Food Guide: Palolem Beach Goa

Food Guide: Palolem Beach Goa

In Palolem, we went all out to create an amazing list of hotspots. Somebody’s got to do it, right? ;p After eating curry twice a day for two weeks during our trip in Kerala, South India, it was time for a tasty adventure in Goa. From juicy burgers and delicious pizzas to avocado toast and the best smoothie bowls ever. Keep reading for our favorite eateries, coffee bars, and restaurants in Palolem.

Zest Café

Absolutely our favorite! The food here is SO DELICIOUS! From breakfast to dinner, it’s a solid recommendation. Slightly more expensive than usual, but so worth it! They have locations in both Agonda and Palolem. We also spent a few days working here with a sea view. The entire menu is great, but you definitely can’t leave without trying the masala nuts, smoothie bowls, and pastas. Truly divine! Enjoy the flavor explosion and the relaxed atmosphere at Zest Café. View on Google Maps

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Nireas – Healthy Haven

This is a great place to sit and enjoy. The coffee is amazing, and it’s also a perfect spot for your trendy breakfast. Recharge yourself with healthy dishes and delicious drinks at Nireas – Healthy Haven. From colorful smoothie bowls to nutritious salads, you’ll find everything to keep your energy levels up during your adventures in Palolem. View on Google Maps

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The Mill

You can find the most delicious cakes and breakfast dishes here! The smoothie bowls are truly enormous and fantastic. It’s a great place to have a tasty lunch or grab breakfast. Let yourself be surprised by the artisanal delights and enjoy the cozy atmosphere at The Mill. Don’t forget to try one of their mouthwatering cakes! View on Google Maps

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Kanvas Restaurant

Great cozy atmosphere. Especially nice to visit in the evening for a cocktail or beer. We found the food to be okay. Spend an evening at Kanvas Restaurant and enjoy a lively atmosphere and refreshing drinks. While the food didn’t completely blow us away, you’ll definitely have a good time here for a fun night out in Palolem. View on Google Maps

Bibhitaki Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe

A bit off the beaten path, but the food here is affordable and delicious. We went for a curry, and it was truly top-notch! They have plenty of vegan options to satisfy your vegan cravings. Enjoy delightful vegetarian and vegan dishes at Bibhitaki Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe. With an extensive menu offering flavorful curries and other culinary creations, you’ll definitely have a fantastic meal here. View on Google Maps

Ourem 88

This is the place for a luxurious dining experience. It’s tucked away in a corner but definitely worth a visit. From amazing soufflés to unique meat dishes, it’s a dining spot you don’t often find in India. Unfortunately, the place is closed.

9pm Bar and Cafe

Time to get your groove on! In the evening, the tables are moved aside and the dancing begins. Small but lively! And it’s crowded every night. Make your evenings come alive with fun at 9pm Bar and Cafe. Enjoy live music, dance, and a vibrant atmosphere as you spend the night in this popular establishment in Palolem. View on Google Maps

And those were our favorite eateries, coffee bars, and restaurants in Palolem! We truly enjoyed the diverse flavors, cozy atmosphere, and culinary delights that these hotspots have to offer. Whether you’re looking for healthy dishes, delicious cakes, flavorful curries, or a vibrant night of dancing and fun, Palolem has something for everyone. So go on an exploration and let your taste buds indulge in this fantastic food destination. Bon appétit and enjoy all the deliciousness that Palolem has to offer!

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