The best places to eat in Mirissa

The best places to eat in Mirissa

From trendy coffee shops with colorful smoothie bowls to complete curry buffets! In Mirissa , you’ll find it all. Mirissa is the absolute foodie Capital of Sri Lanka. The place is bursting with incredible cafés, restaurants and bars. Of course, we have gone all out to gather for you all the beste places to eat and drink Mirissa.

No. 1 Dewmini Roti Shop

You should definitely not miss Dewmini Roti SHop when you are in Mirissa. This restaurant has been around since 2009 and once began with a cart where customers could buy rotis. These days it’s a decent restaurant, but still nice and cozy. The place is packed every night. The whole family is at work and the most delicious meals appear on the table. It is definitely no longer a hidden gem, but we still thought it was absolutely fantastic. Perhaps one of the tastiest rotis during our trip.

Aloha Coffee Gallery

Fancy a trendy breakies or a tasty lunch? Then you must visit the fine Aloha Coffee Gallery. This hip coffee bar in Mirissa is not very big, which means you will soon have to stand in line for your well-deserved coffee. But it’s worth the wait. The smoothie bowls and breakfasts are fantastic and the coffees perhaps even better.

Shady Lane Mirissa

This is one of Mirissa’s hippest food spots and although the food there was fantastic, we would not recommend the place when it is crowded. The service was really ridiculous. We first had to stand in line for 20 minutes to place our order only to have to wait 1 hour for coffee and then another 30 minutes for the food. No joke! We got there at 10 a.m. for breakfast and left at 12:30 after cramming our food in because we were to late because of this for our check out at the accommodation. Maybe we were a bit unlucky that day, because the food there is delicious but a bit of a waste to spend your whole morning in a crowded coffee shop.

The Doctors House

That Mirissa is the foodie capital of Sri Lanka is proven by The Doctors House. Surely this restaurant/hotel/gallery/shop is the king of cool peeps heaven. So it doesn’t get much hipper than this. So hip that I even felt very unhip ;p. It is a bit overpriced but definitely worth a visit. This restaurant looks great and is super spacious. The food there is top notch and if you are hot you can dive right into the sea.

mirissa tips
mirissa tips

Surf Bar Mirissa

No idea if there is a party here every night, but when we visited the bar everybody was dancing and having so much fun. Tip! Drink your beers before the dance floor opens, as beers suddenly become more expensive in Sri Lanka if you have to order them at the bar.

More cool Mirissa Hotspots you must try:

  • Ceylon Curry House
  • Green garden Super Roti
  • Surfing Wombats Mirissa
  • Dhana’s Curry Pot
  • Milky Wave
  • The Jungle view

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