Unawatuna Food Guide

Unawatuna Food Guide

Eating out in Sri Lanka is truly a feast! From trendy coffe bars to the most delicious curries. Especially on Sri Lanka’s south coast, you’ll find a fine mix of hip coffee shops, local street food and upscale restaurants. If you visit the popular Unawatuna during your Sri Lanka trip, you got a lot of options. Read on for our favorite restaurants, coffee shops and Unawatuna cafes,

The Roti Stop

Our number one place to eat in Unawatuna was the Roti Shop! We went back there no less than 2x something we don’t do often. The roti is just amazing and very cheap. Ideal for lunch, a quick bite but also definitely for dinner.

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Skinny Tom’s Deli

Surely Skinny Tom’s Deli is a Unawatuna’s must visit for foodies. Not only the food is incredible, the restaurant look incredible to. We found the food a bit overpriced and very small portions. The coffees were really great though! You can also spend a day working in the air conditioning here. For the digital nomads among us, definitely a big tip!

One Love Bar

Of course, there is nothing quite like having a beer on the beach. We decided to drink one at One Love Bar. We only had a drink and some papadums here, but you seem to have good food right on the beach. The kitchen is open and everything looked great!

Unawatuna hotspots

The Hideout Unawatuna

The Hideout was high on our bucket list, but unfortunately they were still closed. Sri Lanka had just reopened so many restaurants were still closed. The Hide Out is the place to be for the tastiest burritos and tacos in town.

Koha Surf Lounge

When the Hide Out turned out to be closed, we decided to grab a bite at the super hip Koha Surf Lounge! Which really turned out to be a great plan, because the food here was fantastic. Many options are vegan and healthy.

Daffodil Restaurant

This restaurant caught our attention because of the great live music. Not a hysterical band, but a guy on a guitar with a very fine voice with the most fantastic songs.

Hotspot by other

  • Bedspace Kitchen: for when fancy schmancy wants to eat out
  • Happy Spice Restaurant & Cooking Class: for delicious local cuisine or a fun cooking class

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