7x you don’t want to miss during Nijmegen’s 2024 summer festivals

Woehoeeee, it is almost time for the Summer Festivities in our favorite city: Nijmegen! Just a few more minutes and then we can get our feet on the floor again, the drinking can start, and we can stuff ourselves with the most delicious dishes from all the street food gems waiting for us. And of course also cheer on the walkers, because although for us it is always the Nijmegen Summer Festivities, years ago it was renamed the Vierdaagsefeesten. Pretty logical really, since they are celebrations during the Nijmegen Four Day Walking Festival. But as we say in Nijmegen fashion, they shouldn’t whine. Summer festivals or Four Day Festivals, it’s both totally okay.

And for those who do not yet know this week of festivities in Nijmegen, here are some facts:

  • With 1.5 million visitors a year, it is one of the largest events in the Netherlands.
  • In all, there are 40 stages scattered throughout the city.
  • The Summer Festivities last for seven days (the Marches themselves only four, of course, since they are called Marches).
  • To music, there is also theater, concerts, art, markets and a fireworks show.
  • For the grumblers among us, yes the Summer Festivities cost nothing, nope, nada. You do not have to pay an entrance fee for the Summer Festivities, so it is free.
  • The Four Days Marches have been around since 1909; this is the 108th edition. The Four Day Festival was first organized in 1969 to welcome the walkers. This year is the 55th edition.

As a child, I always went to the Four Day Festivals with my parents, and that really never stopped. We (Leroy and I) also met here 18 years ago, at the bratwurst stand with heul veul beer. The beginning of every fairy tale, of course. We never want to miss it, and although we say every year that we really won’t go every day this year, we fail every time.

Although every year there is a new program ahead, these are our favorite places to perch. Read on quickly for which days, places and parties you shouldn’t miss during the 2024 Summer Festivals. Want to see the complete program or are curious about all the venues. Check out the program on the site of the Four Days Festivities.

nijmegen summer festivals

Taste Market

I really love the Taste Market. It is just outside the center and therefore a little quieter than other places. Besides, you are sitting nicely on the Waal, which makes this place extra beautiful. It’s perfect for settling down during the day with a nice beer; kids can join in and there’s always something to do. During the day you will find the record bus where you should definitely do a little dance, as well as cool bands on stage. In the evening, the place goes wild with Boemshakalaka and the cutest parties. Actually, you can spend all day here.


Every year our favorite, as this is the place where Sleeping Beauty descends during the Summer Festivals. From hip-hop, Latin to rock hard, you’ll find it all here. The atmosphere is always good, so even if this is not quite your genre, you should definitely walk through it.

Club Feed Road

Where upstairs in the park you’ll find live bands and can dance to bawdy tunes, at Doornroosje’s Club Voerweg you’ll find the best DJs from around the world. You can end the evening here anytime and very well!

Pink Wednesday

Not so much a place, but definitely a day not to be missed, is Pink Wednesday. On this day, all of Nijmegen turns pink and the atmosphere is fantastic. This is also one of the favorite days for hikers. It is the day where acceptance and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community are the focus. Actually enough reason to put Pink Wednesday on your program, but also the atmosphere, parties and events are great during this day. Not for nothing is this one of the busiest days during the Summer Festivals.

nijmegen summer festivals

Park Kronenburg

Still somewhat the newcomer to the Summer Festivals, but already a big tip. If you come by train, don’t take the Ramblas for once, but walk into the city through Kronenburg Park. When the sun is shining, you can lie here in the grass with the music playing in the background. In the evening, the volume goes up to dancing and the feet can be off the floor. From live performances to electronic pop, this newcomer is definitely worth checking out.

Tip! You can often find a really nice bus with all kinds of cool vintage clothes here, too.


The Waal in flames! Sunday is dedicated to fireworks, and even if you are not a fireworks lover, this is always a really fun place to visit. You can admire the fireworks from the Waalkade, or across the street at the Waalstrandje, which is now called Stadseiland Stek, if you are not so keen on the crowds.

nijmegen four day celebrations
summer festivals

City Island Stek

City Island Stek is another favorite. You will find this place on the other side of the Waal River and you can reach it via the railroad bridge, train and if the water is not too high or too low, there is also a small ferry from the Kaaij to this place. City Island Stek is almost a festival in itself. It is the perfect place to escape the crowds. You will find music, as well as theater and all kinds of activities for the children. For example, last year there was even a disaster. We prefer to visit City Island Stek during the fireworks and can usually be found there during the “Debbie’s Sister” party. Also a fat tip!

nijmegen four day celebrations
summer festivals

The Kaaij

Do you like a little chaos, coziness, vintage and a top-notch atmosphere? Then De Kaaij is the place for you. The Kaaij is there for everyone. You can go here with your parents, with friends or with the kids, it doesn’t really matter. Every day you will find the best bands, from ska, blues to reggae. It’s a place we will visit once anyway during the Summer Festivals.

Tip! In the evening, De Kaaij can be very crowded; we often find this place a little cozier during the day. Oh, and should you already be in Nijmegen, De Kaaij is open almost the entire summer period!

nijmegen four day celebrations
summer festivals

There is much more:

  • Kelfkensbos: From vintage items to going crazy with the best R&B and hip-hop of yesteryear during Rewind.
  • Credible: Always pleasantly crowded and fun music. Definitely worth a dance.
  • Stroll down Grotestraat toward the Waalkade and discover Groots: Here there is always a live band playing scattered along the street.
  • The Ramblas: This is often the first place you encounter as you walk from the station toward the center. There is a great living room cafe and secretly we always unplanned linger here a bit longer. Definitely a fun place to start your Summer festivities.
  • Van Ouds: Do you like sing-alongs and guilty pleasures? Then you love Van Ouds.
  • St. Steven’s Church: Want to experience something completely different? Then check out the program at the Stevens Church. From lectures to complete orchestras, as well as performances by the likes of Fresku. And all in the most beautiful church in the Netherlands 🙂 In our opinion, of course.

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