Trogir: Your Essential Travel Guide

Trogir: Your Essential Travel Guide

Trogir is a small peninsula in Croatia with a historic city center surrounded by medieval walls. This city has everything: history, nice eateries, a cozy downtown and beautiful beaches. It is a wonderful destination to stroll through the narrow streets or just plop down at one of the cozy cafes on the wide promenade and enjoy a great sunset. Dive into history of Trogir or enjoy the beautiful crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

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What to do in Trogir

There is plenty to see and do in the ancient town. It has an impressive history dating back to 380 BC. The charming town was declared a 1997 UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sightseeing Trogir in a nutshell:

  • Trogir Cathedral
  • Book a Boat Trip
  • Cipiko Palace
  • Kamerlengo castle
  • Visit Drvenik Veli
  • Day trip to Hvar
  • City Gate
  • Shop the tastiest snacks at the market
  • City Museum

Trogir Cathedral – St. Lawrence Cathedral

The Cathedral of Trogir is also known as the Cathedral of St. Peter. Lawrence and is perhaps one of the most extraordinary architectural buildings in Croatia. The cathedral has a unique structure and special appearance. The gigantic door in particular immediately stands out.

Construction of the cathedral began in the year 1200. The cathedral was not completed until the early 17th century. Several years ago, the cathedral was completely renovated.

Book a boat trip

Trogir is right on the Adriatic Sea. So the perfect place to get out on the water. The surroundings are great. All day long you can enjoy hidden coves and crystal clear waters.

We booked a boat tour with an organization, but somewhat regretted this afterwards. The boat was quite crowded and people were quite drunk by the end. NIet really a romantic setting, then. It is best to arrange a boat yourself. A little more expensive, but this way you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace.

Budget Boat Trip Trogir: 50 – 100 per person


Cipiko Palace

This palatial house can be found opposite the cathedral and was the home of a family of great prestige in the 15th century. Unfortunately, you cannot admire the inside of the house, but it is definitely worth stopping by and admiring the beautiful facade and the work of Andrija Aleši.

Kamerlengo castle

The beautiful Kamerlengo Castle is one of Trogir’s most popular sights. The castle dates back to the early 15th century and was built by the Venetians. The castle has an impressive view of the sea. During the summer months, this venue in Trogir is also used for outdoor performances.

Visit Drvenik Veli

Several ferries leave every day for the islet of Drvenik Mali. The islet is very nice to visit. For example, it is a lot quieter than Trogir and you will find beautiful secluded coves.

Day trip to Hvar

Taking the motorhome to Hvar was quite pricey in high season. Because of this, we decided to skip the island. Still, this island seems to be a gem. You can possibly take a day trip to the island via Trogir and admire the blue cave, among other things. The tour is quite pricey though, about 70 – 100 euros per person.

City gate of Trogir

The city gate in Trogir is not to be missed. This was once the main entrance to the city and an important part to defend the city. Notable features include the Lion of San Marco.

Market of Trogir

From fresh fruits, roasted nuts to the tastiest breads. Looking for a delicious snack on the go? Then be sure to stop by Trogir’s market. Although the market is not very large, it is a very nice place to stop. The market is still quite traditional and mainly sells many local products. At the end of each day, you can buy freshly caught fish.

City Museum of Trogir

Want to learn more about the city? Then visit the city museum in Trogir, Muzej Grada Trogir. The city’s history is clearly charted through books, documents, drawings, textiles and photographs.


Hotspots & food in Trogir

Curious about Trogir’s best hotspots? Quickly check out our list:

  • Calebotta Wine Bar & Restaurant: Calebotta exudes an incredible allure. A perfect spot for a quick bite and drinks. This location once housed the region’s first cinema. About 100 years later, the same family opened a beautiful bar & restaurant at this very place. The restaurant’s cuisine features Dalmatian classics with a modern twist. Our favorite hotspot in Trogir.
  • Konoba Teuta Garden: Konoba Teuta Garden is a cozy spot right in the city where you can enjoy delightful lunches or dinners. The garden is surrounded by old city walls, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The food was good but not particularly extraordinary.
  • Recommended by followers:
    • Restaurant Vanjaka: Traditional dishes
    • Bubalus Burger Bar: For those craving a burger
    • Restoran don Dino: Fine dining experience
    • Kristian Pizza: According to many, the tastiest pizzas

Best time to travel to Trogir

The best time to visit Trogir is from May to September. In October it can still be reasonably warm, but you do have a greater chance of rain. If you have the chance, it is also best to avoid the high season. The city is terribly crowded then and prices a lot more expensive. May, June and September are perfect months to visit Trogir.

Transportation in Trogir

Trogir is a small and car-free town. You can explore everything on foot. Fine huh.

If you do travel by RV or car, parking is a bit of a thing in the city. It’s best to check with your accommodation about parking options. If you do want to explore the area, it is also always possible to rent a car for a few days.

trogir croatia
trogir croatia

Which budget do i need in Trogir?

During our road trip, we had a budget of about 60 euros per day. In trogir, unfortunately, did not reach this budget. One reason for this was that we could not find a campsite nearby, so we booked accommodation near the center. By the way, there are plenty of affordable accommodation options in town.

We also decided 1 evening to have an extensive dinner at Calotta wine bar&restaurant and I certainly don’t regret that, but it did cause us to go slightly over budget.

  • Accommodation : +/- 30 euro per day
  • Dinner: +/- 20 euros per day (about 45 euros at Calebotta)
  • Lunch: +/- 15 euros per day
  • Other costs (fueling, parking, etc.): +/- 15 euros per day
  • Boat trip: +-/ 50 euros per person incl. lunch

Practical information about Trogir

  • You pay in Trogir with the Croatian currency the Kuna
  • Trogir is car-free. If you are using your own transportation please arrange a good parking spot in time.
  • Trogir is easy to reach from Split. Therefore, you can easily visit the city during a day trip.
  • 1 or 2 days is enough to explore the city.
  • Dogs are welcome almost everywhere except monumental buildings, museums, etc.
  • If the dog is with you, a rabies vaccination is mandatory and your dog must be microchipped.
  • A passport or valid ID of at least 6 months is required for Croatia. A visa is required only if you wish to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days.


What are nice places to stay in Trogir?

How to get to Trogir?

Trogir is a small peninsula near Split. We drove from Sibenik to Trogir in about 1.5 hours (1 hour by car). From Zadar it is about a 2-hour drive (1.5 hours by car) to the city and from Split even only 45 minutes (30 minutes by car).

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