Negombo food guide

Negombo food guide

In Negombo you will find great restaurants and cafés for everyone. From trendy coffee bars to trendy restaurants! We have collected the best Negombo restaurants and Negombo cafes for you.

Lords restaurant complex

A bit of a bizarre place, but that doesn’t make the food any less delicious. It is a trendy restaurant with a nice selection of food. The live music and numerous LED lights could be a little less from us. Nevertheless, you really shouldn’t miss this place because the food there is fantastic, the cocktails taste good and the people are very friendly. View the menu here.

Ocean 14 restaurant

If you want delicious Sri Lankan food, in a beautiful place for a small amount of money; this is the place to be! Ocean 14 is a small simple seaside restaurant with a great view. For less than 2 euros you order a fried rice or noodles and they were really more than good.

negombo restaurants
Negombo food guide
Negombo food guide

Leonardo by Bella Vita Italian

If you feel like something different go eat at Leonardo by Bella Vita Italian. A very nice place to eat or have a drink.

Unfortunately, a few restaurants we would like to visit were closed ccause if Corona. These places to eat were high on our bucket list for this Negombo Food Guide:

  • The Hangar
  • Jude Restaurant (upstairs)
  • Mad Dogs Bodega
  • FULL TANK: for the civilian appetite
  • Salt Restaurant

What your favorite food spot is not listed? Let us know in a comment.

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