City Guide The Hague: where to eat & sleep

Although I’m incredibly excited to leave, I’m also going to miss a lot of lovely people. Including my two best friends, whom I’ve known for over 17 years. Last week, we went on a trip together for the last time before I depart for six months to Asia. This time, a bit closer to home than usual, namely a weekend in The Hague. Earlier, we visited Riga and Budapest. Due to all the traveling, it was a bit of a last-minute planning, but we made it.

Food and Drinks in The Hague

From 12 noon to 5 in the morning, we spent our time in The Hague city center eating, drinking, and dancing. And we can recommend this to everyone. The Hague has numerous hotspots where you can eat, drink, and enjoy.

Here are our hotspots in The Hague for you.

High Tea at Lapsang

We started with a luxurious high tea at Lapsang. What a great idea that was. In a cozy narrow street in the center of The Hague, you’ll find the charming Lapsang (with incredibly friendly staff). With endless fresh tea from Betjeman & Barton and a tiered tray filled with the tastiest savory treats, such as delicious sandwiches, mini quiches, and of course scones, you can linger here almost all day. As the cherry on top, you get a delightful plate with homemade cakes and cookies as dessert. After 2 hours of tea and a well-filled stomach, we felt like having a glass of wine in the sun, so we moved on to our next destination.

Lapsang high tea

Wine at Cat Café: Ditjes en Katjes

While enjoying a good cup of coffee or, like us, a nice glass of wine, cuddle with the cats of Ditjes en Katjes. Pelle, Jip, Pieter, and a few more heartthrobs stroll around the cat café like true princes. You can pet and cuddle them if they feel like it. Most cats were lounging in the sun and didn’t pay much attention to the visitors. A great idea! Not only can you sit here nicely, but six cats from the shelter have also found a nice place here with a lot of love.



A Quick Croquette at Het KroketLocket

Online, we had already seen a bit about the first Croquette restaurant. Completely by chance, we stumbled upon it. Well… there’s only one thing to do. Let’s go for a croquette. In addition to the old familiar classic, you’ll find various options here, such as the Indische kroket, bospaddenstoelen, and pekingeend kroket. Sounds good… well, it certainly was. Very nice for a quick stop.

Delicious Vietnamese Food at Little V

During our trip to Vietnam, we fell in love with the Vietnamese cuisine. Banh Xeo, Cau Lau, Bahn Mi, Pho… you name it. So once in The Hague, we had to eat this immediately. At Little V, you can enjoy delicious and affordable Vietnamese food. A recommendation is the Banh Xeo pancake with shrimp and vegetables. So incredibly tasty!


Dancing at De Boterwaag

For dinner, we were a bit lost and decided to eat at De Boterwaag. A cozy place on the Grote Markt with a large terrace and an even larger dance floor inside. Yes, a dance floor! You read it correctly, after dinner, the tables are cleared, and De Boterwaag turns into a cozy dance café. What a great way to end the day. You can come here for a bite, a drink, and a dance.

And so, our short city trip in our own country came to an end. Lovely to see that The Hague is bursting with cozy places where you can eat and drink deliciously. If you know any nice hotspots in The Hague, let us know. Always useful for a future visit.

What are nice places to stay in Den Haag?

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