Peniche: a cozy surf town

It is a small fishing town in Portugal with about 15,000 inhabitants in the Portuguese district of Leiria. The beach is the city’s absolute main attraction. For example, Praia de Medão Grande is considered one of the best surf beaches in the world. The perfect rip curl waves created here are the reason why the Rip Curl Pro Portugal World Surfing Championships take place here every year.

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What to do in Peniche

Ripcurl World surf cup

Every year in October the Rip Curl Pro ig World Surfing Championship is organized. When exactly it will take place is unfortunately not known. Each day is checked to see if the waves are good enough. It’s on, when it’s on…. is therefore the familiar slogan of the World Cup. If you happen to be in the area then it is really worth watching this spectacle. The best surfers in the world come to the Super Tobos beach in Peniche to compete against each other. In one day, the beach is transformed into one big festival area where you can experience the World Cup reallife.

Surf, surf and surf again

Surfing, surfing and another surfing. Surely everything here is about surfing. So what are you waiting for. Rent a surfboard, score a wetsuit and dive into the water. If you are still a beginner, you can also book a lesson. Are you as bad a surfer as I am? Then buy a bodyboard at the Decathlon for a few tens of dollars and go all out on the waves. Highly recommended!


Don’t feel like doing anything? Then just go sunbathe on one of the fine beaches.

  • Praia do porto de areia norte: you will find this beach immediately on your right as you enter the town. Behind the dunes you will find a beautiful long sandy beach. Ideal for napping or surfing.
  • Super Tobos: is indeed super beautiful and super vast especially! This is the perfect beach for a lovely walk on the beach.
  • Baleal: About 4 km from Peniche you will find the beach Baleal. This beach is especially popular with surfers and kite surfers.
Peniche road trip

Hotspots & food in Peniche

  • Mahara Indian Food: Holy moly, the food here is delicious. DO IT, DO IT!
  • Bar Trest As: Craving a beer? Head to Bar Trest As. A cozy café by the harbor where you can enjoy a drink.
  • Cantinho do Bolha: Authentic Portuguese food for a few euros. A delightful budget tip!
  • Peniche Banana Beach Bar: A nice spot on the beach where you can relax with your feet in the sand while enjoying a snack and a drink.
  • Bocaxica Surf: A great place for a beer and renting a surfboard.
  • Java House: A nice spot for a drink.
  • Pizzaria – O Outro: A trendy pizza place.

Best time to travel to Peniche

The best travel time to visit Peniche is from April to November. July, August and September are especially popular because you can enjoy warm temperatures. In October, the World Cup takes place and the waves are perfect for surfing. November does start to get a lot colder, but even then you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and conditions are often top for surfing.

Which budget do i need in Peniche?

Life in Portugal is not very expensive. You can wildcamp in Peniche in several places, saving a lot on overnight stays. Eating out or having a beer is also a lot cheaper than here in the Netherlands, for example.

We gave an average of 45 euros per day. It could be even cheaper, since we went somewhere for a drink every day.

Cost Indication:

  • Motorhome stop at Asa Motorhome: 9 euros per day
  • Hotel: 40 euros per night (2 pers.)
  • Hostel: 15 euros per night
  • Beer: 1.5 euros
  • Portuguese dinner/lunch: 7 euros
  • Dinner/lunch at a “hip” place: 10 euros
  • Coffee: 1 euro
  • Surfboard rental for 2 hours: 10 euros
  • Wetsuit rental for a day: 15 euros
  • Groceries are comparable to the Netherlands
Peniche road trip

Practical information about Peniche

  • Are you with a camper or van? Download the app Park4night to find the nicest overnight spots.
  • If you plan to surf a lot, it’s better to buy a surfboard and wetsuit in advance. You can buy a simple wetsuit at Decathlon starting at 40 euros.
  • If you travel during the early or late season, you can save a lot of money with an ACSI discount card.
  • Withdrawing money abroad often costs extra. Always check with your bank first and try as much as possible to pay directly with your debit card instead of withdrawing money. A Credit Card is always handy to have. Bunq and Knab are banks where you pay no or low transaction fees.

What are nice places to stay in Peniche?

ASA motorhome Peniche
ASA motorhome may look anything but idyllic. It is a large RV site/parking lot in the middle of town. The atmosphere may not be top notch, but the location is perfect and the facilities spotless.

See below for a selection of our favorite hotels and hostels in Peniche or click here for all hotels in Peniche.

How to get to Peniche?

By private transportation, Peniche is easy to reach. From Lisbon, it is about an hour’s drive. There are buses that run directly to Peniche. You will have to buy a ticket in advance. A ticket costs about 9 euros for a one-way ticket. It is also possible to rent a car at the Lisbon airport.

Peniche was one of our first destinations in Portugal. Peniche is perfect to combine with Nazaré (50 min) and Ericeira (60 min).

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