Moliets: a small surfing town in southwestern France

Moliets: a small surfing town in southwestern France

Moliets is a small surfing town in southwestern France. After visiting Mimizan and Cap de’l Homey, we decided to drive a little further south. Moliets can be found just before Biarritz, France’s surfing destination. Unfortunately, Biarritz just fell into Orange territory during our trip, so we decided to stop at Moliets. And that was not bad at all, because Moliets is hearty fun. The village is small but fine and the beaches beautiful. Also a cool place for non-surfers to visit.

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What to do in Moliets

Surfing and more surfing

The coast in the southwest in France is perfect for surfing, This certainly includes Moliets. The surf conditions here are top notch, for beginners as well as the experienced surfer. You will also find several surf schools in Moliets where you can do surf camp or take a lesson.

If you’re a beginner and want to get into the water unaccompanied, it’s important to inquire about conditions on that day. Indeed, in Moliets you have mussels where you can end up. This makes it enormously difficult to get back to land. Just ask Leroy, who only emerged on the other side of the beach after an hour of paddling out of breath. So don’t just go into the water ;p


Also still fun to do in Moliets:

  • Picnicking on the beach during sunset. We rarely got to experience such a beautiful sunset.
  • Kitesurfing, ideal when the waves are a little less there is a breeze
  • Beach walk, because well DUH that’s just always fun

Hotspots & food in Moliets

We decided to dine more often at the camper in Moliets, so we didn’t gather many hotspots for you. But I do have a fantastic recommendation for coffee, lunch, or a workday: Amazone cafe.

This cozy coffee spot is incredibly popular, so make sure to arrive early. The ambiance is great, and the pastries are simply amazing and huge (worthy of a lunch). There’s also a small workspace which I used for an afternoon. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi was terribly slow at that time, which was a downside. However, overall, it’s a fantastic spot for drinks, sipping coffee, or getting work done. Definitely worth checking out!

Best time to travel to Moliets

If you want to enjoy the sunshine, summer is the perfect time to visit Moliets. In high season, of course, it can be more crowded, so if possible try to avoid this period. We visited Moliets in mid-September. Because of Corona and the off-season, it was very quiet though, and many restaurants were already closed. We didn’t mind this very much, but I imagine that some people might like a little more life in it.


Which budget do i need in Molliets?

In total, we stayed in Moliets for three days (2 nights) and made up 130 euros, a daily budget of 43 euros.

Cost Overview Moliets:

  • Gasoline: 20 euros
  • Camping: 38 euros
  • Groceries: 45 euros
  • Dining out: 30 euros

Thanks to the ACSI card, the campsite was only 18 euros per night (excluding tourist tax) and also we ate a lot at the camper in the evening. We did have lunch 2x at Amazon Cafe. And most of all, lots of beach picnics during sunset.

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Practical information about Moliets

  • At many surf schools you can rent a surfboard and wetsuit. This costs quite a bit of money. So we decided to order a surfboard and wetsuit for our trip. You will soon have this cost out of it. You can buy surfboards relatively cheaply at the Decathlon and these are really fine things. You can also purchase wetsuits here. Or take a look at marketplace for second-hand itens.
  • Toll roads in France are THOUSANDS! Point! So take plenty of shortcuts and enjoy the charming villages and stunning French scenery.
  • For the best RV stops, wild camping spots or campsites, we use Park4night or Campercontact.
  • We also carry an ACSI card. Occasionally it is just nice to be at a campground for a decent shower and laundry.
  • We have already had 2x per breakdown on the road and then were very I with the ANWB. This year we even opted for the complete package, since last year we got stuck in Germany for 8 days and only spent 80 euros per day on accommodation.
  • In France, mouth guards are currently mandatory i.e. Corona (Sep 2020). Also on the street and also in camping. Keep this in mind. We bought quite a few and put some in different places. The same goes for hand gel.
  • Download the Foreign Affairs app and stay up to date with the latest travel advice.
  • Attention Orange Travel Advisory. Also, if you travel through an orange area, your insurance can deny charges. If there is an orange travel advisory ivm Corona then the insurance only does not cover the costs related to Corona.
  • Refueling is cheaper in villages. So never fill up your tank on the highway.
  • If you want to withdraw money in Europe, you often have to pay a small fee to your bank. We recently switched to Knab, which does not charge additional fees.

What are nice places to stay in Moliets?

In Moliets, we camped at the Camping Le Saint Martin. Fine campground, not top notch. Location was nice by the beach, but the campground itself was a bit unsociable. With ACSI it cost us only 18 euros per night with electricity and dog, so that’s no money.

Are you out and about by car and looking for a nice hotel in Moliets? No Worries, we’ve thought of you folks, too. Quickly check out our selection of accommodations for Moliets:

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Our verdict

By : We Wander Why 8 / 10

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