Tanjung Aan: crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches

Tanjung might be our favorite beach in Lombok. We’ve visited this beach countless times and still can’t get enough of it. Besides crystal clear water and a white sandy beach, this is also a great place for surfing. On the beach, you’ll find various ‘warungs’ where you can relax on a lounger or beanbag. Parking is free, and often you don’t have to pay for a lounger if you order something to eat or drink from the ‘warung’.

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tanjung aan
tanjung aan

How to Get to Tanjung Aan?

Tanjung Aan is just a 10-minute drive from Kuta Lombok. The route is simple! We always use Warung Kolega as a reference point. Not only do we love this place, but the route there is also much more comfortable. If you set your navigation to the right side of the beach, sometimes Google may try to direct you via a bumpy dirt road.

Walking from Kuta Lombok is an option, but it can be quite a journey, especially in hot weather.

Another option is a taxi from your accommodation, but that can be relatively expensive. A round trip can cost around 200k, whereas you’d pay about 60k per day for a scooter, roughly 3.5 euros.

tanjung aan
Lombok tanjung aan
tanjung aan

Parking at Tanjung Aan

Parking at Tanjung Aan is still free, unlike many other places in Lombok. You can park your scooter at the ‘warung’ where you want to eat or relax. If you want a lounger on the beach, it’s expected that you order something from the ‘warung’.

Nice Beach Shacks/Warungs at Tanjung Aan

Many new ‘warungs’ have been added to Tanjung Aan recently. These are often simple local beach shacks where you can order simple meals and enjoy a nice drink. It might not be luxurious, but who cares when you have your feet in the sand with that view!

Warung Kolega

Warung Kolega is our go-to spot at Tanjung Aan for surfing and relaxing. This cozy ‘warung’ is run by Agus and his family. Here, you can undoubtedly book the best surf lessons in Tanjung Aan. For about 15 euros, you get a private lesson from Agus, and they are truly valuable. I’ve taken many surf lessons, and this one stands out by far.

You can also take a boat here for surfing and rent boards. The boat costs 25K and renting a surfboard is about 50k. They have both short and longboards.

The food here is also very good, especially the nasi goreng with peanut sauce and the satay are highly recommended. If you’re not in the mood for local food, you absolutely must try the yogurt with fruit. In short, highly recommended!

tanjung aan

Warung Pink Coco

If we’re not going to surf but want to spend the whole day on the beach, we usually choose this place. There are more options for loungers and beanbags here. Moreover, the people here are very friendly, and it’s always pleasantly busy.

Warung Turtle

For a dance with your feet in the sand, you have to go to Warung Turtle at Tanjung Aan. Parties are regularly organized here. If you love dancing, you should definitely visit here.

tanjung aan
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tanjung aan

Surfing at Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is one of the best surf beaches in Lombok. The surfing conditions are perfect here with minimal currents, a beautiful channel, stunning water, and nice waves. It’s ideal for beginners with some experience, advanced surfers, and longboarders. The only downside is that it can sometimes get a bit crowded because this beach is so popular.

If you want to surf here, you can rent a board from various ‘warungs’ and then take the boat to the lineup. Some paddle there themselves, but believe me, it’s further than you think.

Renting a surfboard costs about 50k – 75k, and for the boat, you pay 25k each time. Many people go with the boat there and paddle back, that’s also an option.

tanjung aan

Bukit Merese

If you’re in the vicinity of Tanjung Aan, you should definitely make the climb to Bukit Merese. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Kuta Lombok. From this place, you have a magnificent view of Lombok’s coastline. Here, you truly see how beautiful and clear Tanjung Aan is. With a scooter, Bukit Merese is very easy to reach. You pay 10k for parking your scooter, but the view itself is free. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a few cute monkeys on the hill.

tanjung aan
tanjung aan
tanjung aan

With its crystal-clear water, inviting surfing opportunities, and the lively atmosphere of the local ‘warungs’, Tanjung Aan offers a versatile and unforgettable day on the coast of Lombok.

Whether you come to surf, relax under the sun, taste local delicacies, or simply enjoy the breathtaking view from Bukit Merese, Tanjung Aan will surely surprise and delight you.

In short, this slice of paradise on the coast of Lombok is a must-visit for anyone seeking a mix of relaxation, adventure, and the true beauty of this Indonesian island.

tanjung aan

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