Indonesia: More than 16,000 Islands

This country truly has it all! Whether you’re seeking the ultimate beach getaway or an adventure in nature, Bali, Java, and Lombok have long been no secret to most tourists. However, Indonesia consists of more than 16,000 islands, making it the world’s largest archipelagic state. So, there’s plenty more to discover.

Indonesian Islands

Indonesia Has It All

The country comprises bustling metropolises, untouched nature, unique wildlife, and, of course, the most tropical beaches. With a population of over 260 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country globally. The Indonesian population consists of hundreds of ethnic groups, and despite having an official national language, 742 different languages and dialects are spoken. Half of Indonesia is covered in rainforest, boasting the world’s second-largest biodiversity after Brazil. Here, you can spot animals found nowhere else on earth, such as Sumatran tigers, Javan rhinoceroses, and Komodo dragons.

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Traveling and backpacking through Indonesia is an enchanting experience.

With over 16,000 islands, the country offers a diversity of landscapes, from lush rainforests to paradisiacal beaches. Explore ancient temples like the iconic Angkor Wat and discover unique cultures in cities like Bali, Java, and Sumatra. The hospitality of the local people and the culinary delights make every journey unforgettable. Whether you’re seeking adventurous treks, relaxing beach days, or cultural discoveries, Indonesia has it all. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of this Southeast Asian gem.