Selong Belanak: white beaches and beautiful nature

Just add Selong Belanak to your Lombok itinerary soon, because once here, you’ll never want to leave! Just a few years ago, Selong Belanak was a picturesque beach with a few simple beach bars and ideal surfing conditions for beginners. If you wanted to go to Pantai Selong Belanak, it was a leisurely 30-40-minute drive from Kuta to this paradise beach. Today, the first hostels, homestays, villas and beautiful boutique hotels have taken their place here, so you can immerse yourself in paradise here for a few days.

We say: do it! This area is simply breathtaking. From cruising on your scooter through the landscapes and hills of pristine Lombok to discovering what may be the most beautiful beach on the island. What makes Selong Belanak even more special is its serene tranquility. The beaches are practically all yours, and exploring this area is just a joy.

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selong Belanak
Selong Belanak lombok
Beach Selong belanak

What to do in Selong Belanak

  • Taking your first surf lesson at Selong Belanak
  • Sunset drinking on Pantai Serangan at Segara
  • Tour booking to The Secret Gili’s
  • Visit the beautiful Mawi Beach
  • Grab a scooter and explore the area
  • If you are truly a surf fanatic then a visit to Desert Point should not be missed

Surfing at Selong Belanak

The kickstart to your surfing adventure begins here, at Selong Belanak. Conditions are really perfect for newcomers. In this sheltered bay, you don’t have to worry about reefs and towering waves. Besides, you don’t even have to paddle. You simply walk into the water with your instructor and can start right away. This is the ideal place to start your surfing adventure.

selong Belanak
Selong Belanak lombok
Beach Selong belanak

Sunset drinking on Pantai Serangan at Segara

Nothing beats an ice-cold Bintang in your hand as the sun slowly sinks behind the horizon, your feet buried in the warm sand. On Serangan Beach, just past Selong Belanak, you’ll find a hip hot spot where you can have a great time. Whether you choose beanbags or lush round loungers, the choice is yours. But this place is not just great for drinks; the food here is also FANTASTIC!

Beach Selong belanak

DOING: book a tour to The Secret Gili’s

If you are on Lombok, a visit to The Secret Gili’s is an absolute must. Forget about Gili T, Air and Meno! The secret Gili’s are hidden paradises that are rarely encountered. These beautiful little islands can be found in southern Lombok. Not only are the islands themselves stunning but the coral is abnormally beautiful!

These islands become slightly less secret each year, so be very quick!

Beach Selong belanak

Visit the beautiful Mawi Beach

Lombok is showered with beautiful beaches, and best of all, you have them almost all to yourself. Mawi Beach can be found not far from Selong Belanak and can therefore be perfectly combined. It is quite a bumpy ride to get there, but well worth the bump. The beach is beautiful. If you are an experienced surfer, then this beach is totally a valhalla.

Grab a scooter and explore the area

We drove from Selong Belanak all the way to Desert Point via the coastline. and hefty trip, but one you will never forget. The route takes you along winding roads through hills, past serene mangrove forests, breathtaking viewpoints and atmospheric local villages.

Should Desert Point seem too far, you can always take a drive to destinations such as:

  • Buwun Mas Hills
  • Viewpoint Orong Bukal
  • Tanjung Mermadi Mekaki Indah
Beach Selong belanak

Take a trip to Desert Point

As a surf fanatic, be sure to stop at Desert Point. Known for its incredible waves, this spot is a mecca for experienced surfers from all over the world. What makes Desert Point so special is the so-called “Left-Hand Wave.” This perfect, long lasting left wave is world famous. It can be extraordinarily long and, in the right conditions, can produce some of the longest and most epic waves in the world.

Beach Selong belanak
Beach Selong belanak

Hotspots & food in Selong Belanak

  • Boni Beach: fine dining, unique dishes with local ingredients
  • Segara Beach: lovely beach resort on Pantai Serangan
  • Surf Kitchen: cozy atmosphere
  • Klub Kembali: great cocktails and good local food
  • Three Sisters Lombok: for your dumpling cravings

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hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok

Best time to travel to Selong Belanak

June through October is simply the time to explore Selong Belanak. During these months you can fully enjoy wonderful temperatures, and rain seems almost a distant memory. However, be aware that Lombok shines in full tourist glory from July to September. While it may be a little busier, you still share most of the beaches with only a handful of other travelers. However, it is good to know that prices tend to be a bit firmer during this period.

Beach Selong belanak
selong Belanak
Selong Belanak lombok

Transportation in Selong Belanak

A scooter is really a must on Lombok if you want to explore the area. Often you can very easily rent one from your hotel or homestay. But be aware that these scooters are different from normal scooters in the Netherlands. Rather, they have the power of motorcycles, with a 100cc or 150cc engine. So some driving experience is helpful. Safety first: ride carefully, don’t speed, and ALWAYS make sure you wear a helmet. In addition, it is wise to check your insurance to see if scooter accidents are covered. To rent a scooter, you should expect costs of about 3-5 euros per day. You can arrange one at your accommodation, but if you are looking for quality, there are also scooter rental companies that offer better scooters. So get on that scooter and explore beautiful Lombok at your own pace! TIP! NEVER but NEVER give your passport as a deposit. Provide a copy or, for example, an amount as a deposit. We rented our scooter through The Blue Marlin Bike where neither was necessary. Fat tip, then!

Beach Selong belanak

Which budget do i need in Selong Belanak?

As for your budget, at Selong Belanak you are in complete control. Here you can choose from hostels where you only put down a few euros a night, as well as beautiful beach villas that welcome you. What you end up spending also depends on where you go to eat. If you sit down at a local warung, you might only spend €5 for a tasty meal for two, including drinks. If you decide to dine at a Western restaurant, count on about €5-€6 per dish. And best of all? A day at the beach costs you nothing at all (except perhaps that modest €0.50 parking fee). Here is a brief overview of expected expenses in Selong Belanak:


  • Hostel: 5 – 10 euros per night
  • Homestay: 10 – 15 euros per night
  • Hotel: 15 – 25 euros per night
  • Boutique hotels: 50 – 100 euros per night
  • Luxury Hotels: 100 – 200 euros per night


  • Warung: 1.5 – 2.5 euros per dish
  • Western restaurant: 6 – 12 euros per dish
  • Beer: 2 euros
  • Soft drinks: 1 euro
  • Smoothies: 1 euro


  • Surf lesson: 15 – 30 euros per lesson
  • Surfboard rental: 2 – 5 euros
  • Beach bed rental: 2 – 5 euros per day
  • The Secret Gili tours: 30 – 50 euros p.p.

Budget for Selong Belanak

Budget Backpacker: 10 – 20 euros per day

Flashpacker: 20 – 40 euros per day

Beach Selong belanak
Beach Selong belanak

Practical information about Selong Belanak

During your adventure in Selong Belanak, there are some practical things you’ll want to consider. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Provide reef-friendly sunscreen.
  • Always carry plenty of cash.
  • Make sure you always carry some smaller bill money with you, too, as large amounts often cannot be exchanged.
  • Buy a SIM card in Kuta. It costs almost nothing and you are always connected.
  • If you get on a scooter in Lombok, be wise and just wear a helmet, people!
  • Bring a Visa card with you. It is accepted almost everywhere.
  • Card payments are often charged a percentage, and so are cash withdrawals. Nevertheless, you are often more economical.
  • Before leaving, check what the transaction fees are for cash withdrawals outside Europe. We switched to KNAB because they only charge 1%. Withdrawing money with your credit card is often not advantageous.
  • Never drink water from the tap. In restaurants, you can often get filtered water for free or for a small fee. You can also bring your own bottles to refill.
  • For beach beds, you often pay between 50k and 100k per day. But with some negotiating skills, you can often get the price down a bit, such as by eating there as well.
  • Always negotiate anyway. When someone wants to sell you something, know that you can often easily get another half off.
  • Respect the local culture. Parading around in your swimsuit or thong bikini in public is just not okay! Take off your shoes in certain places and behave respectfully. Remember that Lombok is still a conservative island.
  • Bring earplugs. Lombok is the island of mosques. The chances of hearing one early in the morning are quite high. You get used to it, but for light sleepers, earplugs are not a luxury.
  • If you’re a beginner surfer, you can’t just jump into the water anywhere. Many surf spots have a reef, so some basic knowledge is highly desirable there.
Beach Selong belanak
Beach Selong belanak

What are nice places to stay in Selong Belanak?

We stayed overnight in Selong Belanak at Boni beach and what a discovery this was! This hidden gem, just beyond Selong Belanak, simply has everything we love. Gorgeous rooms, delectable food, incredibly friendly staff and an environment you will only find in enchanting Lombok. Beth and Dylan, the proud owners of Boni Beach, have truly created something very special here. Read more about Boni Beach here

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hotel Lombok
hotel Lombok

How to get to Selong Belanak?

A visit to Selong Belanak is easy to arrange, depending on where you start.

Departing from Kuta: If you start in Kuta, you have several options to get to Selong Belanak. Arranging a cab is a common choice. Although services such as Grab are available, it is often more economical to arrange transportation on site at your homestay or accommodation. This usually costs between 200,000 and 300,000 rupees, equivalent to about 12-18 euros. This flexible choice allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Arriving from the Gili Islands or Bali: If you arrive in the Gili Islands or Bali and plan to travel to Selong Belanak, you will arrive in Lembar. It is advisable to arrange transportation in advance so you can travel relaxed. The cost from Lembar to Selong Belanak is usually about 400,000 rupees, equivalent to 25 euros, and the travel time is about an hour. This makes your trip to this beautiful beach paradise smooth and enjoyable.

Scooter rental: for a scooter you pay about 50,000 – 70,000 rupiahs per day, which is 3-5 euros per day. This allows you to explore the area at your own pace.

Boutique Lombok
Boutique Lombok

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