Munich Guide: Must-Visit Places and Highlights

Munich Guide: Must-Visit Places and Highlights

Munich was on the schedule almost from the beginning. What a good decision. Munich is of course known Oktoberfest, but you can just drink really good beer here all year round and, of course, see and do lots of things as well. Munich is modern and authentic at the same time. So you walk from the historic center into one hip neighborhood after another where you will find countless concept stores and trendy hotspots. Also, Munich is tremendously green. For example, the Englisch Garten is even bigger than central park. Ja wohl! We stayed here for three nights and this was really perfect for exploring the city. Curious about our Munich tips? Read on quickly…

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What to do in Munich

Cycling through the park

On the recommendation of @dutchgoesabroad who himself lives in Munich, we decided to explore the park by bike. This was really a top idea and perhaps one of the most fun things we did in Munhen. It is very strange how from crowded Munich , you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a park where you see people picnicking, swimming and even surfing. We are talking about the Englisch Garten. The largest park in Munich , and even the largest city park in Europe. Bring your own picnic basket or eat a pretzel or curry sausage with a good glass of beer at one of the beer gardens. After all, you have more than enough of those. We decided to have a drink at Biergarten am Kleinhesseloher See.

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There’s all kinds of things to do in the park, but one of the coolest things you’ll find at Eisbach. After all, this is where people come to surf. Yes you read that right surfing in the middle of the city. How cool is that. People have been surfing here for more than 40 years. It is not suitable for beginners, but even if you cannot surf it is a fun place to visit. Take a seat along the shore and watch one surfer after another brave the Eisbach wave.

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You had me at beer! If you are in Munich then you must have a beer (soda is also allowed, of course) at a biergarten. You really have countless options. From giant beer gardens to cozy beer gardens, beer gardens in the park or just in the middle of town. We had a drink at the following beer gardens:

  • Augustines Keller
  • Seehaus
  • Hofbrauhaus
  • Victual Market biergartem

Some biergarten that are also recommended but that we unfortunately did not get to visit ourselves are:

  • Beer garden in the Chinese garden
  • Biergarte Muffatwerk
  • Michaeligarten in East Park
  • Jazzbiergarten


Surely one biergarten that deserves some extra explanation is Hofbrauhaus. In fact, it is the most famous beer hall in the world. It is therefore really mega crowded, but still a visit to the hall is definitely worthwhile. The beer hall has been around since 1589 and was completely rebuilt after World War II.



Munich’s old town can also be a bit crowded, but should not be missed. It is the heart of the city. On Marienplatz you will find several historic buildings.


Looking for a nice souvenir or the best currywurst? Then this is the place to be! At this place you will find numerous market stalls, eateries and a small beer garden.

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Hotspots & food in Munich

  • Hi Luigi: this was truly my favorite. You can enjoy delicious Italian food here, and the atmosphere is just great.
  • Annam Grill: I’m always craving Vietnamese food, and you can find it really well at Annam Grill in Munich. The Bahn Xeo is a solid recommendation! Also, the restaurant Ja Mai is worth a try for their delicious Pho.
  • Kleine er Flow: we really wanted to eat here, but it was always full. If you’re heading to Munich, make a reservation at Kleine der Flow. You can order delicious mini burgers here.
  • Hunrich Henri: for the most delicious breakfasts. Also, check out the article ‘Munich Food Guide‘.

Best time to travel to Munich

Munich you can visit all year round. During Oktoberfest, of course, it is enormously crowded and also a lot more expensive. We really found summer to be a wonderful time to visit the city. You’ll find great beer gardens everywhere then.

Transportation in Munich

Much of Munich is great to explore on foot. But if you want to see a little more of the city, we especially recommend renting a bike or scooter. You can also use public transportation just fine. In Germany, you can catch the streetcar or bus for next to nothing. DIt we did in several cities and went really well.

Bike or scooter rental

Everywhere in Munich we came across Emmy scooters. This, of course, we had to try. All you have to do is download the app and send some information. Within 15 minutes, your account is approved and you can rent a scooter. Through the app, you can find a scooter in the nearby area. You then walk to the scooter and indicate through the app that you want to rent the scooter. On the back of the scooter is a small case that opens automatically where you will find the key and two helmets. How cool is that! You get on the scooter and go with it. You pay by the hour up to a maximum of 29 euros for an entire day.

You can also rent a bicycle, which is a bit easier, since half the time we only know the German traffic rules. We did this through the Donkey Republic app.
Through the app, you can find a bike nearby. Once you find one, you can open the bike with your phone. Without a joke! And voila you are ready to go.

BOLD munchen
BOLD munchen

Which budget do i need in Munich?

  • Accommodation: 50 -80 euros per night for a fine hotel
  • Food: 10 euros for a simple meal (pasta, pizza, burger etc), can also be cheaper by e.g. eating at a beer garden
  • Transportation: 10 euros per day for renting a bicycle. You pay by the hour, so this depends a bit on what all you want to see.
  • Groceries: compare with prices in the Netherlands
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Practical information about Munich

  • Beware of environmental zones. You need a sticker for your car. Old buses or cars are unfortunately not welcome in the city.
  • Park your car outside the city and take the bus or streetcar. For a bargain you are right in the middle of downtown
  • Also, have dinner at a biergarten. The meals are often really top notch and spot on!
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Also, don’t forget to order a hefty pretzel once in a while

What are nice places to stay in Munich?

Always be BOLD! And Always choose BOLD. Because what a nice hotel this is. Traveling with a dog can sometimes be a bit tricky, but this hotel goes out of its way to give dogs a warm welcome as well. So your dog gets a super relaxing dog basket, food bowl and there is even a door hanger to indicate that your dog (royal) is in the room. But even without a dog, this hotel is really a big tip! After all, BOLD is super hip and really nice. Everywhere you will find nice details. A 5-star hotel but with a hostel vibe. Also, most of the rooms are mini apartments with their own kitchenettes. About 100 meters from the hotel you will find a supermarket. If you want to spend a day chilling in your room, BOLD is perfect.

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