Cascata delle Marmore: the largest waterfall in Europe

Whether the largest waterfall looks as impressive as it sounds? Absolutely! Cascata delle Marmore is one of Umbria’s main attractions, and for good reason. The waterfall is beautiful and also the perfect place for some cooling off during a hot Italian summer day. The waterfall has an impressive height of no less than 165 meters, making it the highest waterfall in Europe.

Cascata delle Marmore
waterfall Umbria
Cascata delle Marmore
waterfall Umbria

The origins of Cascata delle Marmore

The waterfall Cascata delle Marmore is artificially constructed by man. For some a minus point, but I found this actually extra impressive. After all, it was not constructed for the sculpture or as a tourist attraction, but to prevent floods. The waterfall was already constructed by the Romans in 271 B.C. The Velino River regularly caused floods and was responsible for many diseases at that time. The water was diverted to a slope on Mount Marmore. This was not immediately successful so the system was developed over the centuries. It finally succeeded in 1787 and since then the beautiful waterfalls of Marmore can be admired.

Today it is not only one of the main attractions of Umbria, but the power of the waterfall also powers several power stations. Enough even to power the entire surrounding area! Yes! Impressive nonetheless.

How do you get there and what does it cost?

The waterfalls are easy to reach. You have 2 different entrances: Belvedere Superiore and the other is Belvedere Inferiore. In one you start at the top of the waterfall and the in the second option at the lower part. Most people walk from top to bottom, so basically it doesn’t matter where you start.

Per person you pay about €10,- p.p. Children under 5 years old are free and those between 5 – 10 years old pay €7,-. Tickets can be ordered in advance through the site or simply at the entrance.

For parking we paid 5 euros for the whole day with the motorhome.

waterfall umbria

Hiking trails

In all, you have several hiking trails suitable for all levels.

Footpath 1

The first trail is the most challenging hike and somewhat less suitable for small children or those with walking difficulties. The pass is quite country and steep, but one of the most beautiful trails.

Walking Path 2 and Walking Path 3

Hiking trail 1 changes to hiking trail 2 and hiking trail 3. Both trails are very easy and short. The hiking trails takes you with wooden bridge and small steps to the heart of the waterfall. We found this to be one of the most beautiful parts of the route.

The balcony of lovers: “Balcone degli Innamorati”

If you want to enjoy the most spectacular view of the waterfall, you may also want to visit the balcony of the led. You then pass through a tunnel to the manure peachy view of the waterfall. You do need a separate ticket for this.

Cascata delle Marmore
waterfall Umbria

Walking Path 4

This path will take you along the lower part of the waterfall where you can also have a snack and a drink if you wish.

Walkway 5

An easy hiking trail of about 1km which takes you to the Top View Point. A flat trail with stunning views of beautiful landscapes.

Footpath 6

This footpath connects the lower part to the upper part of the waterfall, making it a tough climb. The terrain is rugged and sometimes very steep. Less suitable for children and people with mobility problems.


If you are looking for more adventure, it is also possible to go rafting. Several tours are organized every day. It can be quite heavy though and is therefore not suitable for beginners.

Cascata delle Marmore
waterfall Umbria
waterfall umbria

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