Lombok: 10X Must-Do Activities & Hidden Gems

Lombok: 10X Must-Do Activities & Hidden Gems

Lombok is also known as the little sister of Bali, but don’t underestimate this island. In 2023, we thought to spend a month in Lombok, but before we knew it, we were deeply captivated by this island for four months. This island has so much to offer that we compiled our top 10 attractions in Lombok. From sensational beaches to enchanting locations: discover them all in this article filled with Lombok tips.

What to do in Lombok? Well, just wait until you see it! Think of beaches as white as sugar, waterfalls that take your breath away, culture that embraces you, and adventures that make your blood rush. We’ve explored the island from top to bottom. From sensational surf spots to places where locals gather. Want to know what Lombok really has to offer? Dive into this adventure with us and discover the best Lombok tips in this article.

#1 Beach Hopping

There’s no shortage of pearl-like beaches in Lombok, such as the beautiful Selong Belanak or Tanjung Aan. There are plenty of beautiful beaches here. With their stunningly clear blue waters, breathtaking coral reefs, and expansive sandy beaches, this is the number Must-Do in Lombok! It’s almost impossible to choose which beaches to visit. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve selected the most impressive Lombok beaches for you. Read “the most beautiful beaches in Lombok” and be overwhelmed by the magic of these top locations!

Tanjung Aan
Tanjung Aan

#2 The Secret Gilis

Here in Lombok, we found a true paradise: The Secret Gilis. When you think of “Gili,” names like Gili Air, Trawangan, or Meno probably come to mind first, but in Lombok, there are many more Gilis to explore, with The Secret Gilis being a highlight. They’re located in the southwest of Lombok, and although they might not be as tiny and undiscovered as they once were, they remain relatively hidden and incredibly beautiful! A massive tip if you’re in Lombok.

Secret Gili
Secret Gili tips
Secret Gili Lombok
Secret Gilis

#3 Hiking through the Rice Fields of Tetebatu

Tetebatu, at the foot of the mighty Rinjani, is the green heart of Lombok and should absolutely not be missed on your Lombok itinerary. A walk through the rice fields with a local guide is one of those absolute must-dos in Lombok. It’s at the top of our list of the most beautiful sights here! The hike is beautiful and gives you a unique insight into the daily life of the Sasak community. The surroundings are all green. Besides the endless rice fields, you can take a dip in the waterfalls and spot curious monkeys in the lush forest.

Lombok photos
Lombok photos

#4 Surf, Surf, and More Surfing

You can’t ignore it, in Lombok, surfing is a huge deal! Everywhere you look, you’ll see surfboards, surf shops, and surfers. And that’s for a reason! The surf conditions here are simply epic, suitable for every surfer, from beginners to the pros. Whether you’re taking your very first lesson at Selong Belanak or seeking that perfect lefthander at Desert Point, you can do it in Lombok! Experience it yourself, catch those waves, and let your surfing adventure in Lombok begin! If you’re wondering what to do in Lombok? Well, surfing it is!

Lombok photos

#5 Hiu Project

Project Hiu in Kuta, Lombok, is a unique and beautiful project with a heart for nature conservation. It’s all about breaking the existing norms because they understand that both sharks and fishermen are stuck in a trade of shark fins that damages both. Here, they haven’t started a revolution against the shark fishermen but with them. Their goal? Redefining the story of these fishermen and creating a future full of choices.

At Project Hiu, they’re trying to transform the shark fishing boats into sustainable tourism. You can join Project Hiu to learn more about the fishermen, sharks, and the environment. Looking for a to-do in Lombok and immediately giving back to the environment and community, then this is a big tip!

#6 Rinjani Trekking

You literally can’t miss it when you’re in Lombok: the Rinjani. This is undoubtedly one of those challenging must-dos in Lombok. Climbing Rinjani is tough, it requires perseverance, but the reward of that breathtaking view at the top of the volcano makes it an unforgettable experience.

Mount Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. The adventure often begins in the early morning hours as you make your way through lush forests and along steep slopes. It’s an intense hike that often takes several days, where you have to brave the steep trails and heights. Along the way, you’ll encounter breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, and sometimes even pass through dense clouds.

This trekking isn’t for the faint-hearted but for those seeking a challenging adventure and an unforgettable experience in the wilderness of Lombok.

Secret Gilis

#7 Admire Lombok’s Waterfalls

Lombok is a waterfall heaven! Tetebatu, with its surrounding greenery, offers a refreshing start. Then, the graceful Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfalls, surrounded by green cliffs, are simply breathtaking. And then you have Tiu Kelep – a powerful, invigorating experience in the heart of the jungle. Each waterfall here is a must-see for an enchanting adventure in Lombok.

Tetebatu rice fields
Lombok rice fields
Tetebatu Tips

#7 Take a Hike at Sembelun

Visit Sembalun, the place where Lombok’s rugged nature reveals its breathtaking side. The Anak Dara trek and the Pergasingan Hill hike are must-dos for a good dose of adventure. Anak Dara takes you along enchanting paths with breathtaking valley views. Pergasingan Hill challenges you to climb to the top, where you’re rewarded with a majestic panorama, especially at sunset. These are the walks that lead you to an undiscovered piece of paradise on Lombok, each step bringing you closer to the natural beauty that this island has to offer.

#9 Diving

The diving world in Lombok is growing rapidly, with new dive spots being discovered regularly. Precisely because Lombok isn’t in the spotlight as a well-known diving destination, the coral reef here is still pristine, and the dive spots are often a hidden treasure. This means you often have the underwater world all to yourself. The remote dive spots offer a chance for diving enthusiasts to enjoy crystal-clear water, colorful coral, and an abundance of marine life without the crowds you might encounter elsewhere.

#10 Chill on the Gili Islands

Looking for the ultimate relaxation mode? The Gili Islands are your answer! Think of white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the wind, and an atmosphere that instantly puts you in holiday mode. The Gilis – Trawangan, Meno, and Air – form the perfect trio of unspoiled beauty. Trawangan, or Gili T, is known as the ‘party Gili,’ where nights are filled with music and fun. Gili Air is the relaxed sister, where time seems to stand still. And then there’s Gili Meno, the calmest of them all, perfect for serene moments and romance.

Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s lounging in a hammock, snorkeling among turtles, or simply enjoying the sunset with a cold drink in hand – the Gili Islands offer everything you need for a vibes-only chill experience. So, leave your worries behind and be enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere of these paradise islands!

Gili Islands

These are our absolute must-see attractions in Lombok! Do you have any other Lombok tips that shouldn’t be missed here? Let us know! Leave your comment and help fellow travelers explore this beautiful island!

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