Tilburg Food Guide

Tilburg Food Guide

Yes!!! It was another quality time with friends! This time, we decided to experience the cozy atmosphere of Brabant in the vibrant city of Tilburg. What a delightful city. We barely left the Spoorzone area because we lingered everywhere. I can’t provide a complete picture of Tilburg yet, but that’s just another reason for me to go back to this city very soon. However, I found the day so enjoyable that I wanted to share these Tilburg Hotspots with you already.

Unfortunately, most hotspots are currently closed. Do you know any places where you can still order? Let me know in a comment!

Hotspots Tilburg

  • Doloris Maze & Rooftop Bar: beautiful interior, fantastic view, and amazing street food
  • Eetbar Wagon: lunch or dinner in a cool train wagon
  • Bank 15: Foodlab with various food corners

Spotted but not visited yet:

  • Eve
  • Restaurant Raw
  • Broodjeszaak Smeer ‘m
  • Loc Brewery (we passed by, but it was closed)
  • De Houtloods
  • Rak
  • De Burgerij
  • Stadscafe de Spaarbank
  • Koffiebar Buutvrij
  • Bargus
  • De Visserij
  • Koffiebar Locals

Doloris Maze

Doloris was the main reason for us to visit Tilburg. Both my friends had fantastic stories about a kind of Maze Experience you can do here. Doloris describes itself as a Meta Maze with more than 40 rooms of surrealistic art to walk through.

Asking someone who has been there what Doloris is exactly, no one can give a precise answer, or they don’t want to tell you to avoid spoiling the experience. But everyone finds it amazing. This makes you curious. What makes Doloris so special? What is it exactly? What will you do? Is it scary? So many questions… there is only one way to find out, and that is to do it!

My experience: AMAZING! I really enjoyed it and thought it was cool to do something completely different. What it exactly is… well, I’m not going to tell you ;p

Doloris Rooftop Bar

But Doloris is more than just a Maze; you can also enjoy great food there. The menu consists of various street food dishes, from mini tacos, roti, veggie Gyoza to Bao Buns. The interior is also delightful. Everything but boring. No wonder we ended up spending 4 hours there. Even if you skip the Maze, be sure to visit the Doloris rooftop bar for a bite or a drink.


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Eetbar De Wagon

Eetbar de Wagon is the little brother of one of Tilburg’s most famous hotspots, namely “De Houtloods.” Eetbar de Wagon is located opposite Tilburg’s train station and is literally an old train wagon. How cool! The train compartments with train benches have been transformed into cozy dining spots. They also have a great terrace. Unfortunately, all compartments were occupied, but we still had a nice drink at the bar. The food looked amazing, though.

Bank 15

If you’re craving everything and can’t decide, Bank15 is the place to be. Bank 15 is a food lab with 4 food corners that change every year. New eateries get the chance to see if their concept appeals to the public. We had a choice of Vegan Heroes, Gloria’s Tapas, and Cantinho Brasil. We decided to go for some craft beers and tapas. Top decision.

Tilburg hotspots
hotspots tilburg

Hotspots Tilburg gespot:

Het plan was om nog veel meer hotspots in Tilburg te bezoeken, maar we waren veel te druk met kletsen en eten dat de tijd alweer voorbij was. Ook waren een aantal plekken helaas al helemaal vol, zoals het super hippe Eve. Het restaurant Eve is gevestigd in de monumentale Polygonale Lood pand bij het station van Tilburg. Een plaatje om te zien. Helaas vonden meer mensen dit, waardoor er geen plaats meer wat voor ons.

In the Spoorzone of Tilburg, you’ll also find the restaurant Raw. Unfortunately, we had to skip this restaurant due to a private event.

A few hotspots in Tilburg that are on my list for next time:

  • Sandwich shop Smeer ‘m
  • Loc Brewery (we passed by, but it was closed at the time)
  • De Houtloods
  • Rak
  • De Burgerij
  • City Café de Spaarbank
  • Coffee bar Buutvrij
  • Bargus
  • De Visserij
  • Coffee bar Locals

Still plenty to explore! Back to Tilburg as soon as possible.

Do you have a great tip? Let me know in a comment!


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