Surfing in Sardinia

During our trip through Indonesia, we decided to book a surf lesson for the first time. With good spirits and a bit of healthy fear, we spent two hours battling the waves of Canggu, often ending up under them. Although we mostly felt like we were in a sort of washing machine, we finally managed to catch a few waves after a few lessons. What an amazing feeling.

While researching Sardinia, we coincidentally discovered that in the area around the cozy surfing village of Buggerru, ideal surfing conditions exist year-round. Yesss… we can finally refine our surf skills, which were definitely needed.

Buggerru Surf School

After a short warm-up (with Buddha continuously walking between everyone as an extra obstacle), we all ran as fast as possible into the water. Today, the waves are relatively calm, which is super nice for us beginners as we can catch a lot of waves. On the beach, we received a brief explanation about the basics. In Bali, we learned to surf on larger boards, which meant we worried less about balance and weight distribution. Also, the waves in Indonesia are more powerful, pushing you forward quickly. At the Buggerru Surf School lessons, they focus more on technique so that you can eventually start with a lighter surfboard.

After a few attempts, we immediately noticed the difference from Indonesia. You stand further back on your surfboard and try to shift your weight forward to gain speed. If you don’t do that, your board sinks into the water, and you slow down quickly. Standing on the board becomes quite a challenge. After each attempt, we received feedback with useful tips: try to turn your body forward, look in the direction you want to go, don’t use your knee, stand up at once, position your foot correctly in advance, etc. There are quite a few tips, and applying them all at once can be a bit challenging. But eventually, it gets better and better, especially for Leroy, who manages to catch some good waves.

The surf school gives a very professional impression. The instructors know what they’re talking about, and they use good equipment. Besides, there’s a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

A Surf Program

One lesson obviously doesn’t make you a surf pro. Although we participated in only one lesson, most people follow a surf program, having lessons twice a day for several consecutive days. Much better and more fun, of course. You can also stay at the surf house, which is not only super convenient but also keeps you busy with surfing and improving your techniques all day long.

The program consists of 7 nights and 6 days of surfing for about 2 hours per day. In total, you’ll have about 12 hours in a week to enhance your surf skills. During these lessons, Buggerru Surf School focuses on safety, wave dynamics, helps with your paddle technique, your board position, and of course, how to improve your surfing technique. All materials, such as a surfboard and a wetsuit, are included in the price.
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Do It, Do It, Do It!!!!

DO IT!!! Even if you’re not a water person, it’s wonderful to do something active during your vacation and experience and learn new things. If you’re not entirely sure if it’s for you, ask for a trial lesson. Yes, it’s incredibly challenging, and it takes quite a while before you get a hang of it, but it doesn’t matter at all. The feeling of standing on your surfboard even just half the time is so great that you immediately forget those 2 hours of falling and getting back up.

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