Togian Islands: where to sleep

Togian Islands: where to sleep

Accommodation options on the islands are still very limited. Therefore, it’s wise to book your accommodation in advance. There will probably be a place available somewhere, but popular accommodations unfortunately fill up quickly.

Meals on the Togian Islands are always communal. This creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Often the entire table is set for lunch and dinner, and everyone can join in. The food is simple in most places, but very tasty. The meals mainly consist of a lot of vegetables, tempe, rice, and freshly caught fish.

The Best Accommodations on Togian Islands

Finding a nice accommodation on the Togian Islands can be a real hunt. There are plenty of nice options, but they are often harder to find online. Therefore, try not to only look on, but also consult Airbnb, Google and Tripadvisor.

When looking for accommodations, you will probably come across Kadidiri or Black Marlin first. However, we recommend choosing something different. These resorts are already larger than the rest and therefore much more impersonal. We stayed one night at Karidiri and it was fine, but not as fun as the previous islands.

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We spent our first two nights at the Araya Dive resort. From Ampana (where you usually take the boat), this is the first “resort” you will encounter. We booked a luxury cottage here and it was really lovely. The rooms were spacious, clean and had a beautiful view. The food was amazing and the people super friendly. There were also two incredibly cute dogs roaming around. The only downside was that there was no beach, but a beautiful house reef. From a jetty, you could go straight into the water. If you still prefer to go to the beach, you have to swim a short distance to the other side.

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We spent our third night at Poki Poki. A super cozy and beautiful “resort” with various small bungalows on the beach. However, the house was very basic and we had a lot of trouble with pests. After all, you are in the jungle, so there is probably little they can do about it. The water was also not as nice here. On the other hand, the food was amazing and the people super friendly.

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Tip! An accommodation where we would have loved to stay, but unfortunately was already fully booked, was Ale beach Togean Islands. We have heard fantastic stories about it and it is said to be a real paradise.

What are nice places to stay in Togian Islands?

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