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Kuta Lombok is the perfect place to explore the south of Lombok. This small coastal town strikes a perfect balance. From trendy hotspots to enjoying local warung for some nasi (rice), Kuta has it all. While the main street is filled with Western restaurants, you only need to drive 5 minutes to experience the authentic Lombok. What makes Kuta Lombok even more delightful is that you can discover a new beach or spot every day. From Selong Belanak to Tanjung Aan, believe us, you’ll be amazed. On these beaches, you won’t find fancy beach bars! No, you get your cold coconut from the warung right on the beach, run by the whole family, including the kids, and where the creatively made toilets are squat toilets. On the way to your favorite beach, you might encounter monkeys or have to stop for a large group of crossing buffaloes.

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It is the perfect beach and surf destination for loons who also want to enjoy a bit of local life, but also want to shove the occasional greasy burger in at a fancy burger joint on the corner. In 2023, we stayed in Kuta for several months and tried to discover as many beautiful places as possible that have been given a place in this article.

Now you think, Kuta, what is she talking about? That’s in Bali, isn’t it? That’s right, there is also a Kuta in Bali, but this Kuta couldn’t be further from the garish Kuta Bali. Just come this way very soon to experience it for yourself.

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Kuta Lombok Tips

What to do in Kuta Lombok

Life on Kuta Lombok is nice and simple. You’ll start your day with a latte or a Lombok Coffee for the diehards, grab the scooter in search of a nice beach, go surfing or relaxing, catch a nice sunset somewhere, dine at the local warung or hip toko, and then if you still have energy, venture out for another dance at the surfer bar or rasta bar.

We stayed in Kuta for a total of 4 months and these are our favorite to-do’s in Lombok:

  • Go surfing! Lombok is a surfing mecca with surf conditions for every level.
  • Visit Selong Belanak beach and catch your first wave or just enjoy the beach.
  • Relax on Tanjung Aan.
  • Grab the scooter and go! Tetebatu on the schedule, Selong Belanak or Ekas Beach. Just take the scooter, bring a small backpack and discover more of the island that way.
  • Secret Gili’s tour! Definitely a gem not to be missed in Lombok.
  • Visit Bukit Merese for spectacular views of Tanjung Aan.
  • Drive to Segara Beach for a sunset beer at the eponymous beach bar.
  • Enjoy stunning views at Ryan Café or Ashtari.
  • Visit the relatively undiscovered Seger Beach.
  • Drive all the way to Desert Point to watch the pros surf.
  • Take a trip to Ekas and discover Pink Beach, among other things.
kuta lombok
Kuta Lombok Tips

Go surfing!

Lombok is a surfing mecca, with surf conditions for every level. If you’re really going surfing for the first time, Selong Belanak is the place to be. If you are a beginner plus, then you can indulge at Tanjung Aan or Gerupuk. If that’s still too mellow for you, then be sure to visit Segara Beach, Desert Point, Areguling Beach Lombok or Mawun.

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Kuta Lombok Tips

Enjoy a day at the beach

Tanjung Aan is definitely my favorite beach when it comes to southern Lombok. You’ll find the beach just a 10-minute drive from downtown Kuta, and this place is really absolutely breathtaking. Other beautiful beaches are:

  • Selong Belanak
  • Mawun Beach
  • Mawi Beach
  • Seger Beach
  • Areguling Beach
  • Segara Beach

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Koeta Lombok

Secret Gili’s

If you think Gili Air or Trawangan are beautiful, then you haven’t spotted the Secret Gili’s of the south. Consider Gili Nangu, Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong and Gili Kedis. These pristine gems offer enchanting beauty without the crowds. It is pure tropical enjoyment with no fuss.

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Take the scooter

An absolute must in all of Lombok is to rent a scooter. This place is really only nice if you can move around easily. After all, catching a cab is incredibly expensive, and it’s precisely being on the road that is so beautiful here. Fine routes we can recommend are from Kuta to:

  • Areguling Beach Lombok: 10 minutes
  • Selong Belanak: 30 minutes
  • Segara Beach: 38 minutes
  • Sawah Terasering Mareje: 1.5 hours
  • Pantai Piling: 1.5 hours
  • Desert Point: 2 hours (via the coastline most beautiful)
  • Tetebatu: 2 hours (of course taking the back roads)

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kuta lombok
Kuta Lombok Tips

Hotspots & food in

Best time to travel to Kuta Lombok

Without a doubt, the best time to explore Kuta Lombok is from June through October. During these months, the sun shines abundantly, and rain is far away. But fair is fair, between July and September Lombok is in full tourist glory. While it may be a little busier, you can still share most beaches with only a handful of fellow travelers. Be aware that prices may be a bit higher during this period. So, plan your adventure in Kuta Lombok smartly and experience the perfect harmony between weather, crowds and your budget.

TIP! Once a year there is MOTOGP in Kuta Lombok and then the prices are huge and it can be very crowded. We would skip this period if you are not a MOTOGP fan.


Transportation in Kuta Lombok

A scooter is really essential if you want to explore Kuta Lombok and its surroundings. It is also possible to arrange a cab through your accommodation, but this is often very cumbersome and expensive. Often you can easily rent a scooter from your accommodation. Do know that these scooters are different from the standard models in the Netherlands. They are more like motorcycles, with an engine power of 100cc or 150cc. Some driving experience is helpful. In addition, always drive cautiously, not too fast and ABSOLUTELY make sure you always wear a helmet. In addition, it is smart to check your insurance to see if scooter accidents are covered. The cost of renting a scooter is usually about 3-5 euros per day.

So hop on that scooter and explore beautiful Lombok at your pace! One important tip: NEVER, EVER, give your passport as a deposit. Rather, give a copy or suggest a deposit. We rented our scooter through The Blue Marlin Bike, both of which did not require this.


Which budget do i need in Kuta Lombok?

When it comes to budget, on Kuta Lombok you can make it as crazy as you want. Sometimes we had to pay 40 euros for a sumptuous dinner at a luxury place, but often we had to pay less than 4 euros for food and drinks at the local warung. So the budget depends entirely on your own desires and choices. See below for an overview so you have an idea of the costs:


  • Hostel: 5 – 10 euros per night
  • Homestay: 10 – 15 euros per night
  • Hotel: 15 – 25 euros per night
  • Boutique hotels: 50 – 100 euros per night
  • Luxury Hotels: 100 – 200 euros per night


  • Warung: 1.5 – 2.5 euros per dish
  • Western restaurant: 6 – 12 euros per dish
  • Beer: 2 euros
  • Soft drinks: 1 euro
  • Smoothies: 1 euro


  • Surf lesson: 15 – 30 euros per lesson
  • Surfboard rental: 2 – 5 euros
  • Beach bed rental: 2 – 5 euros per day
  • The Secret Gili tours: 30 – 50 euros p.p.

Budget for Kuta Lombok

  • Budget Backpacker: 10 – 20 euros per day p.p.
  • Flashpacker: 20 – 40 euros per day p.p.
  • Luxury traveler: 50 – 75 per day p.p.
  • The Fancy Pants: 75 – 150 euros per day
kuta lombok
Kuta Lombok Tips
kuta lombok
Kuta Lombok Tips

Practical information about Kuta Lombok

During your visit to Kuta Lombok, there are some practical things you’ll want to consider. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Cash: Make sure you have plenty of cash on you. Small bills are handy, as change can sometimes be tricky.
  • Local Sim Card: Super convenient and doesn’t cost a dime. We bought our sim card in Kuta Lombok from MOONSTAR Cellular Kuta Lombok. Super fast and spot on. For 50gb, we paid about 8 euros for 30 days. We chose Telkomsel, slightly more expensive but almost always coverage.
  • Get on the scooter! WEAR A HELMET! Truly unimaginable how many people here ride without helmets.
  • Visa card: A Visa card is convenient because it is accepted almost everywhere. Do check any transaction fees.
  • Transaction fees: Note the transaction fees for cash withdrawals outside Europe. Choose a bank with favorable fees.
  • Drinking water: Tap water is not drinkable, but you can often get filtered water for free or for a small fee in restaurants. Consider a reusable bottle.
  • Bargaining: Bargaining is a common practice, especially for purchases and services. It can bring you significant savings.
  • Respect the Culture: Observe the local culture and dress respectfully in public places. Kuta Lombok may be looser, but respect is always in order.
  • Earplugs: Earplugs are a boon for light sleepers because of the many mosques on the island. Morning prayers can be quite loud.
  • Surfing with Knowledge: If you are a beginner surfer, be aware of where you are surfing. Many surf spots have a reef, so some surf knowledge is a plus.
  • Reef-Friendly Sunscreen: Protect the beautiful coral reefs by using sunscreen that is friendly to marine life. It’s a small effort with big implications.
  • Learn a few words of Bahasa Indonesa, such as Thank you, How are you, good day etc.

What are nice places to stay in Kuta Lombok?

How to get to Kuta Lombok?

From Padar Airport

If you start your adventure in Kuta, you have several options to reach Kuta Lombok. Hiring a cab is a common choice. Although services such as Grab are available, it is usually more economical to organize transportation on site at your homestay or accommodation. It usually costs between 200,000 and 300,000 rupees, which is about 12-18 euros. This flexible option gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Arrival from the Gili Islands or Bali:

If you arrive in the Gili Islands or Bali and plan to travel to Kuta Lombok, you will arrive in Lembar. It is wise to arrange transportation in advance so you can travel worry-free. The cost from Lembar to Kuta Lombok is usually about 400,000 rupiahs, equivalent to 25 euros, and the travel time is about an hour. This makes your trip to this beautiful beach paradise smooth and enjoyable.

Scooter Rental:

To rent a scooter, you usually pay around 50,000 – 70,000 rupiahs per day, which amounts to 3-5 euros per day. This allows you to explore the area at your own pace.


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