Arborek: manta ray spotting and snorkeling at the jetty

If you visit Raja Ampat, chances are you will visit the island of Arborek. Arborek is only 7.2 acres in size and about 200 people live there. This small community has created a unique place in Raja Ampat. After all, this island is like no other. There are small stores, numerous homestays and even restaurants where you can take a seat. The island has a little church, people are relaxing everywhere and you can take a nice walk around the island. Not only that, but around Arborek you will find beautiful coral and you can even spot manta rays!

Although Arborek is still very quiet and remote, there is a bit more vibrancy than other islands where you are often more tied to your own homestay or resort in Raja Ampat anyway. Also, here you are more part of the life of the locals.

We ended up choosing to visit Arborek only for a day, because we just love the remote, Robinson Crusoe vibe so much on the other islands. But if you want to have a little more to do, be able to take the occasional walk and connect with locals more quickly, this is definitely the place to be.

arborek island
arborerek raja ampat

What to do in Arborek

As on almost all of Raja Ampat’s islands, snorkeling and diving around Arborek is the main activity.

Diving with Mantas at Manta Point

One of the highlights of Arborek is diving at Manta Point. This place is known for the giant manta rays you can see here. For me, definitely one of the highlights of Raja Ampat. If your homestay does not have a diving school, we can recommend Soul Divers on Kri.

arborek manta point

Snorkeling at Arborek Jetty

If diving is not your thing or you just want to do something different, snorkeling at the Arborek Jetty is perfect! The crystal clear waters and colorful coral reef make this an ideal place for snorkeling. From colorful coral to turtles and large schools of fish, you’ll see it all here. Dolphins were even spotted while we were snorkeling.

arborek manta point

Take a walk through the village and discover local life

One of the best ways to experience Arborek is to take a walk through the village. Discover local life, talk to the friendly locals and learn about their traditions and way of life. The village is small but full of character and charm.

arborerek raja ampat
arborerek raja ampat

Go souvenir shopping!

There are a few small simple stores with handmade items. Walk around the island and be surprised. So we came across a nice little store where an older man was selling handmade woodwork.

arborek manta point


Sometimes the best way to enjoy your vacation is to do nothing at all. On Arborek you can relax on the beach, read a book under a palm tree or just enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. It is the perfect place to unwind for a while.

Useful to know

Although Arborek is small, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. For example, they even have their own tower with a 4G signal. The data connection is not perfect, but it does exist. Also, electricity is active here a bit more hours than on other islands, but still often in time slots.

arborek manta point

What are nice places to stay in Arborek?

Although ARborek is small in size, you will find several charming homestays to stay here. These accommodations are run by local families and offer a unique opportunity to experience the culture and hospitality of the residents. An overnight stay at a homestay on Arborek is often full board, meaning 3 meals + coffee and tea. You pay about 60 euros for 2 people per night. AFTER your homestay, this may be a little more expensive or cheaper. Popular homestays near Arboerek are.

How to get to Arborek?

From Sorong, you can take the ferry to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. It takes you about 2-3 hours to reach Waisai. From Waisai, you can arrange a local boat to Arborek. You can do this on the spot, but it is most convenient to coordinate with your accommodation. On average, you pay IDR 1,000,000 for a one-way ticket to Arborek.

If you are already staying in Raja Ampat, you can often book a day trip to Arborek at your homestay or resort. This is often combined with Manta Point and Arborek Jetty. We paid 1,000,000 (+/- 60 euor) for a day trip to Arborek from GAM and via Kri Island is even cheaper.

Whether you want to dive with manta rays, snorkel at the Arborek Jetty, or just enjoy the peace and beauty of the island, Arborek should definitely be added to your Raja Ampat itinerary.

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