Foodguide Lombok: 15x where to eat in Lombok

Foodguide Lombok: 15x where to eat in Lombok

Over the past few years, restaurants have sprung up in Lombok like mushrooms after rain. From trendy burger joints in Kuta Lombok, pizzerias, ramen specialists, and smoothie bowl experts to fine dining, the variety is staggering. In recent months, we’ve done our utmost to try out all the coffee shops, restaurants, and lunch spots in Lombok—a tough job that we gladly take on ;p From the best espressos on Gili Air to the most beautiful restaurants in Kuta Lombok.

Read on to discover which restaurants in Lombok have become our favorites.

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#1 Munchies, kuta

For breakfast or lunch, we most often gather at this new kid on the block! And it’s certainly not for nothing. The atmosphere, the food, and the people, everything fits perfectly here. The menu consists of an all-day breakfast and an extensive lunch menu. My absolute favorites are the salads, but the breakfast options are fantastic too. You can opt for a simple avocado toast or go for a unique dish like scrambled eggs with pesto. The coffees and pastries are also incredibly good. As you can tell, we’re enthusiastic about it!

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#2 Knalpot, Kuta

These Dutch owners have set up something fantastic in Kuta Lombok. You can visit here all day long, and believe me, you want to! It might be slightly more expensive than other restaurants on the street, but you can taste the difference. It’s possibly the best restaurant in Kuta Lombok. The food is unique, rich in flavor, and changes almost every week. Whether you want to dine elegantly or grab a bite in the afternoon and take a dip in the pool, you can do it all here. The only reason we don’t come here weekly is that the vegetarian options are a bit limited.

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#3 El bazar, Kuta

This restaurant was already one of our favorites in 2017, and in 2023, it still comfortably sits in our top 3. El Bazar is the place for a fancy dining experience in Kuta Lombok. The menu mainly features dishes rooted in the Middle East but with a modern twist that you can share together. It’s definitely one of my favorite cuisines. For a complete meal for two, you’ll need to order at least three dishes. The only hiccup for us is that Leroy prefers meat while I am vegetarian, leading to a slight struggle sometimes when it comes to sharing dishes. It’s a bit pricier than most restaurants but still quite affordable when compared to prices in the Netherlands.

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#4 Bara,kuta

“This hotspot may seem a bit pricey, but thanks to the many exciting offers they have, your bill won’t necessarily run high. From complimentary cocktails to 2-for-1 pizza deals, this restaurant in Kuta Lombok opens its doors early in the morning, serving delicious fresh sandwiches alongside a good cup of coffee. In the afternoon, it’s the spot for a bite and a refreshing dip in the pool. After cooling off, you can join for dinner, featuring unique main courses and excellent pizzas. The menu caters to everyone’s tastes. If you’re not ready to leave yet, we highly recommend trying some of their delicious cocktails. Without a doubt, the best in town.

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#5 BONI BEACH, Selong Belanak

For an unforgettable culinary experience with breathtaking sea views in Selong Belanak, you should definitely reserve a table at Boni Beach. This restaurant has made a name for itself by serving unique dishes that bring local ingredients to life in flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Everything, from the freshly baked bread to the homemade ice cream, is prepared with love and passion. You can taste the dedication in every bite. Our recommendations? The delightful bao buns, flavorful Indonesian barbecue, tempting pastas, and fresh salads. And if you’re here in the morning, the scrambled tofu and French toast are absolute must-tries.

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hotel Lombok

#6 Èlamu Lombok, Kuta

Wow, Èlamu Lombok looks amazing! This place offers plenty of space with a large garden, and the interior carries that delightful Mediterranean vibe. The menu is diverse and offers a range of vegetarian options, from pita souvlaki to the most delightful soups. Even though I’m not usually a big fan of Greek food, Èlamu is truly a favorite of mine in Kuta. The food here is delicious, and the atmosphere is truly enjoyable.

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#7 Jiang Nan Lombok, Kuta

A restaurant we love to visit is the Chinese restaurant Jiang Nan Lombok. It’s fairly new and a bit tucked away, but definitely worth finding. Not only does it look very nice, but the food is also truly amazing! And it’s not overly expensive. Recently, we spent around 250,000 for 2 beers, a good meal each, and some water, which comes to about 12 euros.

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#8 SEGARA BEACH, Selong Belanak

Segara Beach is the place where relaxation and delicious food come together. Located on Pantai Serangan, this trendy beach spot offers a variety of tasty dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood, flavorful local dishes, or simply a refreshing drink while enjoying the sunset, Segara Beach has something for everyone.

#9 La Cantina, Kuta

La Cantina is just top-notch! Super cozy, the food is great, it’s conveniently located, and it’s also affordable. The tacos are truly delicious, and you can order one or two. For one (veggie) taco, you pay 25k (€1.5), and for two, it’s €2.6. Handy if you’re not very hungry but still want something to eat. Our favorites are the chicken, jackfruit taco, corn tostada, and the beef taco.

#10 Casa vintage, Gili Trawangan

It was truly our favorite spot on Gili Trawangan. Sitting with your feet in the sand, enjoying a fantastic meal. It has such a hip atmosphere yet remains affordable. The ambiance is truly top-notch, and the food? Incredibly delicious!

#11 Coffee & thyme, Gili Trawangan

At this charming spot on Trawangan, you can order the most delicious coffee. They serve delightful breakfasts, lunches, and pastries. As soon as you arrive on the island, you’ll come across it almost immediately. An absolute must-visit!

#12 Barefoot Blondie, Gili Air

An absolute gem on Gili Air for amazing coffee and delightful lunches. It’s simple: this is our favorite. The coffee is fantastic, and the sandwiches? Even better. Especially the bagels are simply delicious. It’s a place where you can hang out upstairs or quickly grab a coffee to go. And the best part? It’s just a minute’s walk from the harbor. As if that’s not enough, they also have a cute shop with clothing and accessories.

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#13 Radio Bush

Highly recommended: Radio Bush! It’s a super cool spot. Although you can stay there all day, we particularly love it for lunch. The staff is always friendly, and the price-to-quality ratio here is truly excellent! What you definitely should try: the falafel or chicken wrap, the smoothie bowls, and the milkshakes.

#14 KRNK

The go-to place for your burger fix. This place has been around since 2017 and is still one of the busiest hotspots in the area. And rightfully so, because their burgers are simply divine. They also offer a wide range of vegetarian options alongside the burgers listed on the menu.

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#15 Granita

You won’t find Granita on the main street of Kuta but on the way to Selong Belanak. It’s a cozy and compact place where you can eat wonderfully. They offer plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

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