5x destinations to add to your bucket list for 2024

2024 is approaching, and it might be time to update your travel bucket list! In this blog, we share our top 5 travel destinations for 2024. From unique road trips and adventurous treks through majestic mountains to exploring vast tea fields and discovering the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Get inspired by our favorite destinations for the coming year! Keep reading for our favorite 2024 destinations.

Kerala, South India

At number 5 is Kerala in South India. Kerala completely amazed us. We had no idea what to expect. In our minds, India often represents crowds and chaos, but this southern part is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. It was a complete surprise. Besides the stunning nature and amazing food, it’s the people who make this destination so enchanting. We were welcomed everywhere with open arms. South India: Our 22-day Journey Through Kerala Find more about our experience in Kerala here!

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Road Trip through Sardinia

Sardinia is the perfect place for a road trip! The island offers so much, from charming towns to breathtaking landscapes and enchanting beaches. Our advice? Allocate at least 2 weeks for a tour of Sardinia to experience the island in all its splendor. But staying longer is, of course, even better. Check out our favorite routes for the ultimate Sardinia experience in 2, 3, and 4 weeks here!

reisbestemmingen 2024
reisbestemmingen 2024

Breathtaking Nepal

We’ve visited Nepal twice now and we’ll definitely go back because there’s still so much to discover. Whether you want to relax in Pokhara, spot rhinos in Chitwan, or conquer the highest mountains in the Himalayas, Nepal is simply breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Read more about our experience in Nepal here!

nepal backpacken
nepal backpacken

Adventure in Northern Spain

Snow-capped peaks, rugged coastline, charming fishing villages, bustling cities, not to mention dreamy beaches and culinary delights. A road trip through Northern Spain is an adventure full of diversity and unforgettable experiences. From surfing in crystal-clear waters to hiking to snow-capped peaks. Discover our adventures in Northern Spain here!

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Sulawesi, Indonesia’s Paradise

Sulawesi, also known as Celebes, is the second largest island in Indonesia after Kalimantan (Borneo). A huge piece of paradise! The island is perfect for nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, and diving fanatics. With a variety of landscapes, jungle, volcanoes, and one of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, Sulawesi is truly a beautiful island. In 4 weeks, you can travel from the south to the north (or vice versa). Read more about our adventure on Sulawesi here!


The bucket list for 2024 is quite ambitious! We have Raja Ampat and Sumatra in Indonesia, Siquijor in the Philippines, and a beautiful European road trip in our sights. Maybe heading to the Balkans for new discoveries or southwards again. And South America is also very tempting. Colombia, Chile, Argentina… and the list goes on. The bucket list seems to be endlessly growing!

How about you? Do you have a specific destination you’d like to add to your bucket list? Share it with us here!

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