Discover Flores: the ultimate Flores itinerary

Flores: untouched nature, the most beautiful diving spots, volcanoes that challenge you, and traditional villages that take you back in time. You’ll find it all on this island in Indonesia. Pure, that’s the best way to describe Flores. Discover our ultimate Flores route quickly.

From the most unique boat trips in the Komodo National Park, spider rice fields in Ruteng, traditional villages in Bajawa, to colorful crater lakes in Moni. When visiting Flores, be sure to make some time to explore the island’s interior.

Flores Travel Route

Why Visit Flores

Flores (meaning “flower” in Portuguese) is not very large, about ⅓ the size of the Netherlands. This makes it perfect for exploring the island in a few days. It is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is located next to Sumbawa. About 1.5 million people live here, the majority of whom are Catholic. The island has many volcanoes, and traditional villages can be found everywhere. However, Flores is especially known for the Komodo Dragon, found only in the Komodo National Park, and the Kelimutu volcano. It is still very quiet, and tourists visit the island relatively infrequently. This results in deserted beaches and breathtaking viewpoints, all to yourself.

Flores Travel Route

Flores Route 1 week

It is possible to explore Flores within a week. The island is not very large, allowing you to discover a lot in a week. Start your Flores Route in Labuan Bajo to explore the Komodo National Park, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and traditional villages in Bajawa, and complete your journey with a visit to the Kelimutu volcano. If you have even less time, you can skip Ruteng.

  • Labuan Bajo & Komodo National Park (2 nights)
  • Ruteng (1 night)
  • Bajawa (2 nights)
  • Moni (2 nights)

Flores Route 2 weeks

If you have the luxury of more time, consider a relaxed journey from Labuan Bajo. A highly recommended experience is the 2- or 3-day boat trip through the Komodo National Park. Every day, you’ll discover new breathtaking locations, such as Padar and Pink Beach, while sleeping on board the boat at night. Another great experience is an overnight stay on Pirate Island, a small paradise island near Komodo.

  • Labuan Bajo & Komodo National Park (4 nights)
  • Wae Rebo (1 night)
  • Ruteng (1 night)
  • Bajawa (2 nights)
  • Moni (3 nights)
  • Labuan Bajo (2 nights)
flores route
route flores

Labuan Bajo

Our love for Flores all began in the small port town. From Bali, you can fly inexpensively to Labuan Bajo, or for the adventurous ones, there’s also a multi-day boat trip departing from Lombok, and you can even take a ferry for a few euros. Labuan Bajo is the place to visit the Komodo National Park to spot the Komodo Dragons. But there is much more. Komodo National Park consists of beautiful untouched nature, such as the viewpoint Padar, Pink Beach, Rinca Islands, and many more wonders. Additionally, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go diving.

Tips for Labuan Bajo

Flores Travel Route
Flores Travel Route


About 4 hours drive from Labuan Bajo, you’ll find the small village of Ruteng. Ruteng is mainly known for its Spiderweb Rice Fields. It’s a delightful place to stay for a day. Rent a scooter and explore the surroundings. The Ruteng area is perfect for scooter exploration with minimal traffic and breathtakingly beautiful scenery—pure and untouched, just as I envisioned Indonesia.

You can also consider adding a visit to Wae Rebo. This is a small traditional village hidden in the mountains of Flores. You have to make a significant hike to get there, but the reward is immense. The unique ‘Mbaru Niang’ houses, cone-shaped structures with stylish thatched roofs, are a feast for the eyes and a wonder of traditional architecture. The local population still lives here according to ancient customs and rituals. It feels like a journey to another dimension, where authenticity and tradition are highly valued.

Tips for Ruteng

  • Rent a scooter and explore the surroundings
  • Visit the famous Spiderweb Rice Fields
  • Walk to the viewpoint Golo Guru
  • Have coffee at Kopi Mani
  • Stay at a Homestay
  • Dine at restaurant Chacha
Reisroute Flores


Bajawa is culture and nature at its best. The volcanic surroundings, crater lakes, hot springs, lush green jungle, and the most photogenic villages, each with its own traditions, make this place so special and unique. The traditional Ngada population resides here, and their unique culture is palpable in daily life.

Tips for Bajawa

  • Climb Mount Inerie or visit the viewpoint
  • Ogi Waterfall or the waterfall near the old sauna
  • Mini Kelimutu
  • Bena Village
  • Tololela Village
  • Natural hot springs in Malanage
Flores route
Flores route
Flores Travel Route


Our fourth stop on our Flores route was the village of Moni. While many people come here for the Kelimutu volcano, Moni has much more to offer. The nature in the surrounding area is beautiful, with waterfalls and the opportunity for a day trip to Koka Beach. Of course, a visit to the Kelimutu volcano is a must. This volcano is truly unique, with three crater lakes, each with a different color due to minerals: dark green, turquoise, and light gray. And there’s more: the colors change over the years. One lake was once red, and another was even white. How this happens is still a mystery.

Tips for Moni

  • Visit Kelimutu a bit later in the morning and have the volcano all to yourself
  • Absolutely book an overnight stay at Lopen, Gecko Homestay, so you can cook and enjoy a delicious dinner together
  • Also, visit the waterfalls in Moni
  • Lunch at Mopi’s place
  • Spend a day chilling at Koka Beach (you can also stay overnight here)
Flores Travel Route
Flores route
Flores route

Labuan Bajo

From Ende, about a 2-hour drive from Moni, you can fly directly to Labuan Bajo. You also have the option to take a flight from there to Bali or book a boat trip to Lombok, which we did. That means two full days at sea, a unique experience. Unfortunately, we had some bad weather luck, so I couldn’t enjoy much and was quite ill.

Transportation to and on Flores

Contrary to what many sites claim, arranging transportation in Flores is incredibly easy. This indeed proved to be the case during our journey through Flores. Most homestays and hotels can always arrange a taxi for you. If you prefer to travel more affordably or it’s not possible to arrange, you can simply stand by the road and wait for a taxi van or bemo to pass by. This may sound exciting, but believe me, one passes by every fifteen minutes. There is only one road in Flores. So, you can go east or west. That’s how simple it is. Tell the driver where you need to go, keep an eye on your navigation, and it can’t really go wrong.

Best Time to Visit Flores

The best time to visit Flores is from April to October. This is Indonesia’s dry season, resulting in less rainfall and pleasant temperatures. During the rainy season, more rain can fall, and the feel-like temperature is often very high. However, in the rainy season, it is much quieter, and the rain showers are often short.

Keep in mind that the high season, especially in July and August, can be busier due to holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds and still experience pleasant weather, it might be best to travel just before or just after this peak period.

What are nice places to stay in Flores?

Wat hebben wij op heerlijke plekjes geslapen tijdens onze reis door Flores. Van gezellige hostels, tot back to nature in kneuterige guesthouses en kleinschalige hotelletjes. Dit waren onze favorietjes!

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