Italy Roadtrip: everything you need to know

Bella Italia! Italy how beautiful you are! During our road trip through Europe, Italy very quickly became one of our favorite destinations. It is a great country for a road trip. Enjoy from the stunning mountains in the north to the most idyllic beaches in Sardinia. From enjoying culinary delights in Tuscany to soaking up culture in Puglia. Italy really does have everything! Are you planning an Italy road trip soon? Then quickly read all our tips!

Tuscany route

Best travel route through Italy

If you have the time, we definitely recommend a road trip from north to south. So you can enjoy nature, culinary delights, beautiful cities and the most wonderful beaches. For example, we drove from Turin all the way to Gallipoli in Puglia. For the complete route, however, you need min. 3 weeks. If you have a little less time, you can also visit only one region, for example, South Tyrol, Tuscany, Puglia or our Italy favorite Sardinia.

Check out the different routes here:

Route italy

What to do in Italy

  • Discover the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia
  • Visit the white houses of Alberobello
  • Stroll around Matera‘s charming streets
  • Visit the Gladiator Road in Tuscany, near Pienza
  • Enjoy the best wines in Montepulciano
  • Climb Mount Seceda in the dolomites
  • Take the most beautiful hikes in South Tyrol
  • Enjoy the beauty of Venice
road trip italy
Road trip through italy
route italy
road trip italy

Best time to travel to Italy

The best travel time for a road trip through Italy is from June to October. However, this depends on where you are. In the south it is still very pleasant in October, but in other parts of Italy it can already get very cold. Also, many campsites close starting in October.

Which budget do i need in Italy?

In 2020, we took a road trip from north to south in 38 days. In total, we traveled over 5,200 km and the trip cost €2,719.74. That’s a daily budget of about 71 euros. Normally we use a daily budget of 60 euros and this an excellent budget. This time, however, we left little, so we spent a little more than usual.

The biggest expense was Gasoline and tolls. A total of 755 euros. After gasoline we spent the most on eating out €711. We spent 592 euros on campsites and RV spots and 513 euros on groceries.

Curious about all the costs of our Italy road trip.

Tuscany route
sardinia road trip

Practical information about Road trip Italy

  • Download the app Park4night & camper contact for the nicest camping spots. Oh and don’t forget our old trusted friend google maps.
  • In the early and late season, use the ACSI discount card (please request it)
  • Is the dog going with you? Then make sure you have the proper vaccinations, chip, deworming pills and passport. You also have a muzzle requirement in ITalia. However, we did not see any dogs with muzzles. Always ask your veterinarian for advice beforehand Read also the article “roadtripping with the dog”.
  • THIS is what you must take with you in the car or motorhome: warning triangle and safety vest. Of course, spare lamps, a spare tire and a first aid kit are handy to have with you, but this is not mandatory.
  • You can be fined in Italy if you drive with flip-flops
  • Avoid toll roads! Much more fun to take other routes.
  • Watch out for environmental areas in Italy. Environmental zones are indicated only by signs and are often difficult to spot. Especially in big cities, you have several environmental zones.
  • In Italy, many stores, restaurants and supermarkets are often closed at noon.
  • Download the Foreign Affairs app to stay up to date on the latest developments. Rules vary by region, so be sure to read up in advance.
  • It’s a good idea to check with your bank to see if you have to pay additional transaction fees in Europe. We both switched to Knab for this reason. A fine bank that charges no transaction fees.
  • Also, a credit card is always nice to have with you.

What are nice places to stay in Italy?

There is one small drawback of Italy; the campsites are not great. From giant playgrounds to campsites that look more like an abandoned parking lot. Still, we found some really cool RV spots for you. Read the article “The nicest campsites in Italy” for a complete overview.

The nicest accommodation in Italy

In Italy, in addition to camping, we stayed overnight at various accommodations.

How to get to Italy?

We combined Italy with a road trip through France last year and visited the year before during our 5-month Europe road trip. Italy can therefore be perfectly combined with other countries or visited as one destination. By car, you can drive to northern Italy in about 12 hours. Of course, it is also possible to fly to a city in Italy and rent a car there for your road trip.

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