Beachside Campsites in the Netherlands

The camper is ready, summer has arrived, and the sun is shining; time for some camping trips in our own country. Not only do we love the beach while traveling, but in the Netherlands, we seize every excuse to head to the sea. Luckily, the Netherlands is quite small, and the beach is always nearby. Today, we’re sharing our favorite campsites near the beach.

Camping Geversduin

Right by the stunning dune reserve, amidst the forest and close to the sea, you’ll find Duincamping Geversduin. Duincamping Geversduin is the sister site of Camping de Lakens and Camping Bakkum. It’s one of the few trendy campsites by the sea. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t welcome at Camping de Lakens and Camping Bakkum due to their location in the dune area. But at camping Geversduin, this isn’t an issue. The campground might be a bit further from the sea, but it’s easily accessible by bike. The campsite looks fantastic, spacious, with green spaces. At Camping Geversduin, you’ll also find various types of accommodations, including cottages and glamping options.

camping Nederland
hippe camping Nederland
leukste camping Nederland
camping Nederland

Roompot Camping Kijkduin (dog-friendly)

To be honest, Roompot campsites aren’t exactly my thing. I prefer smaller, charming campsites. Roompot campsites are often quite large and geared towards families. However, we’ve returned three times in a row to the Roompot camping in Kijkduin. Why? The campground is right by the beach, dogs are welcome, the spots are pretty green, and during the low season, you can stay for just 20 euros per night with an ACSI card. The beach by the campground is always peaceful and dog-friendly. Plus, there are several beach bars, with Birds as a favorite. There’s a good chance we’ll head back to Kijkduin again this year.
Tip! Bring your bikes and cycle to The Hague or Scheveningen.

strandcamping nederland
strandcamping nederland

Camping op Hoop van Goede Zegen in Noordwijk (dog-friendly)

When we go to the beach for a day, we almost always head to Noordwijk aan Zee. It’s nearby, dogs are welcome year-round, and there are fantastic beach bars. This year, we decided to book a night at Camping op Hoop van Goede Zegen. It’s a small, simple, charming campground near the beach. It’s about a 4 km bike ride, drive, or walk from the campground to the beach.

strandtenten noordwijk
weekend noordwijk

Camping Zuidduinen in Katwijk

Camping Zuiderduin in Katwijk is right against the dunes. From your spot, you just need to cross the dunes, and you’re on the sandy beach of Katwijk. Unfortunately, due to its unique location, pets aren’t allowed. Location-wise, it can’t get much better. The campground itself is a bit dated, simple, and not particularly special. But you won’t get much closer to the beach.

Camping de Lakens

Camping de Lakens has been on my bucket list for quite some time. It’s supposed to be one of the coolest beachside campsites in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed here, which has kept me from staying there so far. You’ll find Camping de Lakens in Bloemendaal, amidst the dunes, right in the middle of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. You almost roll from your camper right onto the beach. Not only is the location fantastic, but the campground is also super trendy. There’s a wellness bus and a cozy restaurant. So, it’s a big recommendation!

Camping Het Toppershoedje (dog-friendly)

This week, Leroy is going to Camping Het Toppershoedje in Ouddorp. More information on this will follow soon.

Overview of Beach Campsites in the Netherlands:

We haven’t visited the following beach campsites yet, but they’re high on our list:

  • Nivon kampeerterrein Banjaert: een kleine natuurcamping op loopafstand van zee
  • Strandcamping Groede pal achter de duinen en in de buurt van het de Groese Polders. Groen en knus. Honden toegestaan.
  • Natuurkampeerterrein Klein Hemelrijk in Heemskerk: natuurcamping aan het strand (honden niet toegestaan).
  • Camping Corfwater: camping in Petten op 100 meter van strand en zee (honden niet toegestaan)
  • Camping Sint Maartenszee: in het duingebied en op 800 meter van zee. Honden toegestaan.
  • Camping Oase in Renesse: op 100 meter van het strand (honden niet toegestaan)
  • Camping Hoeve Ons Lust: kleine camping aan de voet van de duinen. Honden toegestaan.
  • Camping Duinzoomhoeven in Julianadorp: tussen de bollenvelden op 300 meter van het strand.
  • Kampeerterrein Stortemelk op Vlieland: alleen voor tenten!
  • Camping Weltevreden in Zoutelande: honden toegestaan

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