Trentino: undiscovered Italy

Trentino was not initially on our itinerary at all, but that’s what’s so great about a road trip; along the way at the most unexpected moments you discover the most beautiful destinations.

Finding the drive from Venice to Bozen too far, we ended up at Camping Laghi di Lamar in the small village of Vallene, just above Trento. We stayed a little longer than the planned 1 night because we wanted to enjoy this beautiful area a little longer. Quickly read all of our tips for Trentino.

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What to do in Trentino

Get out into nature!

Grab a bike or a stroller because there is plenty of beauty to see in Trentino. Trentino is the perfect vacation destination for nature lovers and action enthusiasts. From the campground we took several hikes to various lakes:

  • Lago di lamar
  • Lago di terlago
  • Lago santo

We also took a walk through the forest to the charming village of Monte Terlago.


Visit Trento

Other than that, there is little to do in the vicinity of the campground, but we actually liked that. For a while, nothing at all. Enjoying nature and tranquility. If you do want to do something different, you can always visit the city of Trento. By car, it takes about 20 minutes.

Best time to travel to Trentino

You can visit the Trentino region all year round. In the winter you can ski beautifully and the summer again great hiking and biking.

Trentino Travel GUide

Which budget do i need in Trentino?

In Trentino we mostly picnicked, barbecued by the camper and hiked a lot. So we stayed well below our budget of 60 euros per day.

  • Camping 17 euros
  • Snack and drink: 10 -15 euros at a local joint
  • Breakfast: 5 euros per day
  • Activities: absolutely nope. Nature is free, Moi Wah.

On average, we spent about 30 – 40 euros per day. We then mostly ate a lot at the RV and hiked which of course cost nothing. We did have espresso or beer several times on the terrace.

Trentino Travel GUide

Practical information about Trentino

  • The mountains in Trentino are pretty fierce. Before leaving, make sure your car is in top condition. Before leaving, always check your engine oil and coolant as well,
  • n the evenings it can get quite cold there. A thick sweater is no luxury.
  • Bring your hiking boots!
  • n the area you can spot bears. This is rare, but it is good to know. In fact, we were lost in the forest and didn’t know anything about bears. We encountered the bear warning only after about 2 hours of hiking. Oops!
  • For the nicest camping spot, we always use the app Park4night & camper contact
  • Receive discounts on campsites in the early or late season with ACSI discount card.
  • Is your faithful four-legged friend going on vacation with you. Then make sure you have the proper vaccinations, Chip and deworming pills.
  • In addition, it is mandatory to carry a muzzle in public places and some dog breeds are not allowed.
  • If you drive an old diesel, you are not allowed to drive just anywhere in Italy. Environmental zones are indicated by signs reading zona a traffico limitato
  • On narrow mountain roads, ascending traffic always has the right of way over descending traffic unless the ascending vehicle is closer to a lay-by.
  • In the mountains, don’t use your brakes too much, but try to brake on your bike.
  • n the car, the same obligations apply as in the Netherlands. So bring safety jacket and warning triangle!
  • Avoid toll roads! Travel nice and slow and take mostly inland roads, that way you’ll see something.
Trentino Travel GUide

What are nice places to stay in Trentino?

Campsites Trentino

We found Camping Laghi di Lamar to be perfect! The campground is simple, but super green. You walk right into the mountains and forests. Other than that, there is not a whole lot to do in the area. However, it is possible to catch a bus from the town to Trento.

JHotels Trentino

If you prefer not to camp, you also have incredibly nice accommodation in the city of Trento and the surrounding area:

How to get to Trentino?

By car, it is about a 12-hour drive to Trento. With our Captain Vantastic about 2x as long ;p. You can also perfectly combine Trento with other destination such as, Austria or Germany.

You can also fly to Trentino. Most people then fly into Venice. From Venice, it is only a 2-3 hour drive to Trento. In addition to Venice, you can also fly to Innsbruck. You can also reach Trento from Innsbruck in just 2 to 3 hours. Tip! Rent a car to explore the area.

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By : We Wander Why 8 / 10

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