Alberobello: Trulli capital of Puglia

When you think of Puglia, you immediately think of the white houses of Alberobello. These unique white houses with conical roofs are called Trulli and they are truly TRULLI amazing. Sorry this had to be done. Of course, you cannot leave Alberobello without at least 1 trulli good pun (okay now I stop). If you are in Puglia, visit Alberobello. That’s just a must!

In 1996, the town of Alberobello was included on the Unesco World Heritage List. As such, it is one of the region’s main attractions. Today we share the best tips for your visit to Trulli Valhalla Alberobello.

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AlberobelloTravel Guide
AlberobelloTravel Guide

What is a trulli?

A Trullo (singular for trulli) is a unique house building form specifically found in the Puglia region and originated around the year 1500. These extraordinary structures can be seen all over Puglia, but Alberobello surely constitutes the capital of the Trulli. Especially the conical roofs are characteristic of the trulli. Many of the roofs feature white Christian or magical symbols. The houses are built of limestone and no cement is used. The story goes that this architectural style was chosen in the past because the residents could quickly demolish the trulli houses. That way she had to pay less tax. Smart fellas those Trulli residents. Today, most trulli have been refurbished and reinforced and still serve as homes or small B&Bs.

AlberobelloTravel Guide
Alberobello tips
AlberobelloTravel Guide

What to do in Alberobello

Alberobello is a delight to stroll through. The city consists of two parts, namely Rione Monti (the old part) and Aia Piccola (the newer part). The most beautiful trulli houses in the city are located close to each other in different cozy streets and can be found especially in the old part of Alberobello Rione Monti.

We started our walking tour at Belvedere Santa Lucia where you have a great view of the trulli houses. You can walk down from here and across the street via Via Monte Michelle or Via Monte Nero into the village. We opted for the second option, as Monte Michelle street was a bit busier. We did, of course, walk through this later.

Across Rione Monti you will find the newer part of Alberobello, Aia Piccola. It’s all a little more modern, and the trulli houses here are a little further apart. Nevertheless, you will also find many beautiful trulli houses and, not unimportantly, lots of nice hotspots. It is therefore well worth taking a walk through this part of Alberobello as well. Many people skip this part, which also makes it nice and quiet. Plus, from Aia Picolla you have great views of the city in several places because it’s a bit higher up.

We especially recommend strolling around Alberobello and occasionally settling down on a terrace. WIl you want to explore a bit more, of course we have some great tips for you as well:

  • Visit Terrazzino Belvedere for spectacular views
  • Visit the one and only trulli church Sant’Antonio
  • To learn more about the trulli, visit the Museo del Territorio Casa Pezzoll
  • Discover a trulli inside by spending the night there.
AlberobelloTravel Guide
Alberobello tips

Hotspots & food in

Best time to travel to Alberobello

Alberobello can be tremendously crowded in high season. Therefore, the best travel time to visit Alberobello is in low season in the months of May, June or September, October. By then, the biggest crowds have left and you can still enjoy glorious sunshine.

Tip! We always visit popular attractions as late as possible. Do not visit the village until about 3 or 4 o’clock and you will find that most people have already left or will leave soon. The best thing about starting later is that you can immediately attach a dinner and end the day with a delicious wine in one of the most beautiful villages of Puglia.

AlberobelloTravel Guide
Alberobello tips

Transportation in Alberobello

The old town center of Alberobello is completely car and bike free. You can get to the square by car where you will find parking. In high season, it can be difficult to get a spot. If you have a bike at your disposal, then it is easier to park your car a little further from the city and take the bike to the old part. The town is not very big so you can do everything fine on foot.

AlberobelloTravel Guide
Alberobello tips

Which budget do i need in Alberobello ?

Visiting the town of Alberobello costs absolutely nope, nothing, nada. Fine huh. In total we stayed 2 nights in Alberobello and spent 190 euros. It is also doable to visit Alberobello as a day trip and stay somewhere else in Puglia.

Our budget for Alberobello 2 nights:

  • Gasoline: 40 euros
  • Groceries: 35 euros
  • Camping: 40 euros (20 euros per night)
  • Dining out: 80 euros

This is a daily budget of 60 euros per day.

WInd as you can see from our budget, we had quite a few drinks in Alberobello. Of course, you can also choose to bring some goodies of your own and plop down on a bench somewhere. Also super fun and budget-friendly. If you want to stay overnight in a Trulli you will pay about 60 euros. On average, the budget for Alberobello is as follows:

  • Budget Alberobello by own means of transport: 40 – 80 euros per day
  • Budget Alberobello with overnight stay in a trulli: 75 – 150 euros per day
AlberobelloTravel Guide

Practical information about Alberobello

  • Alberobello is not very big, you can also visit the village as a day trip. The cost of an overnight stay is then often much cheaper. We found Matera and Gallipoli fine destinations as a base.
  • You have a large parking lot in the middle of Alberobello, but we can imagine that in the summer it is difficult to get a spot here. Should you have the bicycle with you, we definitely recommend taking advantage of it. And other option is to park the car just outside the town and take the bus, for example.
  • If you take the dog with you, you are required to carry a muzzle. Dogs must wear this in public places. Yet we almost never saw dogs with a muzzle and never did it with our dog. Although we do have a stick old pug with epilepsy who was in backpack most of the time so expect most people were understanding of this. With a larger dog, this may be different anyway.
  • For the best camping spots, we always use the app Park4night & camper contact
  • The same obligations apply in the car as in the Netherlands. So bring safety jacket and warning triangle!
  • In Italy, many stores, restaurants and supermarkets are often closed at noon. Something we forgot almost every day.
  • There is currently (Oct. 2020) mouth guard duty i.e. Corona, even outside on the street you must wear a mouth guard.
  • Download foreign affairs app to keep up to date with latest developments
AlberobelloTravel Guide

What are nice places to stay in Alberobello ?

We found a super nice campground just a few miles from the town. With the little bike, we were in the middle of downtown in no time. The campground is on a hill, so back was a little more haggling, in a small forest. There are not very many spots, so it is wise to call ahead for availability. The campsite “Camping Bosco Selva
” is otherwise simple, but has all the amenities. Like a nice hot shower that you don’t have to pay for separately. Something not very common in Italy, so really a pleasure to take a nice long shower. We paid 20 euros per night in low season. Not very cheap, but also not expensive for such a popular place. By the way, you get to pick your own spot, which I secretly always really enjoy doing, but we never end up together ;p

More information about camping >>

If you are not traveling with a camping vehicle, then of course it is super cool to spend the night in a Trullo. The options are endless. We’ve gathered some cool options for you:

How to get to Alberobello ?

If you are by car or RV like us then it is incredibly cool to start in the north of Italy, traverse Tuscany and then reach the south of Italy via the east or west coast. In fact, each region of Italy is completely different, so your road trip will not be the same for a single day. We decided to drive from Termoli to Alberobello. We arrived a little later in the afternoon and decided to spend 1 full day in the town itself. This, by the way, is more than enough. In fact, Alberobello is not very large.

It is also possible to visit Alberobello as a day trip. We liked Matera and Gallipoli with the camper to explore the south. We also heard many good stories about Polignano a Mare and Lecce. In the off-season, it can just be a bit more difficult to get a camper spot here.

From the Netherlands, it is about 2000 km drive and takes almost 20 hours. With an old camper, add some hours to that. Therefore, we fully understand that a road trip to Puglia is not for everyone. But lucky you, because you can also fly to Alberobello. The best options are to fly into Bari, Brindisi or Lecce and rent a car here to see more of Puglia.

With Ryanair, you have a choice of the following flights:

  • Eindhoven to Brindisi from 50 euros per flight
  • Maastricht to Bari from 50 euros per flight
  • Dusseldorf Weeze to Bari from €60 per flight
AlberobelloTravel Guide

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AlberobelloTravel Guide

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