Pokhara Foodguide: Where to eat in Pokhara

For most people, Pokhara is the starting or finishing line of a trek, but hey, don’t forget to take some time to relax in this gem of a city! Relaxing by the lake with the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayas in the background, browsing through those amazing Nepalese boutiques, taking to the skies with parasailing, or wandering through the Pokhara valley. And when your stomach starts to rumble? Pokhara has it all: from those oh-so-delicious traditional Nepalese dishes to huge burgers. And let’s be honest, after a few days of trekking, you might be tired of Dal Bhat (even though it remains incredibly tasty). Fortunately, Pokhara is packed with cool eateries. We’ve listed the very best hotspots in Pokhara for you. So, what are you waiting for? Explore away!

The Best Lunch & Coffee Spots in Pokhara

Though finding good coffee in Nepal sometimes requires some Sherlock Holmes level detective work, Pokhara fortunately offers a treasure trove of trendy coffee shops. Discover the nicest places for coffee and lunch in Pokhara.

Pokhara Hotspots

Breakfast, lunch, and coffee

  • Vegan Way
  • Cafe Camellia
  • The Juicery Cafe
  • GG’s Coffee House and Bagels


  • Utopia Garden & Snacks Bar
  • Fresh Elements Restaurant & Bar
  • Rosemary Kitchen Pokhara
  • Road House
  • OR2K
  • French Creperie and Bar
  • Chick’N”Falafel
  • The Harbour
  • Fatmonkey
  • Frituur No. 1


  • Krazy Gecko
  • Bamboo Bar Cafe
  • Busy Bee
  • Tiki Bar


  • Movie Garden
  • Jiva Spa
  • Hotel Middle Path & Spa

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Vegan Way

Don’t be misled by the name; Vegan Way is for every food lover. Yes, there are a lot of vegan options, but also juicy burgers and delicious vegetarian dishes. It was hands down one of our top lunch spots. Sitting by the water with good food: what more could you want? It’s no longer a secret, so yes, it can get busy and yes, sometimes you need some patience. But trust us, it’s worth every second! An absolute must-visit!

Cafe Camellia

Just a stone’s throw from our hotel (by the way, highly recommended: Hotel Middle Path & Spa) you’ll find this ultra-cozy coffee haven. And watch out for the two lazy golden retrievers claiming the sidewalk as their daily hangout. Once past these cuddly animals, you step into a coffee corner with a touch of Bali. Having a coffee is great, but don’t forget the cake. To say it’s heavenly is an understatement.V

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The Juicery Cafe

The spot for a panoramic view over the lake. From smoothie bowls to salads and juicy burgers; they have it all. Okay, the food is fine, maybe not to write home about, and yes, the portions could be a bit more generous. But the ambiance and the view? Priceless.

GG’s Coffee House and Bagels

This cozy corner is somewhat hidden at the end of the main street. A real must? Hmm, maybe not. But let yourself be surprised by their vegan pastries. The atmosphere here is a bit lacking, but no worries: grab your coffee and pastry to-go and settle by the shores of the lake.

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Whether you dream of creamy curries, flavorful momos, or crispy stone oven pizzas, this city has it all. Scroll down for our top hotspots in Pokhara that will tantalize your taste buds.

Fresh Elements Restaurant & Bar

Our absolute number one! The food here is simply amazing. You might invest a few extra rupees, but believe us: worth every bite. A good salad, delicious pasta, or that killer burger? Fresh Elements has it all. An absolute must-try!

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Movie Garden

Movie + food = happiness! After Fresh Elements, this is our second love. A movie night in the garden with a heavenly pizza.

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Utopia Garden & Snacks Bar

A gem by the lake! The curries here? To die for. Plus the warmth of the crew makes every meal even more delicious. Highly recommended.

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Road House

Sometimes, a piece of meat is just what you want, right? Although meat often doesn’t play a leading role in Nepalese cuisine, Road House does it differently. Think: juicy burgers and divine cordon bleu. For those days when you’re craving some Western comfort.

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Hier is-ie dan: de trendy new kid in town. Misschien een tikje aan de prijzige kant, maar de vibe is helemaal on point. We gingen voor een drankje, maar het eten dat we voorbij zagen komen? Zeker de moeite waard.

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Frituur No. 1

Zin in authentieke friet met een échte kroket? Dan zit je hier goed. Deze Belgische frietkraam (ja, je leest het goed, midden in Pokhara) trekt niet alleen toeristen maar ook locals. De Nepalezen zijn dol op de burgers. En hey, ze hebben speciaalbier. Score! Want zeg nou zelf, wie kan er nou nee zeggen tegen een kroket op z’n tijd?

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Here it is: the trendy new kid in town. Maybe a bit on the pricey side, but the vibe is spot on. We went for a drink, but the food we saw passing by? Definitely worth it.

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Frituur No. 1

In the mood for authentic fries with a real croquette? Then you’re in the right place. This Belgian fry stall (yes, you read that right, right in the middle of Pokhara) attracts not only tourists but also locals. The Nepalese love the burgers. And hey, they have craft beer. Score! Because, let’s be honest, who can say no to a croquette from time to time?

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The Harbour

This is the place for delicious Western food in a cozy ambiance. The restaurant is spacious and offers an incredible view from the top. We went for the pasta, and it was to die for.

Jiva Cafe & Spa

We actually discovered this place for a massage (spoiler: it was magical). But you can also drop by for a healthy lunch. With a lush garden, it’s pure bliss here.

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Looking for heavenly flavors without breaking the bank? Hello, Chick’N”Falafel! I could literally eat falafel every day. For a few euros, you can score a delicious döner or falafel here, and trust me, you’ll be stuffed. An absolute must-try!

The best bars in Pokhara

What are you waiting for? Finish your day in style with a delightful drink at these top spots:

Krazy Gecko

Settle down at this top bar right on the lake. With such a relaxed vibe, you’ll never want to leave. Seriously, this is the place to be.

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Bamboo Bar Cafe

Ready for some musical vibes? Live tunes every evening accompanied by a sunset that will make you daydream. An evening at Bamboo is always a hit.

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Busy Bee

Whether you’re in the mood for a cold beer or want to hit the dance floor, Busy Bee is your spot. Trust me!

Tiki Bar

Here, they don’t just mix delightful cocktails; they also throw in a dose of live music. Double win!
We literally indulged ourselves into a food coma in Pokhara. With all these top spots, we just couldn’t resist! If you have a hidden gem where we really should grab a bite, DM us on Instagram or leave a comment.

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