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For the first time, I took the train to Antwerp. HALLELUJAH. This was absolutely amazing. In just under two hours, I found myself right in the center of Antwerp. No hassle with traffic or parking. On the way, I worked a bit on Foedsie with a cup of coffee. I love it.

And there I was, suddenly in Antwerp, coming from the cozy Gelderland. I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely city, and it was a pleasure to explore the tastiest hotspots in Antwerp for you. I definitely have to go back because there are plenty of hotspots, but I’ve already gathered a good selection for you that you shouldn’t miss in Antwerp:

Antwerp best restaurants:

  • Domestic: the place for an afternoon tea
  • Bakkerij Goossens: the very best breads in Antwerp
  • Graanmarkt 13: extensive dining
  • Native: pure enjoyment with organic dishes from Native
  • Felix Pakhuis: beautiful historical building with delicious dishes
  • Ball & Glory: for the meatball enthusiast
  • Black & Yellow: coffee, coffee…time!
  • Chez Claire: a shop full of eclairs, what’s not to love!
  • Roij: a hidden gem
  • Frites Atelier: for the tastiest fries
  • Cafématic: start your day with a good cup of coffee at cafématic


I’m not really a typical girly girl. I prefer not to wear makeup, haven’t bought jewelry in years, and heels are not really my thing. But at Domestic, I felt like a little princess again. Secretly, this is what every girl dreams of. Super pink, super cute, and also super tasty. Domestic is so much fun. Downstairs in the building, you’ll find a small bakery with the tastiest breads, cakes, and cupcakes. You’ll also find various herbs. Upstairs, you can sit down for a snack and a drink, but especially the afternoon tea is an absolute must.

hotspots antwerpen
hotspots antwerpen

Graanmarkt 13

Visit Graanmarkt 13 for shopping or an extensive dinner experience. Huh? Yes, indeed… a bit strange maybe when you read it like that, but during the day, you’ll find a super trendy store above the restaurant, and in the evening, you can sit downstairs for the most delicious dishes. There’s a lovely atmosphere, and the food is truly excellent. An absolute hotspot in Antwerp.


Pure enjoyment! That’s what you get at Native. All dishes are prepared here with fresh, organic ingredients, and you can taste the difference. The food at Native is incredibly delicious. Vegans and vegetarians will especially love it here. Highly recommended for a tasty lunch. Not only is the food superb, but the interior is also delightful.

hotspots antwerpen


hotspots antwerpen

Graanmarkt 13

Bakkerij Goossens

You might not be able to sit here, and there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait in line, but believe me, Bakkerij Goossens is worth it. Bakkerij Goossens is a super small bakery in the center of Antwerp. Here, you can truly score the very best breads and pastries. I went home with a gigantic sugar bread and a special Antwerp bread, and it was absolutely divine. Everything was gone within a day.

Chez Claire

For a long time, I was in denial, but secretly, I have a sweet tooth. I absolutely love pastries and desserts. Exercising five days a week is nothing strange for me; it’s necessary. My heart skipped a beat when I walked into Chez Claire. My god, this is truly heavenly. Here, you can taste the most delicious and unique eclairs, from bitter dark chocolate to cheesecake. YU

hotspots antwerpen

Bakkerij Goossens

hotspots antwerpen

Cheze Claire

Felix Pakhuis & Balls & Glory

In a historical building near the MAS, you’ll find the hotspot Felix Pakhuis. In this area, there are plenty of new hotspots to explore. The building itself is worth a visit. At Felix, you can stop by for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner throughout the day. Also, worth noting, you can order the best meatballs at Balls & Glory, right next to Felix Pakhuis.


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Black & Yellow Coffee Bar

If you happen to be in the vicinity of the Eilandje, make sure to quickly grab a coffee at Black & Yellow. Do you now have the song in your head???


Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat here, but it’s a great place to sit. This restaurant is truly amazing. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine with a twist. The restaurant is located in a kind of basement with a large fireplace. A delightful atmosphere.


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Frites Atelier

You can get the tastiest fries at Frites Atelier. Not just any fries, but fries with the most delicious toppings. How about a “frietje indo pinda” or Shakshuka?


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My day only truly begins after a good cup of coffee. You’re in the right place at Cafématic. You can also order delicious pastries here.

Unfortunately, my hotspot quest through Antwerp had come to an end. Sadly, I didn’t have time for Fish a’gogo, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Savage Kreeftenbar, Hümm, Mercado, or Divers. But they are still high on my list.

Do you have a nice Antwerp hotspot that should be added? Let me know in a comment or send a message via

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