Termoli: the undiscovered seaside resort in Italy

During our road trip through Italy, we decided to drive from the north, through the east coast to Puglia. Along the way, we found a charming little RV site right on the Adriatic coast near Termoli, which by chance turned out to be an incredibly nice town. Not surprisingly, we ended up staying here for five days. The day often began with breakfast by the sea, a swim, a few hours of work and a finish in town. Perhaps one of the finest days during our road trip. In this article you can read all our tips for Termoli.

Termoli can be found in the Italian region of Molise, in the province of Campobasso. Despite Termoli being on the beautiful Adriatic Sea and boasting a charming downtown, this seaside town is still relatively undiscovered. This may make Termoli even more special. So you won’t find crowded beaches or countless souvenir shops here. The downtown is charming, atmospheric and the beaches quiet and picture-perfect. Exactly, all the ingredients for a wonderful vacation destination.

In this article

termoli travel guide

What to do in Termoli

After driving quite a few miles, we decided to activate the relaxation mode for a few days in Termoli. So we spent our days mostly terrace-hopping and sunbathing and we can highly recommend this to everyone.

Visit the charming old town of Termoli

The old town – Centro Storico – of Termoli is located on a peninsula. We had not read up on the city at all and were really surprised by its beauty. From narrow, charming streets to magnificent cathedrals. All over the city you will find cozy terraces and cute boutiques.

Day lazing on the beach

Termoli lies on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Although we did find the beaches in the south of Italy a bit nicer, it is a wonderful place to spend a few days. We had the luxury of being right on the beach, which allowed us to roll right out of our camper onto the beach. If you’re not by the sea or you’re not RVing, you still have enormous choices. In fact, Termoli has a gigantic boulevard 10 kilometers long. Everywhere you can park your car and you are right on the beach. Much of it did get paid.

Also fun to visit

  • Castello Svevo a beautiful castle which was built around the thirteenth century. You can enjoy stunning views of the city from here.
  • Visit the Termoli Cathedral
  • Take a mini road trip along the coast on a vintage vespa
  • Also visit the Gargano national park. You’ll find this park about a 2-hour drive from Termoli. The town of Peschici is also highly recommended.

Hotspots & food in Termoli

  • Marea Fish Bar: hip, super tasty and budget-friendly
  • Only One Birreria beer shop: for the specialty beer lover
  • Osteria Dentro Le Mura: seafood restaurant
  • Ristorante Svevia: for the most delicious Italian dishes
  • Parini Illegal Burger: for the tastiest burgers
  • Eattico pesce di strada: a delicious terrace
  • Autentico Pizzeria Ristorantino: for the tastiest pasta or pizza

Also read the article “Hotspots Termoli”.

termoli travel guide

Best time to travel to Termoli

Because Termoli is still relatively undiscovered, you can visit the city even during the high season. We do like a little more of off-season travel. So if, like us, you want to have the beach to yourself, the best travel time for Termoli is from May to June and late August to October.

Transportation in Termoli

The old city center is largely car-free, but parking is never really a problem. Everywhere you will find parking also for RVs. Parking is often paid, though, so make sure you always have some change with you. Some parking meters have the option to pay by credit card, but by no means all.

Using the surfboard is also possible, but it will take you a while ;p


Which budget do i need in Termoli?

Another thing that makes Termoli extra fun is that it doesn’t have to cost much. The city is still relatively undiscovered and this is reflected in the prices of campsites, hotels and restaurants. We stayed a total of 5 days in Termoli during which we made only 185 euros. THIS is a daily budget of just over 46 euros! YESSS! That sounds delicious huh.

  • Camping: 62 euros (about 13 euros per night)
  • Dining out: 63 euros
  • Gasoline: 30 euros
  • Groceries: 25 euros

Average daily budget with an RV for Termoli: 30 – 55 euros per day
Average daily budget with overnight hotel stay for Termoli: 50 – 80 euros per day

termoli travel guide

Practical information about Termoli

  • Parking is often paid, so make sure you have plenty of cash and/or a credit card
  • Many supermarkets, restaurants and other catering establishments often close in the afternoon. Keep this in mind. We decided tremendously often to go somewhere for lunch around 3. Tjaaa…. that is often impossible in Italy.
  • If you take the dog with you, you are required to carry a muzzle. Dogs must wear this in public places. Yet we almost never saw dogs with a muzzle and never did it with our dog. Although we do have a stick old pug with epilepsy who was in backpack most of the time so expect most people were understanding of this. With a larger dog, this may be different anyway.
  • With an ACSI discount card, you often get discounts at campsites in the off-season.
  • For the nicest camping spot, we always use the app Park4night & camper contact
  • The same obligations apply in the car as in the Netherlands. So bring safety jacket and warning triangle!
  • There is currently (Oct. 2020) duty to wear masks due to Corona, including on the street
  • Download foreign affairs app to keep up to date with latest developments

What are nice places to stay in Termoli?

YESSS!!! We are finally here dear people: the fun part of this article. THE REASON why we stayed so long in Termoli, namely this incredibly cool awesome RV site.

Indeed, on our way to Puglia, we decided to make one more stop along the coast. Through Campercontact, I found a camper spot along the way. It was quite a search, but finally we found the RV site. The owners barely spoke English, but with many hand signals we were assigned a spot and it was more than good.

This RV site is a small business run by a very sweet Italian family. Therefore, there is not much, but the location is great. You are right by the sea and the beach is cleaned every morning and evening by the owner along with the dog. As soon as you arrive, there is a certain tranquility. Yes that sounds super hippie, but really believe me this place does something to you. By the way, you don’t have a fancy shower or bathroom facility here. There is a simple outdoor shower (without shielding) that you can use for a fee and 2 toilets, but nice and captivating, you have to see this view.

I don’t remember the exact price per night, but it was something between 12 – and 15 euros. The RV site is well secured, so you also don’t have to worry if the RV needs to be on its own for a while.

Although the RV site is fairly basic, there is a small cafe where you can order a drink and often get some sandwiches in the morning. WIe really enjoyed this place and stayed here for quite a while. It may be my favorite camping OUTSIDE! Yes really.

In short: do it! Go with it! Book that business!

termoli travel guide

Hotels In Termoli

If you are not traveling with camping equipment, we have already selected for you the nicest hotels in Termoli. Easy right.

How to get to Termoli?

From the Netherlands, it is about a 1700 km drive and takes almost 17 hours to get there. Add to that some stops and quite a few extra hours if you are traveling with an old camper like ours. Quite a ride in other words! But a very nice one. Should you have the time, we definitely recommend a road trip from north to south italy via the east coast. We took a wonderful trip through Turin, Tuscany, Le Marche and Puglia, among others, in a road trip of about 6 weeks.

If you have a little less time, we recommend flying to Pescara. It is also possible to combine Termoli with Puglia. Then it is more convenient to fly to Bari, Brindisi or Lecce. In fact, flying to Pescara is more expensive.

  • Amsterdam to Pescara from 150 euro per flight
  • Eindhoven to Brindisi from 50 euros per flight
  • Maastricht to Bari from 50 euros per flight
  • Dusseldorf Weeze to Bari from €60 per flight

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