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Lisbon is hotspot heaven! From trendy coffee shops to luxurious dining, Lisbon offers it all. We’ve, of course, done our best to gather the coolest Lisbon hotspots for you – restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Curious about the best spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lisbon? Keep reading.

All Lisbon where to eat in a quick overview

Not in the mood to go through this massive article entirely? No worries. All favorites are listed below in a concise summary. Want to know more about the best coffee shops, restaurants, or places for a drink in Lisbon? Just keep scrolling. At the end of this article, you’ll also find a list of the coolest hotels in Lisbon

Breakfast & Lunch

  • Di Marzo Café Vermuteria: great coffee, lovely terrace, and top location
  • Augusto Lisboa: super trendy coffee shop in Alfama
  • So Coffe Roasters: delicious coffee

Places for Dinner in Lisbon

  • Bao Bao: my favorite, delicious ASIAN food
  • Oficina do Duque: super cozy street and amazing food
  • Tasca do Chico: fado and FOOD
  • Lisboa Tu e Eu: cozy affordable restaurant in Alfama
  • Café Buenos Airos: cozy rooftop, good food
  • The FOOD temple: good vegan food
  • 1300 Taberna: the place to be at LXfactory
  • Village FOOD: super trendy spot just outside LXfactory
  • Time Out Market: Lisbon’s food court

Best places for a drink in Lisbon

  • Duque Brewpub: Lisbon’s craft beer café
  • Sol e Pesca: great place to hang out on Pinkstreet
  • Bookstore Bar Girl and Girl: another cool spot on Pinkstreet
  • Boqueirão Sabor a Brasil: street food and street art at LXfactory
  • Rooftop Bar Lx Factory: Lxfactory’s rooftop bar

Additionally, you can sit comfortably anywhere in Bairro Alto. Take a stroll after 9 p.m., and every café is full.

The Coolest Breakfast Spots and Lunch Places in Lisbon

Di Marzano Café Vermuteria

This coffee shop is the place to start your day. Order a nice cup of coffee, tea, omelet, or a thick, delicious cheesecake, and you’ll be good to go. It’s a bit of a shame they don’t have yogurt, and the toast is a bit sparse, but overall, this is a great recommendation! You can sit incredibly comfortably here.

Location: Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 32, 1200-369 Lisboa

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Augusto Lisboa

Augusto Lisboa is truly a Lisbon hotspot. This cozy, vibrant pink coffee shop can be found in the beautiful Alfama district. You can order really delicious breakfasts here. I went for the smoothie bowl, and it was incredibly tasty. However, there isn’t really a terrace. Dogs, on the other hand, are welcome inside.

Location: Rua Santa M.nha 26, 1100-491 Lisboa

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SO Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee to start your day, take a moment to visit SO Coffee Roasters.

Location: Calçada do Sacramento 30, 1200-394 Lisboa

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Restaurants for Dinner in Lisbon

Bao Bao

BAO BAO might be my favorite in Lisbon. It might not be really Portuguese, but the food is so GOOD! Not only is the food delicious, but the interior is also delightful. Everything just fits perfectly at BAO BAO. Absolutely recommended.

Location: Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 30, 1200-369 Lisboa

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Oficina do Duque

Oficina do Duque is located in a very charming street, perhaps our favorite in Lisbon. During the day, you can have a lovely lunch there and dine romantically in the evening. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere might even be better. We found this to be one of the nicest places for a meal. Additionally, it’s very affordable.

Location: Calçada do Duque 43 A, 1200-155 Lisboa

Tasca do Chico

If you want to enjoy a genuine Portuguese meal with the ultimate Portuguese atmosphere, then a visit to Tasca do Chico is a must for you. While dining, you’ll be treated to an intimate Fado concert. Additionally, this place is renowned for its unique sausages, so unique that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once traveled here.

Location: R. do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200-141 Lisboa

Lisboa Tu e Eu

Lisboa Tu e Eu is truly a gem. You’ll find this restaurant tucked away in a small alley right in the heart of the Alfama district. The place is really tiny, cozy, and the food is incredibly affordable.

Location: Escadinhas das Portas do Mar 4, 1100-119 Lisboa

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Café Buenos Aires

This café was opposite our apartment and turned out to be a very nice spot for a bite to eat, and certainly to end the evening.

Location: Calçada do Duque 31B, 1200-155 Lisboa

The Food Temple

VEGANS take note! In Portugal, they love meat and cheese, not the best combination for vegans. Even I have not been eating meat for a while and prefer to eat as much vegan as possible. If you want really delicious vegan food, then The FOOD Temple in Lisbon is the place to be.

Location: Beco do Jasmim 18, 1100-289 Lisboa

1300 Taberna

When you enter Lx Factory, you’ll almost immediately come across the trendy 1300 Taberna. Here, you can enjoy great drinks and food. It might be a bit more expensive than in other neighborhoods of Lisbon, but it’s a very cozy place to be. The interior is amazing!

Location: Lx Factory, R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa

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Village FOOD

Just a bit outside Lx Factory, you’ll find the restaurant Village FOOD. It’s a super trendy spot where you can order amazing burgers among other things.

Location: Village Underground Lisboa, Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa

Time Out Market

If you can’t decide, grabbing a bite at the Time Out Market might be just for you. This market consists of 2 halls. In one hall, you’ll find the fresh market, and in the other hall, there’s a food court. Personally, I found it a bit touristy and unfortunate that you can’t sit outside. However, it’s still a place you should check out.

Location: Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-479 Lisboa

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The Coolest Places in Lisbon for Drinks

Duque Brewpub

Duque Brewpub is our favorite Lisbon hotspot when it comes to scoring the most delicious craft beers. It’s situated in an incredibly nice street where you’ll find several other charming spots.

Location: Calçada do Duque 51, 1200-156 Lisboa

Sol e Pesca

Whether you want to hang out for a drink during the day or enjoy an evening party, Pink Street is always a great idea. A place where you can have a very cozy drink is Sol e Pesca. They have a small terrace here.

Location: R. Nova do Carvalho 44, 1200-019 Lisboa

Bookstore Bar Girl and Girl

Snack, drink, book! That’s the idea behind Bookstore Bar Girl and Girl. You’ll find this place next to Sol e Pesca and it has a similar vibe. If you come here in the afternoon, you can grab beers for a bargain during happy hour.

Location: R. Nova do Carvalho 40-42, 1200-000 Lisboa

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Boqueirão Sabor a Brasil

Have a beer at Boqueirão Sabor a Brasil at LX Factory and admire the coolest street art creations of Lx Factory.

Location: 1300-501 Lisbon

Rooftop Bar Lx Factory

Right as you enter Lx Factory, you’ll find a really cool rooftop bar directly to your left. Although the view isn’t super spectacular, it’s a very cozy place to sit and is the perfect spot at Lx Factory to end the day.

We’ve fully explored and ticked off most of our bucket list in Lisbon. However, there are still a few Lisbon hotspots left that we’ll save for another time. We always save all the hotspots in GOOGLE MAPS, and you can find them here. Super handy once you’ve finished reading this article.

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