The Ultimate Travel Itinerary for South India: Discover Kerala in 2-3 Weeks

The Ultimate Travel Itinerary for South India: Discover Kerala in 2-3 Weeks

Completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Kerala. No idea what to expect. When we think of India, we quickly think of a lot of people, busy roads, and chaos. We never expected South India to be so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. It truly surprised us. In addition to the stunning nature and amazing food, it’s also the people who make this destination so beautiful. We were welcomed with open arms everywhere we went.

Discover the enchanting beauty of South India with our ideal travel route! From beautiful beaches to endless tea plantations and cozy towns, South India has it all.

In this blog article, we’ll take you on a journey through our highlights of Kerala. This travel route offers something for everyone and introduces you to the beauty of South India. Read on and get inspired for your next adventure!

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Route in a Nutshell: 2-3 Weeks

  • Fort Kochi: cozy, charming harbor town with a rich history
  • Marari Beach: relax and unwind by the coast
  • The Backwaters of Kerala / Alleppey: explore the backwaters of India
  • Thekkady: venture into the jungle
  • Munnar: hike through endless tea plantations
  • Goa (not in Kerala, but a great addition to your trip)
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Day 1-3: Kochi

Start your journey in Fort Kochi, a city full of history and culture. Visit the Jewish quarter, Fort Kochi, the Chinese fishing nets, and the Dutch Palace. Don’t forget to try the delicious local cuisine, including the famous fish curry.

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Day 2-4: Marari Beach

This is not a must, but definitely a worthwhile stop. Marari Beach is a very peaceful beach with a few homestays. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.


5-6: Alleppey – Backwaters

Head to Alleppey and further explore the beautiful backwaters. Whether you book a houseboat and spend the night on the water or take a day trip on the backwaters, this destination is an absolute must on your South India itinerary.

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Day 7-8: Thekkady

Discover the beautiful wilderness of Thekkady, the ideal place to visit the famous Periyar National Park. Thekkady is the place to spot wildlife in South India, including tigers! But that’s not all – you can also encounter wild elephants, buffaloes, and various species of monkeys here. Thekkady is a beloved destination for nature lovers and adventurers.

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Day 9-11: Munnar

What a breathtaking adventure! Munnar completely surprised me with its stunning tea plantations. Although the town itself seemed chaotic and busy, we decided to venture into nature, and it turned out to be the best choice. During a day trek through the misty forests, we were rewarded with an enchanting view of the lushest green tea plantations I have ever seen.

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Day 12-17: Goa</h2 >

We decided to end our Kerala itinerary with a week in Goa. Initially, we wanted to explore more of this region, but in the end, we stayed 8 days in Palolem because we enjoyed it so much. It’s a melting pot of cultures and has a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for travelers looking to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand.

So Much More to See in Kerala

This is just our route through Kerala. We take our time and often work on the go, so we don’t plan too many places in a short period. Depending on what you want to see and the available time you have, you can adjust this route or explore other places in the region.

A Few More Destinations to Add to Your Route:

  • Wayanad: Visit Wayanad, a remote district in the Western Ghats, and explore the beautiful mountain landscapes, waterfalls, and coffee and tea gardens.
  • Varkala: Head to Varkala, a coastal town in the south of Kerala, and enjoy the stunning beaches and breathtaking views of the cliffs. Also, visit the ancient Janardanaswamy Temple and the nearby Kappil Lake.
  • Thrissur: Travel to Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, and discover the rich history and traditions of the region. Visit the Guruvayur Temple, the Vadakkunnathan Temple Complex, and the Thrissur Palace.
  • Kozhikode: Go to Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, and savor the delicious local cuisine, including the famous Kozhikode biriyani. Also, visit the nearby Kappad Beach, where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498.

You can add these places to the above travel route or even create a separate itinerary to explore these beautiful destinations. Enjoy your trip to Kerala!

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