The ultimate Lombok itinerary: 1, 2, or 3 weeks travel route

Lombok is green, quiet and has numerous bounty beaches. Although this island has a huge amount to offer, Lombok is not very large, making it perfect for exploring the island in a few days. But what is the ultimate Lombok travel itinerary? Well, we have those waiting for you! From surfing or relaxing in Kuta Lombok to the green heart of this island, Tetebatu, our Lombok itinerary takes you on a wonderful journey to which we have of course added our favorite and most beautiful places of Lombok. From the gigantic waterfalls of Tiu Kelep to the hidden gems of the south; this small island has so much to offer. Whether you want to tour low-budget by shuttle bus, take a private cab or take on the adventure by cruising Lombok on your own scooter, it’s all possible here!

Want to know where to find the best local eateries, discover the most secluded beaches or watch breathtaking sunsets? Check out our extensive Lombok itinerary and ultimate tips in this article.

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route lombok
route lombok

How to get to Lombok

If you want to take a wonderful tour of Lombok, of course your adventure begins with booking a ticket! There are no direct flights to Lombok in the Netherlands. Often the most economical route is to fly via Kuala Lumpur. From Kuala Lumpur, you can then book a direct flight via AirAsia to Praya, Lombok’s airport. An alternative route is via Jakarta, but direct tickets to Jakarta tend to be pricier.

Another option is to fly to Bali, Denpasar. From Bali, you can then take a flight to Lombok or take the boat. Many choose to spend a few days in Bali and then travel on to Lombok.

From Bali, there are three ways to travel to Lombok:

  • Plane: This is the most expensive option, but the fastest if you want to visit both Bali and Lombok.
  • Fast boat: Ideal if you are staying in the Nusa or Gili Islands.
  • Ferry: The most budget-friendly option if you want to go from Bali to Lombok, and also our personal favorite.

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roundtrip lombok
Lombok route

How many days do you need to visit Lombok

How many days do you need to explore Lombok? Of course, that depends on your travel style and what all you want to see on this island. We recommend at least 2 weeks to discover the most beautiful places of Lombok. Within 1 week you can also get a great first impression, but if you want to dive even deeper into Lombok, feel free to take more time.

route lombok

The Ultimate Route for Lombok

On Lombok, the three most popular destinations are the Gili’s, Kuta Lombok & Tetebatu. The famed Gili Islands, often mentioned in the same breath as Bali, are perfect for total relaxation or celebration. Kuta Lombok serves as the perfect base to explore the south of the island, while Tetebatu, also known as the green heart of Lombok, is an absolute highlight. These places are among the absolute must-visits of Lombok.

Depending on how many days you have for Lombok, you may be able to supplement your itinerary with additional days in the north, such as Senaru, where you can admire the impressive Tiu Kelep waterfalls. The undiscovered east also offers options, such as the tiny island of Gili Kondo or the surfing mecca of Ekas.

Take a quick look at our Lombok itineraries for 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

Lombok route for 1 week

  • Kuta Lombok: 3 nights
  • Tetebatu: 2 nights
  • Gili Air, Trawangan or Gili Meno: 2 nights

The ultimate 2-week itinerary for Lombok

    • Kuta Lombok: 3 nights
    • Selong Belanak: 2 nights
    • Gili Air, Trawangan or Gili Meno: 3 nights
    • Senaru: 1 night
    • Sembalun: 2 nights
  • Tetebatu: 2 nights

Lombok itinerary for 3 weeks

  • Kuta Lombok: 4 nights
  • Selong Belanak: 2 nights
  • Gili Asahan: 2 nights
  • Senggigi: 2 nights
  • Gili Air, Trawangan or Gili Meno: 3 nights
  • Senaru: 1 night
  • Sembalun: 2 nights
  • Tetebatu: 2 nights
  • East Lombok: Ekas or Gili Kondo: 2 nights
route lombok

Lombok’s most beautiful destinations

Curious about all the beauty you can discover on your Lombok itinerary? We have already worked out the best spots of Lombok for you.

Kuta Lombok

Kuta is the place to explore southern Lombok. Here you will find trendy hotspots but also enjoy a serving of nasi at the local warung. Although the main street is full of Western eateries, you only need to drive 5 minutes to experience authentic Lombok. What makes Kuta Lombok extra special is the opportunity to discover a new beach or place every day, including Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak and The secret Gili’s.

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route lombok

Selong Belanak

Just add Selong Belanak to your Lombok itinerary soon, because once here, you’ll never want to leave! Just a few years back, Selong Belanak was a quaint beach with a few simple beach bars and perfect waves for beginning surfers. Today, the first hostels, homestays, villas and beautiful boutique hotels have moved in here, allowing you to spend a few days dreaming away in this piece of paradise.

route lombok

Gili Asahan

A pearl of peace and serenity, Gili Asahan is one of the lesser-known Gili islands near Lombok. This small island, away from the crowds, offers an oasis of silence and natural beauty. You will find a few homestays and luxury resorts.


Located on the west coast of Lombok, Senggigi is best known for its beaches and luxury resorts found on the coast. If you want to completely unwind for a few days, this is the place to be.

Gili Air, Trawangan or Gili Meno

The Gili Islands are all about a different pace. Here you don’t hear cars roaring or mopeds honking. Everything is done on foot or by bicycle. Think white sandy beaches that invite lounging, turtles swimming curiously by, colorful coral welcoming you and trendy spots you discover along the coastline. It is an escape from the hustle and bustle of Bali, a place where you can completely unwind.

route lombok


Located in the lush greenery of northern Lombok, Senaru is a cozy village where many people depart from to climb one of Indonesia’s largest volcanoes, the Rinjani volcano.

But besides the Rinjani, you will also find beautiful rice fields and giant waterfalls, including the famous Tiu Kelep waterfall


Sembalun, like Tetebatu and Senaru, is the base for people who want to climb the Rinjani. Once visited primarily for this reason, it has now become a destination in its own right, thanks to its vast rice terraces and beautiful bites. But there is more than just natural beauty: Sembalun also offers immersion in local Sasak traditions, giving you a profound cultural experience.


Tetebatu, a small village located in the heart of Lombok, is definitely among our most beloved destinations in Indonesia. It forms the beating green heart of this island! This charming village, at the foot of Rinjani volcano, is a prized gem in Indonesia. Whether you climb the volcano and use Tetebatu as a starting point, or simply enjoy a day hike, this place offers it all.

tetebatu rice fields
Lombok rice fields
Tetebatu Tips
backpack lombok

East Lombok: Ekas or Gili Kondo

Eastern Lombok is still relatively undiscovered, even though this part is really beautiful. To begin with, in the southeast you will find the surf beach Ekas and Pink Beach. Traveling further north, you’ll find tiny Gili Kondo. A bounty island with pearly white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Touring around Lombok by scooter

In fact, on Lombok it is almost a must to rent a scooter. After all, you won’t find cheap Gojeks on this island, nor is Grab available here. Fortunately, the roads here are of good quality and you can already rent a scooter for less than 4 euros per day. Moreover, it is a great way to explore Lombok.

If you really want to fully enjoy this island, throw a small backpack on your back and take a road trip around the island on your own scooter. Within a few days you can drive around the entire island. This is the perfect way to discover more of Lombok. You glide through cozy local villages, are often invited by locals for a Lombok Kopi, and discover the most breathtaking viewpoints and landscapes.

backpack lombok

Combining Lombok with Flores

Would you like to combine Lombok with another Indonesian island? Flores is a wonderful addition. Although there are no direct flights from Lombok to Flores, there are alternative ways to get there. For example, you can take the boat to Bali and then fly to Flores from there. It also includes a boat trip from Lombok to Flores.

Flores is truly a fantastic island, with the famous Komodo National Park as the absolute highlight. Here you can admire the unique Komodo dragon, an experience you won’t soon forget. This part of Indonesia is also known for its beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and some of the world’s best dive sites.

But Flores has much more to offer. Consider the unique Kelimutu volcano and enchanting Bajawa. The island is infused with natural beauty and rich culture, making it a unique addition to your journey through Indonesia.

Lombok rice fields
lombok route Tips

Combining Lombok with Bali

For a diverse Indonesian experience, combining Lombok with Bali is a great choice. These two islands are very close to each other and each offers a unique character.

Starting in bustling Bali, you can enjoy the vibrant culture, beautiful temples, lively beaches and vibrant nightlife. Then you can experience the peace and charm of Lombok, with its relaxed atmosphere, pristine nature and breathtaking beaches.

Lombok rice fields
Tetebatu Tips

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