Ericeira: surfer’s paradise of Portugal

Ericeira is one of our favorite destinations in Portugal. With 300 days of sunshine, Lisbon around the corner, kneiter beautiful beaches and a very nice center, you can’t really blame us either. Do prepare for lots of salty long locks, healthy coffee bars, poké bowls, burger joints, yoga tents, craft beer cafes, a “Hey Dude” at every street corner and many more hipster intentions. Because this once small fishing village is now the hip hotspot and ‘t surfing mecca of Portugal.

Many surfers and digital nomads have found their place in the city these days. During the day you will find digital nomads on their laptops in trendy restaurants, surfers in the water and in the evening it is always time for FEEST. But the authentic has not disappeared either. So you suddenly walk into a street where a Fado concert is being held outside and you can still find numerous traditional seafood restaurants. It’s a great mix of authentic and super hip. This is also what makes this place so nice. Although the center is not huge, you can easily spend weeks there. Something we then did and enjoyed immensely. Curious about all the beauty Ericeira has to offer. Then read on quickly.

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The surfer’s paradise of Portugal

Ericeira is the surfer’s paradise of Portugal. Although every year the Rip Curl Surfing World Cup is held in Peniche and big wave surfers flock to Nazare, Ericeira is Portugal’s No. 1 surf town. Truly everything here revolves around surfing.

So should you avoid Ericeira if you don’t like surfing? Neeeeeeeeee…. definitely not! The surfer vibe is wonderful and for everyone. How nice it is to sit on the beach with a beer, chow down on a healthy snack in the afternoon, and pick up a party somewhere in the evening. Ericeira is not to be missed, surfer or not!

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What to do in Ericeira

Ericeira is the surfing mecca of Portugal, so if you are in the area definitely try to get in the water. Also read the article “10x to do in Ericeira“.

Stroll through the old center of Ericeira and eat your way around

The center is cozy, charming and packed with fun hotspots and stores. Not surprisingly, this place is so popular. Yet the town does not feel crowded at all. There is a lovely atmosphere and you can have a great time all day. You can therefore get through your days of terrace hopping, beach bar sitting and special beer drinking just fine. If you do want to do something different with your day, we have a few more great tips for you.

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Surfing, surfing and more surfing

Ericeira breathes surfing! Everything here is about catching the perfect wave. Thus, you will find numerous surf schools in the town and you can rent a surfboard at any beach. This is not for nothing, as the surf conditions here are perfect and for every level! Have you never been on a surfboard before? No problem! You can also book a class for a day. That way you’ll know right away if you like it.

Also read the article “Surfing in Ericeira

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Visit the most beautiful beaches in Ericeira

From rocky beaches, surf beaches, beaches where it’s always a party and beaches where you can chill. There is something for everyone. If you are a surfer, you are totally in heaven. This is Europe’s only World Surfing Reserve, which means it is a protected surfing area. Most beaches carry the Blue Flag, which guarantees hygiene and safety.

The city beach Praia dos Pescadores is always pleasant , Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas is the best surf beach and our favorite is Praia da Foz do Lizandro because of its vast beach, good accessibility and nice places to eat.

ericeira vacations
ericeira vacations

Also fun to do:

  • Enjoy a Yoga class
  • Take a food tour
  • Go hiking and enjoy the most spectacular views
  • Visit the village of Obidos
  • Admire magical castles in Sintra
  • Go to Lisbon for a few days
  • Admire the giant waves in Nazaré
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Transportation in Ericeira

Ericeira is not very big so you can do most of it on foot. If you are staying a bit outside the center, you have the option of going by bus, but even easier, of course, is by cab. In Ericeira, you can use Uber and Freenow. A ride to downtown often costs no more than 2 euros. Ideal, then.

If you are with a motorhome or a camper van, Ericeira is a little less pleasant to get to. Going outside the center you will find plenty of parking spaces, but downtown or near beaches, parking is quite a thing. So it’s best to park the bus outside the center and do the rest on foot or fix an uber.

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Which budget do i need in Ericeira?

Life in Portugal is a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. We spent an average of 50 euros per day, but of course this depends entirely on your own needs. Will you wild camp or stay in a hotel? Eating out every day or having a picnic on the beach? Below is a rough cost indication of the important things in life, such as beer:

  • Beer: 1 – 1.75 euros
  • Hotel: 50 euros per night 2 pers.
  • Camping: 15 euros per night 2 pers.
  • Portuguese lunch (e.g. soup): 5 -8 euros p.p.
  • “Hip” lunch: 8 – 10 euros p.p.
  • Dinner: 10 – 20 euros p.p.
  • Wild camping: nope
  • Groceries are similar to Holland, maybe a little cheaper
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Practical information about Ericeira

  • On weekends, always make reservations in advance at popular restaurants. It is difficult to find a place last minute. Also with the two of us.
  • Want to go surfing. Buy a surfboard and wetsuit in advance. After all, you’ll soon have the cost of renting it out. After all, a beginner’s board does not have to be so expensive.
  • Try to avoid toll roads as much as possible. The toll in Spain is huge. We paid about 30 euros for an hour’s drive. You also miss the most beautiful spots this way.
  • Use the app park4night or camper contact to find the nicest RV sites and campgrounds
  • Looking for a free overnight stay? Through TrustedHousesitters, you can babysit other people’s homes and pets for free.
  • We have already had 2x per breakdown on the road and were very happy with the ANWB then. This year we even opted for the complete package, since last year we got stuck in Germany for 8 days and only spent 80 euros per day on accommodation
  • Download the foreign affairs app and stay up to date with the latest travel advice
  • Attention Orange Travel Advisory. Also, if you travel through an orange area, your insurance can deny charges. If there is an orange travel advisory regarding Corona, the insurance will only not cover costs related to Corona (please check, because this is not the case everywhere).
  • Refueling is cheaper in villages. So never fill up your tank on the highway
  • If you want to withdraw money in Europe, you often have to pay a small fee to your bank. We recently switched to Knab, which does not charge additional fees. We are very happy with it + you now receive €50 gift when you use Knab’s Switch Service!
  • A credit card is really handy to have with you. For example, purchases are extra insured and in some places you can only pay by credit card.
ericeira vacations
ericeira vacations

What are nice places to stay in Ericeira?

A unique overnight stay in Ericeira at Terra Lodge

For a few days we were allowed to stay at the charming Terra Lodge and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Not only of the location and surroundings, but also of the fine accommodation because really everything has been thought of. If you want to explore Ericeira, but also enjoy the ultimate vacation feeling, this is the place to be!

Just give me a cozy vintage old house with authentic details and I am intensely happy! Preferably a little gnarly than overly luxurious. A place where I feel at home! And so Terra Lodge, like a warm bath, feels like coming home! And that while roadtripping and being away a lot is intense enjoyment. Read more about this accommodation in the article “Terra Lodge: a unique overnight stay in Ericeira.”

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Staying overnight right in the center of Ericeira

Rolling out of bed and scoring breakfast at a hip healthy coffee shop, I love it! A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to spend a weekend at Aktion Ericeira’s villa right in the center of the lovely surf town of Ericeira.

Right in the heart of Ericeira in one of the nicest streets of Ericeira you will find this 2 room villa of Aktion Ericeira. With hip coffee shops to start your day within walking distance and the nicest cafes to end the evening just around the corner, this is the ideal place to stay if you don’t want to miss anything from the vibrant Ericeira. Read more about this accommodation in the article “Aktion Hostel Ericeira: staying in the middle of Ericeira”.

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Camping sites & Campsites In Ericeira

  • Ericeira Camping: really a fine campsite just a little outside the center (20 minutes walk). In low season, they had an offer of only 7 euros per night.
  • Intermarché Ericeira camper place: recently you also have a camper place at the Intermache of Ericeira completely free and for nought. You have to be lucky, because often the places are already taken.

How to get to Ericeira?

By private transportation, Ericeira is easy to reach. From Lisbon it is about half an hour by private transportation (from Porto and Faro about 3 hours). If you are flying to Lisbon, you can easily rent a car at the airport. It is also possible to take a cab. This will cost you about 80 euros or with Uber about 50 euros.

By bus it will take you about 1.5, but it will only cost you 6 – 8 euros.

Ericeira is perfect to combine with Lisbon (30 min) and Peniche (60 min).


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