about IDR 300,000 – 500,000 because these islands are near each other.

In total, when traveling as a couple, the cost of transportation is around 90 and 180 euros per person.

raja ampat islands

Food & Drink

Homestays and resorts often offer full board packages, meaning breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea and water are included. More luxurious resorts often include snacks, smoothies and fresh iced tea. You can often order soft drinks or a Bintang in addition. We spent about 30 euros per person on soft drinks and Bintang.

Homestays & Resorts prices

You usually book accommodation on a full board basis, which means the cost of accommodations is higher than in other regions of Indonesia. The difference between homestays and more luxurious resorts is especially great, not only in price but certainly in comfort. Homestays are often very basic with shared bathrooms and simple meals. At more luxurious resorts, there is a lot of attention to sustainability, the food is more diverse and high quality, and they offer more comforts such as private bathrooms, hot showers, Western toilets, and so on.

Homestay prices for 2 people (average 70 euros):

  • Beser Bay: 57 euros per night
  • Corepen: 61 euros per night
  • Nyande Raja Ampat: 87 euros per night
  • Mansuar Homestay: 93 euros per night

Eco resorts in Raja Ampat (average 250 euros):

  • Biodiversity: 310 euros per night (possibly also basic rooms with shared bathroom for 160 euros per night)
  • Cove Eco Resort: 500 euros per night (including diving + activities)
  • KATEMBE PRIVATE ISLAND: 240 euros per night
raja ampat kri
raja ampat kri

What budget do you need for 1 or 2 weeks of Raja Ampat?

Although resorts are often much more expensive than homestays, transfers and day trips are often already included in the price. If you really want to enjoy comfort, we recommend choosing an Eco Resort. If you are really looking for a unique adventurous place to stay, then homestays are the place to be for you. We recommend that you consider a daily budget of 70 – 150 euros per day for Raja Ampat.

1 week (6 nights) 2 weeks (13 nights) Homestays Resort Homestays Resort Transportation € 150,00 € 0,00 € 150,00 € 0,00 Activities € 330,00 € 330,00 € 330,00 € 330,00 Accommodation € 210,00 € 750,00 € 455,00 € 1.750,00 Food & drink € 30,00 € 30,00 € 30,00 € 30,00 Park Fairy € 9,50 € 9,50 € 4,38 € 4,38 Total € 729,50 € 1.119,50 € 969,38 € 2.114,38 Per day per person € 104,21 € 159,93 € 69,24 € 151,03
raja ampat kri
raja ampat kri

On a small budget to Raja Ampat

Yes, it can be done! Visiting Raja Ampat on a small budget is possible. As you can see, it is possible to get by on a budget of less than 70 euros per day per person in Raja Ampat!

That may still be relatively expensive compared to backpacking in Thailand or Vietnam, but for a paradise in Raja Ampat, you just pay a little extra. We finally decided to combine homestays with a few days at an ecoresort, and we found this really perfect! We also spent a few days at the accommodation itself, since you can snorkel in front of the door at most accommodations. We also did a free kayaking trip once or a hike to a local village.

Tips for exploring Raja Ampat on a limited budget:

  • Take your time, the longer you go the cheaper it gets.
  • Try to coordinate transfers and activities with other guests to share costs.
  • Book on time so there are no surprises.
  • Bring your own snorkel gear (or even better, your own scuba gear).
  • If you can’t resist the alcohol, it might be smart to bring a bottle of spirits to save costs.

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