10x must do’s & visits in Sulawesi

From attending a traditional funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja, diving into the stunning coral reefs of Bunaken National Park, swimming among jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake (don’t worry, they don’t sting), to hiking among the beautiful limestone rocks of Rammang Rammang. But that’s not all!

You’ll also chill out on the pristine Bangka Island, where stress is an unknown word. Island hopping in the breathtaking Togian Islands and spotting rare animals in Tangkoko National Park. Are you ready? Read to fin out our 10 must-visits in Sulawesi.

Attend a Funeral Ceremony in Tana Toraja

It may sound a bit strange, but trust us, you don’t want to miss this. In the breathtaking highlands of Tana Toraja, you’ll find not only picturesque rice fields and valleys, but also the most fascinating funeral rituals you’ll ever experience.

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Diving in Bunaken National Park

Attention diving enthusiasts, because in Bunaken National Park you’ll find one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world. The impressive coral walls, sometimes hundreds of meters deep, are particularly impressive.

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Swimming Among Jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake

Yup, you read that right. And no, it doesn’t hurt! The jellyfish here have no tentacles, so they can’t sting you.

It may sound like something you absolutely don’t want to do, but believe me, it’s so cool.


Visit Rammang Rammang

Imagine cruising through lush mangroves, stepping out and walking among rice fields and trout ponds, with beautiful karst mountains in the distance. Sounds good? Then Rammang Rammang is the place for you!

Just an hour’s drive from Makassar, you’ll find the Rammang Rammang area. Through the mangroves, you’ll sail to Rammang Rammang, where you can spend the whole day walking among rice fields, trout ponds, with the most impressive limestone mountains in the background.


Relax on Bangka Island

Does a private beach on an undiscovered island sound like music to your ears? Grab your sunscreen and head to Bangka Island.

Bangka Island is a truly undiscovered gem in the middle of nowhere. Here you’ll find the most beautiful beaches that you’ll almost have all to yourself, and there’s a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.


Island Hopping in the Togian Islands

You’ll find more paradise in Sulawesi on the Togian Islands. This island group is among the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. If you’re a beach lover, you should definitely spend a few days island hopping in the Togian Islands. No Wi-Fi, no TV, and even slippers are unnecessary! Just white beaches, bamboo huts, coral gardens, and crystal clear water. On the Togian Islands, you don’t have to do anything at all, and that’s so nice.


Spot Tarsiers, Black Macaques, and Tarantulas in Tangkoko National Park

In the north of Sulawesi, you’ll find Tangkoko National Park. Although the jungle is not hugely impressive, you’ll find some rare animal species here, such as the cutest creature in the world, the tarsier. But you can also spot black macaques, bear cuscuses, countless tropical birds, and even the tarantula during a trek in Tangkoko.


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Unravel Secrets in Lore Lindu National Park

If you crave adventure and the unknown, then Lore Lindu National Park is your next stop. Mysterious statues, rare animals, and incredible biodiversity await you here.

Go on a Waterfall Hunt in Tentena

In the vicinity of Tentena, a charming town on the shores of Lake Poso, you’ll find some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sulawesi. One of them is the breathtaking Saluopa waterfall. Imagine a journey through dense rainforest, followed by the sight of countless streams cascading down stacked rocks. And the best part? You can even swim under it!

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Visit Traditional Houses in Tana Toraja

If you’re in Sulawesi, you can’t miss the traditional houses of Tana Toraja. The area is known for its unique culture, which can be seen in the architecture. The traditional Toraja houses, also known as Tongkonan, are an absolute highlight.

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Sulawesi travel

There is so much to experience in Sulawesi, whether you’re a nature lover, culture enthusiast, adventurer, or beach bum. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and start your adventure in this Indonesian paradise!

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