Tetebatu: the green heart of Lombok

Tetebatu is a tiny village in the middle of Lombok and is absolutely one of our favorite destinations in Indonesia. This is the pulsating green heart of Lombok! This village at the foot of the Rinjani volcano is an absolute highlight in Indonesia. Here you will find the most beautiful Lombok rice fields and nature. Whether you climb the volcano and use Tetebatu as a base, or simply enjoy a beautiful hike through Tetebatu, this place has it all.

Vast Rice Fields and Waterfalls

Not only will you be enchanted by the vast rice fields of Lombok and lush hills, Tetebatu is the escape from the heat of South Lombok. Due to its higher altitude, you can enjoy a refreshing climate here. At every corner, this place embraces you with rice fields, palm trees, and pristine beauty.

Read on quickly for your trip to Tetebatu? What to do? The best hotels in Tetebatu? Best time to visit Tetebatu? And much more.

Tip: If you are staying in Kuta Lombok, throw a small backpack on your back and start an epic road trip around the island!

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Tetebatu rice fields
Tetebatu rice fields

What to do in Tetebatu

Tetebatu is the green heart of Lombok! As you approach this village, you can see that nature is getting greener and greener. But really experience Tetebatu? That only works with a hike together with a local guide. Together, you’ll traverse the rice fields in ways you wouldn’t otherwise explore. If there is one thing to do in Tetebatu, it is to hike through the area with a local guide!

  • Booking a hike with a local guide can be done through your accommodation
  • What does a tour in Tetebatu cost: The price of the trek ranges from 200k to 300k, which is about 14 to 20 euros per person. The price depends on where you book it, what is included and how well you can negotiate.
  • The hike usually lasts from 4 to 6 hours, this can be arranged with your local guide and also depends on the group size.
  • Besides rice fields, you will also visit waterfalls and the monkey forest during your tour.
  • tetebatu rice fields
    Lombok rice fields
    Tetebatu Tips
    Lombok rice fields
    Tetebatu Tips
    tetebatu lombok

    Tetebatu Waterfalls

    During your trek through Tetebatu, you will visit one or two waterfalls. If you can’t get enough, you can also visit other waterfalls. Tip! Bring some small cash with you, as almost all waterfalls in Lombok will charge you a small entrance fee.

    Burung Walet waterfall

    Our favorite Tetebatu Waterfall is the hidden gem Burung Walet waterfall. In fact, this waterfall lies in a gorge and is known for its serene setting, surrounded by lush green forests and a peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature. The hike to the waterfall is also great. You walk through the water, over rocks and, above all, through lots of greenery. Plus: this is the perfect place to cool off!

    Tetebatu Lombok
    Tetebatu Tips
    Tetebatu Lombok waterfall
    Tetebatu waterfall

    Durian Indah waterfall

    During your hike in Tetebatu, chances are you will visit the Durian Indah waterfall, and it is absolutely worth it. Located in the same gorge as Air Terjun Sarang Walet, this waterfall is a true gem. Surrounded by lush greenery, this waterfall is another stunning sight. Here, too, you can take a nice fresh dip to cool off.

    Still not bored and in the mood for a hefty road trip, you may also want to add the popular Tiu Kelep Waterfall in the north and Benang Kelambu Waterfall to your bucket list.

    tetebatu rice fields
    Lombok rice fields
    Tetebatu Tips

    Monkey Forest

    Located at the foot of the imposing Rinjani, the forest serves as home to a diverse population of monkey species, including the familiar macaque and the mysterious black monkey, which we suspect to be the Javanese langur. The majority of visitors come here to admire these magnificent monkeys, and rightly so. It remains special to see monkeys in the wild. The monkeys in Monkey Forest of Tetebatu are clearly less used to humans than the cheeky monkeys of bali, among others. They stay at a distance and prefer to be high in the trees.

    If you want to visit Monkey Forest, you can simply drive to the park entrance. Upon arrival, you pay a modest entrance fee to enter the forest.

    tetebatu monkey forest
    Lombok monkeys
    Tetebatu monkeys

    Our hike right through verdant Tetebatu, Lombok

    With our guide, we immediately dive into the green rice fields. Tetebatu has a perfect climate for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Green fields sparkle all around us. Rice, peppers, tobacco, cucumbers and especially those red peppers – they are not to be missed here. The real Lombok pepper! Throughout the walk, I listen in fascination to our guide, who knows everything about the environment and plants. And yes, it is mostly about food. There, of course, I then hang on his every word.

    tetebatu monkey forest

    Here we are, the only tourists in the wide area. Apart from the hard-working people on the fields, we are completely alone. Despite Lombok being increasingly in the spotlight, the north remains unspoiled and authentic.

    Along the way, we have small conversations in Bahasa with the locals, learn a lot about the work, feel the pride that prevails here and get a taste of what life is like in Tetebatu. Life here is simple, where people live together in a close-knit community and help each other in everyday existence.

    tetebatu monkey forest

    After hours of hiking right through the Tetebatu rice fields and the accompanying heat, our guide takes us to a hidden waterfall. Well, hidden is an understatement! We scramble through rivers, over rocks and sneak through caves, and suddenly there looms a beautiful waterfall out of nowhere. A little paradise. What a wonderful place. We take a quick dip, change clothes again and set off for Monkey Forest to spot monkeys. Always fun.

    We walk through the forest and soon discover a large group of black monkeys. These unique black monkeys here in the Monkey Forest of Tetebatu are quite different from what we are used to. They stay high in the trees and watch us closely. Very different from the cheeky monkeys we now know from Bali.

    tetebatu monkey forest

    We leave the monkeys alone after a while and walk on to a small traditional village for a good lunch. I can’t say it often enough, but the food in Indonesia is truly amazing! It’s best to just ask what they recommend, then you’re always right. After a good, delicious lunch, we move on. After all, we are going to make our own coffee. And I don’t mean a simple pot of coffee. I didn’t really know what to imagine here, but it was really surprisingly fun. We were just sitting in someone’s backyard with the whole family. No one could speak English there, but we laughed a lot. And then especially they for us, because of course we couldn’t do anything about it. It was an incredibly fun, special experience.

    After a while, we leave those monkeys alone and move on to a cozy traditional village for a tasty lunch. Seriously, I can’t repeat it enough: the food in Indonesia is simply amazing! Just ask what they recommend, and you’re always right. After that delectable lunch, we hit the road, ready to brew our own coffee. And no, not an ordinary cup of coffee. I had no idea what to expect, but it was surprisingly fun. We were just sitting in someone’s backyard with the whole family. No one spoke English, but we laughed tremendously, especially they at us, because of course we didn’t understand a thing. It was such a cool, extraordinary experience.

    tetebatu monkey forest
    Lombok monkeys
    Tetebatu monkeys

    How long do you need for Tetebatu

    How much time you need to explore Tetebatu depends a bit on your own preferences. If you are looking for peace and nature, this is a great place to spend a few days. Just keep in mind that besides rice paddies and waterfalls, there is not a whole lot to do.

    We found 2 nights for Tetebatu to be perfect! On the first day, leave nice and early so you may have some time to explore the area on your own. Go to a waterfall, visit a local coffee roaster and enjoy a delicious meal at a local warung.

    On the 2nd day, you can plan the hike through the rice fields of Tetebatu.

    tetebatu monkey forest

    Best time to travel to Tetebatu

    The best travel time to visit Tetebatu is from May through October. The weather in Tetebatu is then perfect. Because of the altitude, it is always a bit cooler than in the south and you have less chance of rain during the dry season.

    During June to August it is high season in Indonesia and it can be a bit busier.

    The rainy season begins from November, increasing the likelihood of heavy rains in Tetebatu Lombok. Our first visit to Tetebatu was in August. The weather was perfect then, but the landscape was a little less green. The last time we visited Tetebatu was in late November. The weather in Tetebatu was a little less at that time. There were heavy rain showers in the afternoon, but it was often dry in the morning. However, due to the rainy season, the environment was extra green.

    If you really want to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings, we recommend visiting Tetebatu between May and September.

    tetebatu monkey forest
    tetebatu monkey forest

    Which budget do i need in Tetebatu?

    Tetebatu is the perfect budget destination. Most accommodations cost about 10 euros per night. If you want something more luxurious, you can expect around 20 euros per night. In Tetebatu you won’t find any fancy Western restaurants, so you usually eat at your accommodation or at a local warung.

    For a good meal, you often pay 20k – 30k, which is less than 2 euros per dish. Attached is a cost breakdown for Tetebatu:

    • Accommodation: 8 – 20 euros
    • Meal (warung): 2 – 4 euros
    • Beer: 2 euros
    • Soft drinks: 1 euro
    • Draw: 15 – 20 euros incl. lunch

    Practical information about Tetebatu

    • Bring good sneakers or hiking boots for the hike.
    • A poncho or raincoat is not a luxury in the rainy season.
    • Although there are ATMs, it is nice to have enough cash with you.
    • Provide some smaller cash for access to waterfalls and the like.
    • If you go hiking, don’t forget your swimwear for a dip at the falls.
    • Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and use some mosquito spray, such as Soffell, before the hike.
    • Tetebatu is a place where local culture is highly valued. Show respect for the customs and practices of local people, for example, by wearing modest clothing when visiting religious sites.

    What are nice places to stay in Tetebatu?

    Are you looking for a comfortable accommodation in Tetebatu? Then book a room at Les Rizieres. Not only us, but many others are also enthusiastic about this accommodation.

    Staying at Rizieres

    The homestay scores an impressive 9.4 on Booking.com, and we understand why. We stayed here in 2017 and returned in 2024 because we enjoyed it so much the first time. Both times were FANTASTIC! The rooms are comfortable, the people are incredibly kind, the tour is fantastic, and the food is very good. Truly a solid recommendation! Read more about Les Rizieres.

    How to get to Tetebatu?

    The most fun and economical way to cruise to Tetebatu? By scooter, of course! Grab a small backpack, stuff some clothes in it and go! The route there is simply breathtaking. Along the way, you are warmly welcomed everywhere. We once had to take shelter with locals because of a heavy downpour and a big thunderstorm and then became overwhelmed with drinks and fresh fruit.

    Tip! Explore Lombok with your scooter in a few days and discover all the pearls of this island.

    Not a scooter fan? No worries! Simply book a private cab through your accommodation. From Kuta Lombok you pay about 500k per ride, which is about 35 euros.
    Andne, for the Grab lovers among us, there are also some cabs available through that app.

    tetebatu rice fields
    tetebatu rice fields

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