15x things to do in Lisbon

15x things to do in Lisbon

Lisbon is charming, cozy and there is an enormous amount to experience. On every corner in Lisbon you can find a fine restaurant, hip coffee shop or busy café. Your days can therefore be spent strolling and terrace-hopping just fine. Or well can, it is actually a must at a minimum. Set aside 1 day for this. Old-fashioned strolling without a plan and eating yourself whole. Trust me! That’s what you want here.

Are you still looking for a cool activity or the best sights for Lisbon right now. No Worries, we have collected the very best Lisbon sights for you.

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1. Visit a Fado Cafe in Bairro Alto or Alfama

Fado is the Portuguese life song. Everywhere in Lisbon you will find cafes where you can enjoy live Fado music during or after dinner. The cafes are often dark and small, making the concert super intimate. Plus there is always EATING!

A big tip is the fado restaurant Tasca do Chico. You do not have to pay an entrance fee, but it is mandatory to order min. 10 euros p.p. of food and drinks. You have a choice of full meals, but can also enjoy drinks. In addition, this café is known for its unique sausages. So special that even star chef Antoiny Boudain once visited this place for this purpose. The café may also be suitable for somewhat larger groups. Whether you are with a group or all by yourself, booking in advance is really a must.

Location: Tasco do Chico, R. do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200-141 Lisboa

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2. Taste the most delicious Pasteis da Nata at Manteigaria

Yup in 2nd place you won’t find the popular Bairro Alto neighborhood, a ride on Tram 28 or the super hip XL Factory but GEBAK! Because for me, pastries always win over churches, cozy streets or beautiful views. After all, love goes through the stomach. So this was a must-do for me in Lisbon. Pasteis da Nata is a special pastry filled with cream which officially comes from the Belem neighborhood. The recipe is still held by the Fábrica dos Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon. Still, according to many (including me one), you can get the tastiest Pasteis Da Nata at Manteigaria. So do it! Preferably as often as possible.

Ps. Do not be afraid of the calories, in Lisbon you will walk off the pastry in no time thanks to the many slopes ;p

TIP: Also fun! Learn to make the most delicious Pasteis de Nata yourself with a cooking workshop.

Location: ManteigariaYouhave several locations in the city.

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3. Visit Lisbon’s hotspot heaven: Lx Factory

Lx Factory is Lisbon’s hotspot heaven. Hipper is almost impossible! Once the old factory site under the Ponte 25 de Abril, LX Factory was transformed into a creative melting pot several years ago. Now you will find numerous hip concept stores, an awful lot of street art and fun eateries. Although we liked the food a little better in town itself, this is a great place to visit. Drink a beer here, score fun items at one of the many cool concept stores or admire the colorful street art.

Best dining spot can be found just outside LX factory at Village FOOD. For drinks, the Rooftop Bar is the place to be.

Location: LxFactorty, R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa

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4. Have a drink (& dance) at Pinkstreet

Not long ago, the now super popular Pink Street was known as Lisbon’s noisy pink neighborhood. In 2011, Lisbon decided it needed to be different. The street was spray-painted bright pink and one hip bar and restaurant after another opened there. The street is not very big, but definitely fun to visit for a while. During the day it is quite quiet and you can have a drink or a bite to eat. In the evening, Pink Street is one of the best places to go out.

We loved sitting on a stool here around 4 o’clock and then admiring one insta shoot after another over a beer.

Recommended drinks on Pink Street:

  • Sol e Pesca: seafood restaurant where you can also have a social drink
  • Bookstore Bar Girl and Girl: snack, drink or score a nice book quickly
  • Pink Wine Point

Location: Pink Street, R. Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-161 Lisboa

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5. Bairo Alto

In the evening, the Bairro Alto neighborhood comes alive. Stroll through cozy streets of Bairro Alto and plop down somewhere for bargain cocktails. An absolute must visit.

6. Streetcar 28

Take a ride on the world-famous yellow Tram 28. The streetcar runs through all of Lisbon’s historic neighborhoods. The streets are often very narrow and sometimes have a 14% slope. So hold on tight. The ride takes about 50 minutes and takes you past all the city’s major attractions. A single ride costs about 3 euros. You can also buy a hop-on-hop-off ticket.

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7. Go Surfing!

When you think of a city break you might not think of surfing very quickly, but in Lisbon you can do it really tremendously well. This is because it is located by the sea and conditions are almost always good, especially for beginners. A surf lesson costs only 20 euros. Besides, the beach is just always a good idea. After your surf lesson, you can dive right into a trendy beach bar and reminisce with your feet in the sand.

8. Visit the oustanding Alfama neighborhood.

Alfama is not only Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, but also perhaps one of its most beautiful. This district is located on the seven hills between the Tagus River and Castelo Sao Jorge. So a little stretching before departure. The neighborhood is incredibly cute. You can wander around countless steep picturesque streets here.

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9. Try the traditional drink Ginjinha

Ginja or Ginjinha is a traditional Portuguese liqueur made from ginja berries. The drink is served as a shot often with a cherry in it. It is a favorite drink of many Portuguese and I must say I was a real fan of it too. 1 of the most famous places to try the drink is at A Ginjinha. We decided to try one more at Ginginha do Carmo. Here you got the drink in a chocolate shot. Perhaps not quite the tradional way, but oh so divinely delicious. Besides, you were allowed to refill the shot once and that makes us stingy Dutch very happy ;p

Location: Ginginha do Carmo, Calçada do Carmo 37 A, 1200-090 Lisboa

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10. Explore the city with a FOODTOUR

A food tour is always a good idea! It is the perfect way to explore a city. Do the food tour right at the beginning of your trip, that way you know right away exactly where to go, which neighborhoods are nice and what to order in a restaurant.

Book your food tour with WithLocals >>

11. Drinking special beers

You had me at beer! Take a seat on the stairs at specialty beer café the Brewpub and try some of Lisbon’s tastiest beers. Tip! Next to the little bar is also a nice record store. You also have several local brewers in town where you can do a tasting. Highly recommended is the Quimera Brewpub brewery. For 20 euros p.p. here you have a tasting of 6 beers and get a hefty burger to go with it.

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12. Visit fairy-tale Sintra

Sintra is the fairy tale of Portugal. In fact, in this area you will find numerous magnificent castles. The town itself is also very nice to visit. From Lisbon you can easily reach Sintra and is therefore very nice as a day trip. By bus, it takes about an hour.

13. Explore the city on an electric scooter

You can rent an electric scooter anywhere in the city. Ideal, since there is quite a bit of climbing in Lisbon. Besides, it’s just a hilarious way to explore the city. WIe decided to ride the scooter from downtown to LX factory. In fact, on the outskirts of the city you have a bike path, which is ideal with the scooter.

14. Score tasty snacks at the Time Out Market in Lisbon

Visit the Time Out Market in Lisbon. This market consists of 2 halls. In 1 hall you will find the fresh market and in the other hall a food court.

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15. Miradouro do Graça

Walk to Miradouro do Graça for great views of the city

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