11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago globally and boasts the second-largest coastline in the world, spanning an impressive 55,000 square kilometers. Yes, that’s quite something to wrap your head around. From black volcanic shores in Bali to pearl-white beaches in Lombok and even pink beaches in Flores, Indonesia’s shores always beckon.

While I deeply appreciate the jungle, mountains, and cities, our trips feel complete only with a touch of the beach. Surfing, diving, swimming, snorkeling, or simply lounging on the shore – I love it all! It’s one of the reasons why we find Indonesia so amazing. This country truly offers everything. We’ve had the pleasure of exploring some beautiful Indonesian islands and have compiled a list of our most stunning beaches for you.

  • Bangka Island, Sulawesi: a hidden paradise
  • Togian Island, Sulawesi: these islands rank among the most beautiful in Indonesia.
  • Siladen, Sulawesi: a paradise for sun worshippers and diving enthusiasts
  • Tanjung Aan, Lombok: a tip-top recommendation, the journey itself is worth it
  • Karimunjawa, Java: home to the most beautiful sunsets every evening
  • The Secret Gili’s, Lombok: an undiscovered gem of Lombok
  • Pink Beach, Flores: Komodo National Park not only boasts stunning landscapes and great dive spots but also numerous paradisiacal beaches
  • Tampah Beach, Lombok: a hidden oasis of tranquility along Lombok’s coastline
  • Koka Beach, Flores: a lesser-known piece of Flores waiting to be explored
  • Gili Air, Lombok: slightly less serene but definitely a piece of paradise on Earth
  • Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok: a favorite of ours, an excellent spot for surfing

Bangka Island, Sulawesi

Bangka Island isn’t just the most beautiful beach in Indonesia; it might be one of the most stunning bounty islands we’ve had the pleasure to visit in Asia. Located in the northern part of Sulawesi, this small island encapsulates the ultimate island life. Here, you’ll find beaches all to yourself. For diving enthusiasts and paradise admirers, this spot is heaven on earth.

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mooiste strand indonesiëaan

Togian Island, Sulawesi

The Togian Islands are among the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Here, all the beaches are incredibly stunning. Karina Beach, however, steals the show. But on other islands too, you can revel in swaying palm trees, cozy bamboo huts, pearl-white beaches, and beautiful waters. You’ll often catch a glimpse of dolphins gracefully leaping by. Undoubtedly a gem.

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Siladen, Sulawesi

Abundance of paradise awaits on the island of Sulawesi, with Bunaken National Park as one of its most renowned spots. The area is famed for its magnificent coral walls. But it’s not just underwater where this area excels; you’ll also find stunning beaches here. While the island of Bunaken might not be particularly exceptional, the islet of Siladen is an absolute paradise. If you plan to visit Sulawesi soon, opting for accommodation on Siladen Island instead of Bunaken is undoubtedly recommended.

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Tanjung Aan, Lombok

Among the most beautiful beaches in Lombok, Tanjung Aan certainly holds its place. This beach is nestled in a bay just a 10-minute drive from Kuta Lombok. The water is crystal clear, and the beach boasts pristine white sands. Relax at one of the many warungs or take a dip for a surfing session in the water.

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tanjung aan

Pantai Sunset, Karimunjawa

All beaches in Karimunjawa are gems, but Pantai Sunset stands out. Every evening, you can relish the most breathtaking sunset while holding a Bintang in your hand. There’s a tiny bar, a few bean bags, pearl-white sand, and crystal-clear waters.

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Secret Gili’s, Lombok

Wow, what a discovery: The Secret Gili’s in Lombok! Surrounding Lombok, there are countless Gili’s to be found, including the enchanting The Secret Gili’s. Situated in the southwest of Lombok, they might not be as hidden anymore, but they remain enchanting and relatively unknown to many.

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Pink Beach, Flores

Perhaps not super pink, but one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. It’s not just the stunning surroundings; it’s also the perfect spot for snorkeling. Here, you’ll discover spectacular coral gardens and the most extraordinary fish. Pink Beach is often visited as a day trip from Labuan Bajo.

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Tampah Beach, Lombok

Tampah Beach is a hidden gem that only a few have discovered. The beach often offers an oasis of tranquility, except for some local residents, chickens, and goats. Along the way, you’ll encounter charming villages, and the beach itself exudes a cozy atmosphere. At a few local warungs, you can arrange for a lounge chair and enjoy a refreshing kelapa (coconut) or a bintang.

Tampa Beach
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Koka Beach, Flores

A hidden paradise that few have discovered. It takes some effort to get there, but then you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in Flores and perhaps even in Indonesia. There is one family living near the beach with a small bamboo restaurant where you can get a fresh coconut. If you go there, chances are you’ll have the beach all to yourself.

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Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok

What a delight this beach was. It has everything—a beautiful shoreline, lovely rocks, a delightful atmosphere, a few bars, and it’s the perfect spot for surfing. It can get a bit busier, but still nothing compared to the beaches in Bali. This is also a wonderful place for beginners to learn how to surf.

selong belanak
selong belanak lombok
selong belanak

Gili Air, Lombok

Although a bit less peaceful, Gili Air’s beaches are also stunning on the Gili Islands. Gili Air has a wonderful vibe, full of trendy spots and beautiful beaches. A quick dive into the water and chances are high you’ll encounter a huge turtle along the way. Not too shabby, I’d say!

selong belanak lombok
selong belanak

Hopefully, we’ll get to update the list soon because there are still many beaches in Indonesia that we’d love to explore. How about Raja Ampat, Pulau Weh, and Ambon?

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