Kri Island : one of the most famous islands of Raja Ampat

Kri Island is one of Raja Ampat’s most popular islands. Despite its modest size – only 1.6 square kilometers in size with a coastline of 7.5 kilometers – it has more than 20 homestays. More than enough to choose from, therefore, you can easily add to your Raja Ampat itinerary.

The island is actually named Mansuar Kecil, which means “little Mansuar. Named after its big brother Mansuar, it got the name because a resort named Kri was established here. This resort was once on Kri Island in Batanta, but the owners found it too much work to transfer everything. So it became Kri Island.

It is absolutely beautiful, but the many homestays on this island also have their downside. Many accommodations suffer from pests, especially rats and cockroaches. Of course we know this is part of the adventurous life, but it still made us sleep a little less soundly.

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How to get to Kri Island

From Sorong , take the ferry to Waisai. This costs about IDR 100,000 per person. One ferry goes in the morning, around 9 a.m., and one in the afternoon around 2 p.m. From Waisai, you can arrange a pickup with your homestay. This often costs IDR 700,000 per boat, about 40 euros.

What can you do on Kri Island

Also on Kri Island, most of the sightseeing consists of diving and snorkeling, but because Kri Island is a bit flatter, you can also visit some other places.


There are some homestays with their own dive center, but we have read (and heard from people there) some varying stories about this, especially about the equipment. Of course, this does vary from homestay to homestay, but it’s nice then to know what to look out for. So some experience is important. An alternative good option is Soul Scuba Divers. This is a PADI-certified dive center. Be quick, though, because this diving school is very popular. It is also important to note that you cannot dive here, if your homestay also offers diving activities.

The most famous dive spots around Kri Island are: Cape Kri, Blue Magic, Mike’s Point, Yenbuba Jetty, Friwenbonda and Sorido Wall. If you are not into scuba diving and the other is, there are often options for one to come along for snorkeling.


Snorkeling can be done around Kri Island basically everywhere. The coral is really beautiful. However, you do have to be careful not to go too far out to sea, as the currents in Raja Ampat can be very strong. If you really want to admire the ultimate snorkeling spot at Kri Island, you should go snorkeling between Kri and Rasiwor. The marine life here is really fantastic!

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Rent a Kayak

If you want to see more of the island, then renting a kayak is a super fun idea. At the dive center Soul Scuba Divers, you can rent a kayak from IDR 300,000. Tip! Go kayaking during sunset for a spectacular experience.

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Visit Yenbuba Village

Yenbuba Village is a charming village that is definitely worth a visit. Here you can learn about the local culture and enjoy the hospitality of the residents.

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Take a walk

At low tide, it is possible to cross the sandbanks to Ransiwor and Mansuar. It is a fun walk where you are guaranteed to encounter many crabs and my favorite, the hermit crab. Make sure you know when the tide will return if you plan to walk back. Should you get stuck, you can find someone in Yenbuba who can take you back to your homestay by boat for a fee.

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Dear people, I can’t say it often enough, but you are still on vacation and the beauty of Raja Ampat is that you have all the beauty on your doorstep. So be sure to plan a day at your homestay or resort as well. Grab a book, bake, take a walk on the beach and go snorkeling at the house reef. Believe us, these were some of our favorite days.

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Viewpoint Kri Island

There is also a viewpoint on Kri Island. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to find it, but it seems you should get there if you use I have seen pictures of the viewpoint and they are quite spectacular.

Kri Island’s nicest homestays

All Kri Island homestays can be found at and some are also present on It is possible to arrange accommodations on the spot, but the popular homestays are often already occupied by then. Homestays are often very basic and usually consist of a simple bamboo hut with a bed and mosquito net. The bathroom is almost always communal, but most have Western-style toilets these days. Accommodation is always full board. That means your breakfast, lunch and dinner + coffee and tea are included.

Surely Turtle Dive Homestay is the homestay of the island.

We ourselves slept at Junior Homestay, but found it very disappointing.

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Stores, electricity and wifi on Kri Island

There are no stores on the island, so if you want something else to snack on or drink, it’s smart to bring some in advance.

There is often no electricity during the day. In the evening, the electricity goes on for a few hours. Therefore, it is smart to bring a power bank with you.

Because of the neighboring island of Mansuar, there is pretty good coverage on Kri Island. In most places, you have a fairly stable 3G connection. So a local SIM card is quite handy then. We recommend Telkomsel, this network often has the best coverage.

Some homestays also offer wifi, but it often works poorly or not at all. If you want to send the occasional update to the home front, a local SIM card is quite handy.

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