Where to Eat in Ella

Where to Eat in Ella

From the best kotu in twon to colorfull smoothie bowls. The charming town of Ella offers a nice mix of traditional restaurants and trendy bars.. Although we are big FAN of Sri Lankan cuisine, a good burger, poké bowl or pizza is quite nice for a change. So in Ella we tried every trendy food spot! These are our favorite restaurants, bars and coffee shops that you should definitely not miss during your visit to Ella.

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The food spot of food spots in Ella. You simply cannot miss this one. Literally! Because Café Chill is located in the middle of Ella’s main street. You will walk by it anyway. From the outside, it is already a trendy phenomenon, but the interior is also to die for. You can come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. So all day long. From hummus with vegetables to tasty pizza’s. If you want something a little different than a curry then this is the place to be!

Where to Eat in Ella

Matey Hut

Of course, we also tried Sri Lankan cuisine in Ella and ended up at Matey Hut! A small restaurant just off the main street where the tables are always filled. This is certainly for good reason, because the food here is AMAZING! Unfortunately, there was no more Parata, as this seems to be fantastic here. So we went for a roti and kotu. We had a great diner here for not much.

Rainbow inn

Fancy a smoothie bowl or a vegan salad, Rainbow Inn is the place to be. The smoothie bowl were fantastic. You also seem to have great food there in the evening.

Ella Tips
Where to Eat in Ella

Ella Flower Garden Resort

Ella Flower Garden Resort is not only the starting point for the hike to Little Adams Peak, you can also have a drink with a spectacular view of the tea fields. The service was pretty mediocre and we skipped the food here, but the view is stunning and therefore definitely a recommended place to end your walk.

Ella Tips
Ella Sri Lanka

MozzarElla By Nero Kitchen

Pizza Lovers beware! At mozzarElla – great name – you’ll find perhaps the tastiest pizzas in Ella.

More great places to eat in Ella

  • Jade Green Tea Center & Restaurant
  • AK Ristoro
  • Rose Cabin Mexican Restaurant
  • Adam’s Breeze

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What is your favorite Ellarestaurant not listed? Let us know to add ylur favorite to the list.

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