Java: Surprisingly Beautiful

Java, what a delightful surprise this island turned out to be. Some people may not express the same level of enthusiasm for this island, but why? Java has it all—culture, nature, and fantastic cuisine. The best part is, you can traverse the entire island by train, passing through the most extraordinary landscapes. Let yourself be amazed by the versatility of Java.

From Bustling Cities to Bounty Islands

Java is approximately three times the size of the Netherlands and is home to more than 145 million people, making it the most densely populated island in Indonesia. Java boasts many bustling cities, including the capital, Jakarta. While we weren’t fans of the busy urban scene, we enjoyed the contrast between nature and large cities.


Yes, Java still has many peaceful spots. We discovered one of our favorite destinations during our journey: Karimunjawa, a bounty island where you can have the white beaches all to yourself. Additionally, we found Yogyakarta to be a top-notch destination. It’s not just a fantastic city but also boasts a beautiful surrounding area.

Don’t skip Java during your journey through Indonesia.

Java, the heart of Indonesia, beckons adventurers with its rich tapestry of culture, nature, and mouthwatering cuisine. As Indonesia’s most populous island, Java is a fascinating blend of bustling cities and serene landscapes, offering a diverse range of experiences for backpackers.

Embark on a scenic train journey traversing Java’s picturesque landscapes, providing a unique perspective on the island’s beauty. From the bustling capital Jakarta to the cultural haven of Yogyakarta, Java offers a dynamic urban experience. Explore ancient temples, vibrant markets, and indulge in the local flavors of Indonesian cuisine.

For those seeking tranquility, Java’s hidden gems include the pristine beaches of Karimunjawa, where white sands and turquoise waters create a tropical paradise. The adventure continues with a visit to the breathtaking Ijen Volcano, a stunning natural wonder.

Java’s size may surprise, but its diversity is truly captivating. Whether you’re drawn to the energy of city life or the serenity of nature, Java promises a memorable backpacking experience in the heart of Indonesia.