Peschici may not be Minas Tirith, the white city of Gondor, but it definitely awakened my inner nerd while wandering through this town. For those who are not fans of the movies, Peschici bears a striking resemblance to a city from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Exploring the town feels fairy-tale-like, magical, and unreal.

Peschici is built on a hill, surrounded by the sea, and thanks to its charming white houses, it has a unique appearance. It was quite a challenge to reach our destination with our old camper (thanks Google Maps for the most impossible route), but we’re glad we could still visit this place.


Wander through the narrow alleys of Peschici

Peschici is a maze of charming alleys, white houses, lovely eateries, and the most adorable boutiques. Take a seat at one of the many terraces, enjoy a delicious gelato, shop for the cutest souvenirs, and wander through the charming streets.

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Hotspots & food in Peschici

Here are the additional hotspots in Peschici:

– Ripasso Beer Bistrot: Although the beer selection was a bit disappointing, it’s a great place for a drink.
– DeVinum – Wine Bistrot Ristorante: For the tastiest wines.
– Pina Gel Gelateria: GELATO TIME!
– Panini di Mare Peschici: If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, this is the place to be.

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Best time to travel to Peschici

We visited Peschici during the low season, and unfortunately, many of the eateries were closed at that time. To fully enjoy the city, it’s best to visit Peschici from June to early September.


Transportation in Peschici

If you’re like us and traveling with a camper in Peschici, chances are you’re staying at a spot by the sea. The town is situated on a hill, and while there is ample parking available, we recommend leaving your car or camper behind and taking a walk to the city. It’s the ideal way to explore the surroundings and also gives your calves a nice workout.

Peschici restaurants
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Which budget do i need in Peschici?

During our stay in Peschici, we spent a total of 2 nights and 3 days, with a budget of 125 euros. This breaks down to approximately 42 euros per day.

Here is a breakdown of our expenses:

– Fuel: 30 euros
– Groceries: 37.47 euros
– Eating out: 28 euros
– Camping: 30 euros (15 euros per night)

Overall, we managed to stay within our budget and had a memorable time in Peschici.

Practical information about Peschici

Here are some additional tips for your visit to Peschici:

– Pay attention to the roads when driving to Peschici, as many roads may not be suitable for campers. Look for clear signage and follow the road signs rather than relying solely on your navigation. We learned this the hard way when Google Maps took us on some interesting routes.
– For the best camping spots, we always use the apps Park4night and Campercontact.
– Remember to carry the same safety requirements in your car as you would in the Netherlands, including a safety vest and warning triangle.
– In Italy, many shops, restaurants, and supermarkets are often closed during the midday hours. This is something we forget almost every day.
– Download the app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stay updated on the latest developments.

Peschici restaurants
Peschici hotspots

What are nice places to stay in Peschici?

At the beach of Peschici, you’ll find several camper spots. They may not be particularly special, but they are within walking distance of the city and the beach. If you’re not traveling with a camper, you have the option to stay in the charming old town of Peschici, which can be a fantastic experience.

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