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Yesss… it was time again for a weekend discovering the city of Eindhoven. A city I have been visiting for years, but never took the time to really get to know. So that had to change. Together with my (beer) partner in crime Leroy – aka Bieroy – we packed our bags for a couple of days in Eindhoven.

Because one of my dear frieds lives here, I visit Eindhoven regularly. A burger from The Burger and a bite at Gourmet Market I tried a lot of places already. I thought I already knew quite a few restaurants and cafes in Eindhoven. Still, there was a big list of where to eats in Eindhoven that I didn’t know about yet.

In 2 days with temperatures well above 30 degrees, we did our best and were able to check off quite a few cool coffee shops, restaurants and cafes in Eindhoven. Check out our favoriete food spots to visit in our Eindhoven Food Guide.

Where to Eat Eindhoven:

The best place for coffee, breakfast or lunch in Eindhoven

  • Coffeelab: coffee and pastries. Do I need to say more.
  • The Happiness Café: for the tastiest and healthy breakfasts
  • Black and white coffee: super hip and super tasty.
  • Lucifer Coffee Roasters: super fun coffee shop in Kleine Berg (a cute area in eindhoven)
  • Bean brothers: a small cool coffee shop.
  • Intelligentia: for the most delicious and slightly strange ice creams

Best restaurants in Eindhoven

  • Gezana: Eritrean restaurant
  • Flavor and spice: afghan restaurant
  • The Burger: for years the best burger joint in Eindhoven
  • Takumi Ramen Kitchen Eindhoven: nice place and great Ramen
  • Down Town Gourmet Market: street food market where you can also have a cozy seat.
  • Restaurant Welp: cozy restaurant located in the mountains.
  • Bistro Sophie & restaurant Vintage: deliciously dining.
  • Miss paddle: Budget option & delicious flammkuchen
  • The Ketelhuis at Strijp-S
  • Radegast: a cozy place for lunch and dinner

Special beers and nicest drinks spots in Eindhoven

  • Van Mol: in our opinion, the tastiest craft beers in Eindhoven
  • City Brewery 100watt: a must visit for beer lovers
  • Belgian Beer Cafe: cozy old pub
  • Rabauw: brewery and craft beer cafe in one
  • The Trafalgar Pub: a super fun Irish pub with lots of beers and pub food
  • Fifth: the place for cocktails
  • Stadsoase de Zomertuin: the city beach in the middle of Eindhoven
  • The Commons: restaurant at The Student Hotel

Van Moll

If you’re a beer lover, then Van Moll is definitely a must visit In our opinion, the best craft beers in Eindhoven and the options are endless. That they do like to experiment with their beers. Every week there is a new beer on tap, so reason enough to take a seat at Van Mol a little more often than once. The food is also great, even for the vegans among us.

Eindhoven where to eat
Eindhoven where to eat

City Brewery 100 WATT

Let’s start this list with my favorite food, BEER. No worry be assured all, I also eat quinoa, avocado and my soy yogurt in the morning, but we both can also enjoy craft beers in the weekends. We were very happy when we visited a local city brewery where you can do a tasting. City Brewery 100 WATT is absolutely the place to visit. Not only because yit’s a nice place to sit down and the building is super cool, but also because the brewery’s beers have won quite a few awards.

You can just go there for a beer, but it’s much more fun to do an extensive beer tasting or the 2.5-hour special beer master class. A must visit!

restaurant Eindhoven
Eindhoven where to eat
restaurant Eindhoven
restaurant Eindhoven

Takumi Ramen Kitchen Eindhoven

Here you will find absolutely the most delicious Ramen of Eindhoven. This may not be the place for a chic dinner, but the food is amazing and great for a quick bite. The service is top notch and the food really great. We both went for a Ramen and as an appetizer the GYOZA. In retrospect, maybe we could have shared 1 Ramen because of the big portions. If you are looking for a nice place for a quick bite or you a Ramen LOVER then this is an absolute must-visit.

Eindhoven where to eat
restaurant Eindhoven
Eindhoven where to eat
restaurant Eindhoven

City Oasis Summer Garden

More and more cities are finding city gardens or city beaches, and Eindhoven couldn’t stay behind either. Just outside the center you will find Eindhoven’s super hip and very cool city oasis the Summer Garden. Enjoy a delicious cocktail, ice-cold beer or well-deserved wine with your feet in the sand. You’ll also find a small store to shop cute clothes or accessories, and you can also grab a bite to eat.

Eindhoven where to eat
restaurant Eindhoven
restaurant Eindhoven

The Trafalgar Pub

Since we spent a weekend in Scotland, I really have a soft spot for a good pub. Unfortunately, most pubs in the Netherlands have been turned into foul soccer pubs with 100,000 screens. But this is certainly not the case at The Trafalgar Pub. This pub is really great. You’ll find the real pub atmosphere here, a nice dark space, green lights and lots of beers and good pub food. Great tip for publovers!


You can find Coffeelab in several places in Eindhoven. We visited Coffeelab at Strijp-S. It was a little later in the day, so we decided to drink a beer instead of coffee. It’s a very nice place to sit and relax and have good cup of coffe (or beer).

Left Coffeelab / Right The Trafalger Pub

restaurant Eindhoven
restaurant Eindhoven

The Happiness Cafe

I am a real sucker when it comes to smoothie bowls. You can wake me up for this any day. Maybe because it’s really just dessert disguised as breakfast. The Happiness Café is Eindhoven’s food spot when it comes to breakfast. From omelets, sandwiches to super delicious smoothie bowls. The people were also very friendly and the coffee tasted very good. Great breakfast tip!

eindhoven hotspot breakfast


Gezana is an Eritrean Restaurant and perhaps one of my favorite when it comes to good food in Eindhoven. I love trying new cuisines and Eritrean cuisine is not something you come across very often. In the meantime, I have had the opportunity to eat here 2 times now and both times were really great! The food is great, there are many veggie options and the services is really top notch! Definitely a must visit if you are in Eindhoven.

Belgian Beer Cafe

If, like us, you love cozy brown cafes, then you are a fan of the Belgian Beer Café. This is a cozy pub with, you probably guessed it, lots of Belgian beers.

Down Town Gourmet Market

Of course, Down Town Gourmet Market should not be missing from our list. Surely this is Eindhoven’s most frequently mentioned food spot. And that is certainly not without reason. In fact, at this street food market in the middle of Eindhoven, you can not only eat extremely well, but also have a very cozy seat. Something I find missing from many street food markets in the Netherlands.

In Eindhoven, they totally understood this concept. In fact, around the indoor terrace you will find several tents where you can get food. From Vietnamese, pizza, Indonesian, Tacos, meat, fish, Indian cuisine, cheese, burgers, Spanish, Greek … you name it and they have it. Once you find your favorite meal, take a seat at one of the tables. You can order drinks from your seat and wait for your food. Much more fun.


You had me at ICE BABY! For those people who know me or follow Foedsie, it probably hasn’t been a secret for a long time, as I really am a dessert monster. I love it all! Ice cream, cakes, flans … if it sounds like a dessert, I love it. It’s with a reason I exercise min. 4 times a week. Not for that beach look, but so I can keep bulking up desserts.

For years I have been hearing stories about Intelligentia’s ice creams, so this hip ice cream bar was at the top of the list to visit. And yes the ice creams are great. I went for the peaches from the barbecue flavor icm, pecan something else (sorry lost the name) and ikk could have had 10 on them. Even Leroy who is not an ice cream fan (WHAT those people really exist yes!) and always orders a vanilla scoop (BORING!) was very enthusiastic.

restaurants Eindhoven

De Burger

I haven’t been eating meat for a while, but when I did you could make me incredibly happy with a truffle burger from De Burger in Eindhoven. The Burger is one of the first hip burger joints in town and has managed to keep up its reputation for years. After all, this is still the best burger joint in Eindhoven. Also recommended for vegetarians.


If you are looking for a nice place for a bite and a drink at Strijp, Rabauw is a big tip. Rabauw is a brewery and beer pub in one. The menu consists mainly of appetizers and hot dogs, but after all, this is about the beer so who cares. The nice thing about Rabauw is that you can order tasting glasses so you can taste all the beers. You can also try the tasting menu where you can get a small tour and taste some beers.


By chance, we ended up at Radegast. This is a really nice place to sit down. In fact, you are in a small square just a little outside the real city center. In the evening, some lights hang cozily and the terrace is quite large. The menu includes burgers, meats, hot dogs and bites. Oh and, of course, lots of beer. I chose the veggie burger, which was really very good. Leroy chose the lemongrass chicken, which also tasted super good.

eindhoven hotspot breakfast

Lucifer coffee roasters

Lucifer Coffee roasters is a nice coffee shop on the street “Kleine Berg”. While looking for Lucifer Coffee roasters, we accidentally sat down at the wrong joint across the street. So unfortunately we were not able to sit there ourselves, but it was quite busy and it looked top notch. A nice little spot where you can sit comfortably. We were across the street at Lucy’s (confusing though it is) and that, by the way, was also a really top-notch place.

eindhoven hotspot breakfast

Fifth NRE

I once visited this joint with girlfriends because we were in the mood for dancing and cocktails. Although it was not very crowded, the atmosphere was great and the cocktails even better. We had an amazing evening. Not only for the atmosphere should you visit Fifth, but the building is a picture to behold.

The Student Hotel & The Commons

To really get to know Eindhoven well, we stayed a night at The Student Hotel. An incredibly cool concept. The Student Hotel has the atmosphere of a hostel, but the luxury of a hotel. The hotel also has a nice restaurant where everyone is welcome for a snack or a drink. The restaurant is open from morning to night.

restaurant Eindhoven
restaurant Eindhoven

Restaurants Suggestions from by Foedsie followers:

  • Restaurant Welp: cozy restaurant located in the mountains.
  • Bean brothers: a small cool coffee shop.
  • Black and white coffee: super hip and super tasty.
  • Van Mol: had been high on our list and was tipped by several people. Unfortunately, the café didn’t open until a bit later and we’ll have to save Van Mol for next time.
  • Bistro Sophie & restaurant Vintage: deliciously elaborate dining.
  • Miss paddle: Budget option & delicious flammkuchen
  • Gezana: We did walk in here, but unfortunately there was no more room. Gezana is an Eritrean restaurant. Inside, it already looked great. A place we will definitely go back to again.
  • The Ketelhuis at Strijp-S
  • Flavor and spice: Afghan restaurant. We wanted to eat here, but the restaurant was closed on Mondays.
hotspots Eindhoven
Eindhoven where to eat
Eindhoven Hotspots
hotspots Eindhoven

Is your favorite hot spot not yet listed?

Whaaatttttt! Is your favorite hotspot of Eindhoven not listed. Or are you a favorite yourself and think you have also earned a spot on We Wander Why. If so, contact desi@foedsie.nl.

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