Eindhoven City Guide

Eindhoven is a city I’ve been visiting for years, but never really took the time to explore properly. So, we decided to play tourists for a weekend in Eindhoven, which mainly means enjoying craft beers for us. I say, a great way to get to know a city better ;p

The city has truly surprised us, and as far as we’re concerned, Eindhoven should definitely be on the must-visit list for city trips within the Netherlands. Today, we’re sharing the best tips for Eindhoven, with cool insider tips from my dear friend and Eindhoven local, Lisanne.

Design Capital of the Netherlands

Eindhoven doesn’t necessarily have the reputation of being the most beautiful city in the Netherlands (sorry, dear people of Eindhoven). However, everything here revolves around beauty, as if there’s one thing Eindhoven excels in, it’s Design. The raw, industrial character of Eindhoven is not often found in the Netherlands, and that’s what makes the city so cool. Wherever you are, you’ll find unique initiatives. It’s teeming with creativity. From the trendy industrial area of Strijp to a cozy city beach between the factories. If it can happen anywhere, it’s here.

Stedentrip Eindhoven
Eindhoven City Guide

Things to do in Eindhoven

Beer Tasting at 100 Watt or Van Mol Brewery

Of course, we have to start this list with BEER. With Bieroy by my side, that’s only natural. And if there’s a fantastic place to taste great beer, it’s at Stadsbrouwerij 100watt. Year after year, this brewery has been winning awards. The building looks amazing, with an industrial vibe as you’d expect from the city. The people are friendly, the beers are incredibly tasty, and the food looks delightful. We say, a solid recommendation!

Don’t miss a tasting at Van Mol Brewery when you’re in Eindhoven as well.

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Eindhoven where to eat
Eindhoven Hotspots
hotspots Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week is the time of the year to spot design in the Netherlands. The event lasts for nine days and takes place in October. During the Dutch Design Week, all of Eindhoven is dedicated to Design. Cafes turn into pop-up museums, and even outside, you can admire beautiful designs. Various events take place at over 100 locations, including lectures, exhibitions, awards, meetings, and much more. You can also see the graduation assignments of students from the Dutch Design Academy during the Dutch Design Week.

Glow Festival

Another cool event in Eindhoven is the Glow festival. Glow Eindhoven is a free annual festival where the city literally becomes the light city of the Netherlands. During this festival, which takes place in November, you can admire beautifully illuminated objects created by artists and designers from all over the world. Many special buildings are transformed into design objects during this event. It’s not a small festival; in 2019, a whopping 770,000 visitors attended the Glow Festival in Eindhoven.

Strijp S

If you want to experience the raw character of Eindhoven, you have to visit Strijp-S. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest parts of Eindhoven. You won’t find this part in the city center, and it’s a bit of a walk, so it’s best to use public transport. Renting a scooter is also fun. Everywhere in the city of Eindhoven, you’ll find scooters that you can rent on the spot via an app. Handy, right? On Strijp-S, you’ll find numerous concept stores and cool hotspots. It’s definitely a must-visit when you’re in Eindhoven.

And while you’re there, it’s also very nice to go to Piet Hein. Take a look in the production hall, admire the beautiful collection, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Stedentrip Eindhoven
Eindhoven City Guide
hotspots Eindhoven

Also, nice to visit:

  • Van Abbemuseum: the place to admire contemporary art.
  • Spot Street Art: cool street art can be found everywhere in the city, such as the way to Strijp-S and the wall near the escalators of the station.
  • Stroll through the streets of Kleine and Grote Berg and relax at one of the many hotspots.
  • Philips Museum: want to know more about the beginning of Philips and the light city of the Netherlands, then visit the Philips Museum.
  • DAF Museum: Did you know that DAF started in Eindhoven? In the old building, there is now a museum where you can learn more about the history of DAF.

Where to eat Eindhoven

Eindhoven is bursting with great restaurants and bars. We’ve even dedicated an entire article to it, namely “Eindhoven Food Guide.” Curious about our top 10?

  1. Stadsbrouwerij 100watt: a must-visit for beer lovers.
  2. Intelligentia: for the most delicious and slightly strange ice creams.
  1. Stadsoase de Zomertuin: the city beach in the middle of Eindhoven.
  2. Down Town Gourmet Market: a street food market where you can also sit and enjoy.
  3. De Burger: the best burger joint in Eindhoven for years.
  4. The Trafalgar Pub: a super fun Irish pub with lots of beers and pub food.
  5. Coffeelab: coffee and pastries. Do I need to say more?
  6. The Happiness Café: for the tastiest breakfasts.
  7. The Commes: the trendy restaurant of The Student Hotel.
  8. Lucifer Coffee Roasters: a super cool coffee shop in Kleine Berg.
hotspots Eindhoven
Eindhoven where to eat
Eindhoven Hotspots
hotspots Eindhoven

Stay in Eindhoven

In my search for a nice hotel, the choice quickly fell on The Student Hotel. I am really a FAN of this concept. It has all the luxuries of a hotel but with a relaxed hostel atmosphere, and I love that. Non-students are also very welcome at The Student Hotel. A great tip for everyone.

Many people may think that The Student Hotel is only suitable for young people or students, but that is certainly not true. My student years are – unfortunately – long gone, and I still really enjoy coming here. I previously visited The Student Hotel in Rotterdam. However, the concept does have something to do with students. Charlie Macgregor – founder of The Student Hotel – believed that students deserved better. In addition to better accommodations, students also need an inspiring space to grow. The idea of The Student Hotel was to create a creative, open-minded community. The creativity of The Student Hotel quickly attracted a diversity of visitors. Digital nomads, tourists, businessmen… everyone could find themselves in the relaxed, creative atmosphere of The Student Hotel. The boundaries blurred, and The Student Hotel grew into a creative place for overnight stays, work, and meetings for everyone. Or as the hotel itself beautifully describes it:

“Guests and visitors from all walks of life with an open mind, love of learning and curious nature; with what we call a ‘student spirit’.” – The Student Hotel

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Eindhoven overnachten
Eindhoven weekendjeweg

What are nice places to stay in Eindhoven?

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