Palolem Beach: favorite destination in Goa

If Goa is on your travel plans then Palolem Beach is definitely not to be missed. We had the idea of trekking around and exploring different places in Goa, but ended up staying stuck in Palolem for 7 days. The atmosphere, the vast beaches, great eateries and countless parties. It has everything. Through the palm trees and sandy paths you can walk right onto the beach, there is hardly any traffic and cows walk everywhere. There is something special about it. Something relaxed. The perfect place to unwind for a while. Read on quickly to discover why Palolem Beach is definitely a must-visit during your trip to Goa.

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What to do in Palolem Goa

Enter the paradise of Palolem Beach, where sun, sea and beach await you. Relax on the beach, explore the area and enjoy the delicious local cuisine. Here are a few tips to make the most of your time in Palolem:

Enjoy sun, sea and beach!

Grab your towel and find a comfortable spot on one of the many beach beds. Let the sun’s rays warm your skin while listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

Palolem tips
Goa India

Rent a scooter and explore the area

Adventure calls! Rent a scooter and explore the beautiful surroundings. From the interior to other breathtaking beaches such as Cola Beach and Agonda Beach, there is so much to explore.

Palolem tips
Goa India

Taste the local cuisine

Delight your taste buds with the delicious seafood and flavorful Indian curries found in the many restaurants and eateries in Palolem. A culinary adventure to make your mouth water!

Cooling off at Dudhsagar waterfall

Just 80 kilometers from Palolem Beach is the breathtaking Dudhsagar Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in India. Book an organized tour and enjoy the spectacular views and a refreshing swim.

Start your day with a yoga session

India is known for yoga, and Palolem is the perfect place to start your day with a relaxing meditation session or an invigorating yoga class. Let your body and mind come into harmony.

Go Kayaking in the Lagoon of Cola Beach

Explore Cola Beach’s unique lagoon by kayak or paddleboard. Enjoy the tranquil waters surrounded by lush greenery. A great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Hotspots & food in Palolem Beach

Holy moly, during our crazy trip through Kerala, we indulged our taste buds almost 3 times a day with irresistible curries. But when we set foot in paradisiacal Goa, our desire changed dramatically. We suddenly got such a huge craving for smoothie bowls, burgers and pizza that we went all out at Palolem’s hippest hotspots. Wondering where to go for a taste explosion in Palolem? Quickly check out our absolute favorites!

  • Zest Café: absolutely our favorite! The food here is SO TASTY! From breakfast to dinner and fat tip. A little more expensive than usual, but so worth it!
  • The Mill: score the most delicious cakes and breakfasts here!
  • Nireas – Healthy Haven: here you can sit very nicely, the coffee is great and also for your hip breakkie you are in the right place.
  • Bibhitaki Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe: for your vegan cravings. Affordable and delicious.
  • Kanvas Restaurant: good atmosphere and good food.
  • 9pm Bar and cafe: this is where the feet can hit the floor!
Palolem tips
Goa India
Palolem tips
Goa India

Best time to travel to Palolem Beach

The best travel time to visit Palolem in Goa is from November to March. The weather is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing on the beach. With average temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, and little rain, you can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. However, keep in mind that temperatures can already rise considerably at the end of March.

April through May: Prepare for heat

During the months of April and May, it can get quite hot in Palolem Beach. Be prepared for some sweat drops, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the beach and experiencing the local culture. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated and wear protective clothing and sunscreen.

June through October: Rainy season in full swing

During the rainy season, from June through October, it is best to avoid Palolem Beach. Intense rainfall and frequent storms can disrupt your beach adventure. It is advisable to plan your trip to another time of year when weather conditions are more favorable.


Transportation in Palolem

Palolem itself is a cozy place that you can easily explore on foot. But hey, we totally understand if you don’t feel like hiking under the scorching heat. No problem, as you can score a tuktuk on practically every street corner. But if you really want to get everything out of the area, we have the tip for you: rent a scooter for a day or even a few days. This is the perfect way to see more of the beautiful area. Cruise along breathtaking coastal roads, explore hidden gems and feel the wind through your hair as you go on an adventure. It will be an unforgettable journey of discovery, so step on that gas pedal!

Palolem tips
Goa India

Which budget do i need in Palolem?

Goa, oh dear, it is a little pricier than other parts of India. But that absolutely does not mean that your bank account should have a heart attack. Yes, accommodation and food may cost a little more, but fortunately there are plenty of free activities and if you stay in one place a little longer, you can also save quite a bit of money.

In total, we spent a total of 659 euros during 7 days of Palolem. That amounts to a daily budget of 94 euros. And well, that’s a little more than we normally hold. But that has everything to do with the fact that when it comes to eating and sleeping, we let ourselves go a little bit. We treated ourselves to two nights in a lavish bungalow right on the beach and enjoyed scrumptious, luxurious dinners no less than three times a day.

Below is a detailed breakdown of our costs by category.

Total in 7 days Per day
Accommodation 261,96 37,42
Activities 32,14 4,59
Food 307,76 43,97
Transport 32,65 4,66
Total 659,38 94,20
Palolem tips
Goa India

Practical information about Palolem

  • Not all banks accept Mastercard or Maestro, but Visa works in most places.
  • Always have some cash with you for small expenses.
  • Arrange your vaccinations before you leave.
  • A Visa card is accepted everywhere and is therefore handy to have with you.
  • Protect yourself from the bright sun and don’t forget to bring sunscreen.
  • A tuktuk ride costs on average between 100 and 300 rupees (about €1.20 – €3.50) for a 5-15 minute ride.
  • In India, people drive on the left side of the road, so keep that in mind when participating in traffic.
  • At most restaurants you pay an additional 10% service charge and it is customary to tip 5-10% on top of that.
  • Negotiate prices at local stores and markets.
  • Avoid drinking tap water and use only bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially in hot weather.
Palolem tips
Goa India

What are nice places to stay in Palolem Goa?

We have a really fun tip for you! During our stay in Palolem we often went to Zest for dinner and then we found out that you can sleep right on the beach in a super nice bungalow. The bungalow is really fantastic! Nice and spacious, modern and really PAL on the beach. You can still book the bungalow only on site or via instagram. We paid about 70 euros per night. Not very cheap, but well worth it.

Palolem tips
Goa India

The remaining nights we slept at Hillias retreat. This place is super affordable, the rooms are simple but clean and most importantly they have 2 MOPS DOGS! Great breakfast tip!

How to get to Palolem Goa?

Tucked away in the southern part of Goa, India, you will find the tropical paradise known as Palolem Beach. The nearest airport, Dabolim, is some 67 kilometers away, an adventure in itself. You can take a cab from there – sure, it’s the fastest route to paradise sand between your toes, but it also makes your wallet a little lighter. The bus is a more economical option, although it can test your patience with its many stops. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, renting a car or scooter can be your ticket to not only Palolem Beach, but also the chance to wander off the beaten path and explore the local area.

Are you traveling from other parts of Goa? There are plenty of buses and cabs at your disposal, or you can take a train to the nearby Canacona station, just 3 kilometers from the beach. From there, a cab or local bus will take you the rest of the way. Or mix it up a bit and take a motorboat or ferry from neighboring beaches such as Agonda and Patnem. It’s a great way to enjoy the view of the surrounding water, with the bonus of the wind through your hair.

All in all, your trip to Palolem Beach can be as memorable as the destination itself. Choose your own adventure, whether based on budget, preferences, or an impulsive idea. After all, the journey there is already half the fun, right?

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