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In Turin, we had only one goal: EAT! It was our first Italian stop on our 2020 road trip and it was indeed a delightful one. While we indulged in pasta and wine in Tuscany and Puglia, in Turin, we sought out the hipper places to eat. From Poké Bowls to thoroughly enjoying the tastiest aperitivos. Turin, you were delicious. Literally! We enjoyed you immensely.

beste restaurant turijn

BOL house

The idea that Italians only consume pastas and pizzas is pure nonsense. You can see this clearly in a trendy city like Turin. Vegan places and trendy coffee bars are popping up like mushrooms. One of our favorite hip restaurant was the lunch spot, BOL House. Here you can order stuffed sandwiches or as they call them Bread Bowl. Might not sound very special, but holy moly the sandwiches are DIVINE. No joke. From a burrata sandwich to shrimp or meat. Every sandwich looks fantastic! If you can’t decide, you can try the tasting platter.
You’ll find BOL in a side street. We found it a wonderfully peaceful place to enjoy a well-deserved lunch, naturally with a glass of wine.

places to eat turin
Restaurant Turin
Restaurant Turin

Poor Mangeer

You really shouldn’t leave Turin without stopping at Poor Mangeer. It was high on my list, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect. At Poor Mangeer you can order a large baked potato with filling. At any time of the day, there’s a huge line to get a seat. Eventually, we managed to secure a spot in the evening. I opted again for the Poor Mangeer with Burrata and Leroy chose something with meat. After one bite, you immediately understand why this spot is so enormously popular. The food is truly amazing and also affordable.

Suma Si Per Lon Torino

Restaurants often only open late. If you’re hungry at the end of the day or fancy a bite, you can comfortably settle down on a terrace for an aperitivo. The aperitivo originates from Turin, but is now standard practice throughout Italy. You order a wine or a cocktail and get – sometimes for free and sometimes for a few euros – a delicious platter of snacks with it. It’s essentially the Italian version of our snack board.
The aperitivo is a pre-meal drink. The Aperol Spritz is particularly popular in Italy as an aperitivo. With this aperitivo, you always get some snacks, and we Dutch people love that. Free food. Sometimes you get a platter and sometimes you can use a buffet as much as you want for a few euros, which is also called an apericena. They don’t always bring it by default, but feel free to ask for it.

Although you can enjoy an aperitivo at any bar and cocktail bar in Turin, we chose to relax at the super cute terrace of Suma Si Per Lon Torino. This cocktail bar is situated on a cozy square and is extremely popular with young locals. Not surprising, considering the wonderful seating, excellent (and inexpensive)

HotRestaurant Turin
Food Guide Turin

Hops & Torino

As most We wander Why followers will know, you can make us incredibly happy with craft beers. Although Italy is truly a wine country, you do occasionally come across a beer cafe or tasting room. That’s how we stumbled upon Hops & Torino by chance. A super small specialty beer spot that, I believe, hasn’t been open for very long. You can buy specialty beers here to take home, but you can also sit on the small terrace. We let ourselves be advised by the super enthusiastic owner and were given a really fantastic beer to taste. Personally, I find this kind of business amazing. Restaurants that you accidentally bump into and turn out to be super cool. So, give it a go!


Actually, you can buy amazing Gelato throughout Turin. I ended up at Rosini just past Poor Mangeer and decided to eat my very first Gelato in Italy here. It was truly delightful. I chose Rosini’s own creation, an ice cream with roses. My day could not be ruined after that.
Here are some more delightful Gelato places to eat:

  • Mara dei Boschi
  • Gelateria Baires 1997
Food Guide Turin
Food Guide Turin

Poke House

Poké Bowls may no longer be anything new, but you can still make me incredibly happy with them. In Italy, most restaurants only open around 7 PM. Because we had set off for the city quite early, we were – very Dutch-like – incredibly hungry by half past five. Luckily, we found Poké House in one of the nicest streets of Turin. Here you can stop by for a snack all day long. I chose the salmon poke bowl and Leroy went for the tuna. The poké bowls cost around 8 – 9 euros each and are incredibly tasty. The place is hot pink and super hip, but it’s not really a cozy place to sit. However, if you have a major poké bowl craving or extreme hunger before 7 PM, this is definitely the place to be in Turin.

restaurants  Turijn
restaurants Turijn

Eataly Torino Lingotto

To get to the center of Turin, we had to cycle every 7 km through the city park. A really beautiful and enjoyable ride. So we decided to grab some food from Eataly and picnic in the park. This is something you see a lot of locals doing.
Eataly is a slow-food supermarket chain. Nowadays you can find Eataly everywhere, but the first branch was opened in Turin. Eataly is located in the former Carpano factory and is truly gigantic. The supermarket only sells organic and sustainable products. From fresh pastas to the famous gianduiotti chocolates. You can do your shopping there, but it’s also a nice place to sit down for a bite or a drink. If you’re in Turin, you definitely should not miss this place. It’s a chaotic jumble of the most delicious products. A real paradise for food addicts.

Al Bicerin

For the famous chocolate drink of Turin, the Bicerin: a combination of coffee, chocolate, and cream, you must go to Café Al Bicerin.

Caffè Baratti & Milano &

Turin is a chocolate HEAVEN! One of the most famous places in Turin to taste the renowned Turin chocolate is Caffè Baratti & Milano. It’s one of the many classic coffee bars you’ll find in Turin. Personally, I found it a bit on the expensive and touristy side, but the café looks amazing and is definitely worth a visit.

Food Guide Turin
Food Guide Turin

Other Turin Food tips:

  • Affumicatoio – Pastrami – Pulled Pork – Prodotti Affumicati Torino: You’re supposed to be able to buy the BEST Pastrami sandwich here. We really wanted to go here, but the opening hours just didn’t work out for us.
  • Il Baracchino Itinerante: budget Asian food
  • El Beso: Mexican
  • Caffetteria dell’Università
  • Orso Laboratorio del Caffè: nice coffee shop
  • Azotea: fine dining

Before we visit a city, I go crazy on Google Maps saving Turin restaurants. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit everything, but we, of course, love to share our favorites with you. You can open and save the Google Maps map here.

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