Lombok: Stunning Rice Terraces and White Beaches Just for You

Unlike its neighboring island Bali, Lombok is much less touristy. If you want to escape the crowds, enjoy surfing, indulge in good food, and take beautiful walks through endless rice terraces, then Lombok is the perfect island for you.

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A trip to Lombok

Lombok is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is home to a total of 2.4 million inhabitants. The island is slightly smaller than Bali but much less crowded. This makes it perfect for exploring by scooter. In just a few days, you can circle the entire island and discover the most extraordinary places along the way. When you think of a holiday in Lombok, you’re opting for nature, tranquility, beautiful beaches, and a delightful blend of modernity and local culture.

Lombok is more than just the Gili Islands

If you’re heading to Indonesia, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the beautiful Gili Islands. While these islands are stunning, Lombok has much more to offer. How about considering The Secret Gilis, Ekas, or Gili Asahan? Following the Gili Islands, the most renowned place in Lombok is Kuta Lombok or Koeta Lombok. This town is increasingly discovered by tourists every year, rightfully so, as Kuta Lombok boasts beautiful (sometimes completely deserted) beaches, perfect surfing spots, and plenty of charming eateries and bars.

But don’t forget about the beautiful green north of Lombok either. In the middle of the island lies the adorable village of Tetebatu, where you can lose yourself in endless rice terraces, with Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s largest volcanoes, always in the background. The real adventurers attempt to reach the top of Rinjani volcano during an intense multi-day climb. However, Sembulan and Senaru are also hidden gems that you must explore.

And did you know that you can reach Lombok from Bali within a few hours by ferry? Or take a plane and arrive even faster, in just half an hour! This allows you to perfectly combine both islands. Whether you want to enjoy backpacking in Lombok or have a relaxing holiday, this island has something to offer everyone.