Stepping into Flores: Indonesia’s Hidden Treasure

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Imagine this: Flores, an island of such incredible beauty that describing it feels like trying to capture a dream. From the breath-taking landscapes of Komodo National Park to the enchanting colorful crater lakes of Kelimutu Volcano; from the charm of traditional villages to the mesmerizing nature that unfolds at every turn – Flores is an island that’s bursting at the seams with awe-inspiring sights.

Nature and Culture Blend into an Exotic Elixir

Flores, though still relatively unexplored by many, is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes and unique cultures that make it unquestionably one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.

Your adventure begins in the quaint port town of Labuan Bajo, the perfect base for visiting Komodo National Park where you can spot the infamous Komodo dragon. Embark on a day or multi-day boat trip through this region and feast your eyes on extraordinary viewpoints and pink beaches. And don’t forget – the underwater views are equally captivating with some of the world’s most stunning dive spots located right here.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer on Flores

But don’t stop at Labuan Bajo. Venture into Flores’ interior and start your journey in the charming town of Ruteng, home to the unique Spider Web Rice Fields.

Next, head to Bajawa, a fascinating area where culture and nature blend seamlessly. Here, you’ll encounter stunning volcanoes, hot springs, and captivating traditional villages.

After spending a few days in Bajawa, continue to Moni where you can climb the peak of the Kelimutu volcano. This small, but utterly delightful village, will surely win your heart.

Quick Facts:

  • Exchange rate: 1 Euro = approximately 16,000 Indonesian Rupiah
  • Best time to visit: April – October
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia (The island is a tapestry of different ethnic groups, each speaking their own language. Some of these include Ngada, Nage, Keo, Ende-Li’o, Palu’e, and many others.)